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Chapter 26

      Jeremy walked around the core of the anti matter generator, testing the new junctions. Alix and him had installed them over the week, and he needed to make sure they were able to handle the energy levels. Satisfied everything was fine he stepped away, and almost tripped over his tool bag. He put his hand on the opposite wall to keep his balance, and immediately moved it away when he felt the heat.

      He looked at his hand, fully expecting it to be burnt. When it wasn't, he frowned, and looked at the large circuit. He moved his hand closer, and he felt heat radiating from it, but no where near as much as he thought there should be. He looked around, at all the similarly sized circuit along the wall that was the back of the console, on the outside of the generator. He touched the circuit, wondering at the heat again, for a moment, and then, realization hit him.

      How hadn't he realized before why they were this way, he'd noticed that the inside of the generator was warmer, but he'd never made the connection. Slightly dazed he exited the generator, and headed to the office. It was still early, so only a few techs were there. They said hi, but he didn't notice.

      He entered the office, and went to the window over looking engineering. Alix looked at him, said something, but Jeremy didn't hear. He looked out at he generator.

      "How did I manage to miss it for all these years?"

      "Miss what?"

      "I mean the design is amazing in and of itself, but the size, why make them so large? I could build one a eight of the size and it would be able to do the same job. Let me finish," Jeremy said when he saw Alix was about to object. "I could, but then I'd have to add heat sink material, and even with that I'd have to use a heat treated backing, because it would still get pretty hot. It's heat dispersement. Because they're so large, they don't over heat. Sure, it means your generator has to be larger over all, but I'm willing to bet it masses less. This is so fucking ingenious."

      He felt arms go around his waist, and Alix lean in against him. "You want to know why the generator's inside is so large? It's because we like to have space to move about. You're right about the circuit's design, but I can guaranty that the size of the generator came first."

      The were quiet for a time, then Alix nuzzled Jeremy's neck, before bitting it lightly.

      Jeremy gasped, in surprise. "What do you think you're doing?" He found he was panting slightly.

      Alix licked along his neck. "I heard you had sex with one of the ships pilot."

      "You heard that?" Jeremy found himself leaning back against the male, who licked his earlobe. Jeremy shivered pleasantly.

      "The whole ship heard about it. I also heard the humans even got to watch."

      "Not for long." Jeremy's breath was faster and shallower. "They didn't appreciate the sight."

      "Then they don't know a good thing when they see it," Alix whispered. He nibbled along the cartilage around the ear, and Jeremy moaned. "You asked what I was doing. I'm hoping to convince you to have sex with me."

      Jeremy had trouble thinking, He was slightly nervous, but he very much enjoyed what Alix was doing. Would Gral understand? Hadn't he said he was okay with this? Jeremy realized this would be a perfect chance to put it to the test.

      "How," he panted heavily. "How do you plan on convincing me?"

      Alix showed him, and Jeremy was convinced.

      * * * * *

      Jeremy stood before the door, trying to calm himself. He thought about his box for a moment, and then dismissed it. This was something he needed to work through, not bury. He was dressed again, but he was pretty sure he smelled of sex.

      He opened the door, and entered Gral's office. His Heart was nose deep in his pad, with two screens up. He didn't react to Jeremy entering.

      "I had sex with Alix," Jeremy said, and studied Gral's reaction.

      "Okay," he replied, no looking up. Jeremy stayed silent, still watching him. After a moment, Gral looked up. "Is everything alright?"

      Jeremy looked at his mate's face. He'd gotten quite good at reading it over the years they'd been together. "You're really not bothered by that, aren't you?"

      "Should I be?"

      "I don't know, I wasn't sure."

      Gral pushed his chair aways from his desk, and motioned Jeremy over. He sat Jeremy on his lap, sideways, and had him lean against his chest. "I told you."

      Jeremy silenced him with a finger on his lips. "I know. You don't have to repeat yourself. I guess I just had to prove it to myself. I won't pull something like this on you again, I promise."

      "You saw I was okay with you having sex with Toom." Gral rubbed Jeremy's stomach with a hand.

      "Yes, but that's Toom, you like him. You have sex with him. I guess one some level I thought you were okay with him because of that." Jeremy gasped as he felt Gral's hand fondling him. He hadn't noticed him slipping a hand inside his pants.

      "You are free to have sex with anyone you like. Gods, you're free to have sex with who ever is willing, if you ever find yourself in need, and no one you know is around." Gral stroked Jeremy's now hard cock, making him moan. "This, has nothing to do with my love for you. You find someone that interests you, if they're willing, you go and have sex with them. If you feel strongly enough about them, take them as a mate. That won't change how you feel toward me, or me toward you."

      Jeremy was panting, and moaning. "I . . . Know. I just need to get rid of this human idea that only exclusive one on one relationships work." He groaned. "If you keep that up, I'm going to throw you over your desk and fuck you silly."

      "Good," Gral replied. Moments later the floor was littered with items that had been on the desk, and they were both groaning.

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