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Chapter 20

      Jeremy turned into the recreation room, to cut through it, and immediately turned back with a quick 'sorry' on noticing the two bodies lying on the couch and thrusting against each other. He'd gone twenty steps or so, when he stopped, shaking his head. Going around would add twenty minutes to his trip to engineering, that's why he liked cutting through that room. And it wasn't like they would mind. He'd noticed fairly quickly just how casual kelsirians were with sex, and he should really get with the program.

      He turned around and headed back. He did his best not to looked at them, but he found himself slowing just enough to notice that it was a male and a female, the male had black, white, and orange fur, the female had solid sandy fur. She was under him, and what ever he was doing to her had her screaming in delight.

      Jeremy swallowed, and looked at an empty couch as he walked by it. What would it be like for him and Gral to have sex in a public place like this? His pulse quickened and he started sweating at the idea. He shook his head. No, at least, not now. Probably not any time soon. Sex in public was a little too much.

      * * * * *

      He'd mostly calmed down by the time he reached the engineering office. He entered, and Alix was already seated and working on something. Jeremy went behind him and looked at the screen. Alix was running theoretical stress against he components, and seeing when they broke.

      Alix sniffed the air, and turned to look at Jeremy. "Someone's excited this morning." He stood.

      "What do you mean?"

      Alix moved in close and breathed in Jeremy's sent. "You smell like you could do with some release." He gave him a smile, that made Jeremy take a step back.

      "Release? Oh, no, I just wanted in on a couple errr . . . having sex in one the recreation room I cut through. It sort of sent my mind wondering about somethings . . ."

      Alix nodded. "We can have sex here, and get it out of your system. I have a bed in the back."

      Jeremy's eyes went wide. "Ah, no. No. I'm with Gral."

      Alix tilted his head to the side, and ran a finger along Jeremy' cheek. "That's too bad." He stepped back. "Do you want to go find your mate to take care of that, and come back later?"

      "What? No, I'm here to work."

      Alix eyed him. "You current state won't distract you too much?"

      "It won't distract me at all," Jeremy stated.

      "Alright, then grab your tools. We're going to level three on the port side, we need to test the power conduits on sector two through ten. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. After that you can go have sex with your mate."

      "I really don't have to," Jeremy mumbled, blushing, "I can wait until after work."

      Alix pulled a tool bag out of a locker. "Why wait? Have your fun, grab a shower and get back to work. Are humans so obsessed with working they forgo simple pleasures?"

      Jeremy didn't reply immediately, taking his own tool bag out. "I guess we are," he finally admitted.

      Alix shook his head and placed an arm around Jeremy's shoulders. "We are going to have to do something about that. Yes, there are time when work has to take precedence, but it shouldn't be all the time. Emergencies are stressful enough without turning every day of work into something stress filled."

      Jeremy looked at the kelsirian. "Just how do you get anything done, with that mindset?"

      "It's called having a balanced life. You work, you rest, you have some good times with people you like." He patted Jeremy's rump and brought his arm back on his shoulder. "Too much of any of them, an you get in trouble. Just ask your mate to help you, I'm sure he'll be happy to make sure you have enough sex."

      Jeremy found himself blushing again, as the image of him and Gral, naked, on that couch popped back in his mind.

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