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Chapter 11

      Jeremy is standing in the middle of a field, holding his box. Around him are banners, everywhere, with symbols on them. The one closest is a spiral, with a flower on top, this time. He doesn't recognize it, and yet, it seems familiar. On the banners around it are more symbols, some he remembers from the last time he was here, others he hadn't had time to noticed before.

      A scream in the distance, and Jeremy crouches. It's back. He doesn't know what it is, he's never been able to catch a glimpse of it, but it isn't the first time it's been after him. Night after night it chases him away from this place. The banners want to protect him, but there is little they can do. He can't find safety here.

      The scream comes again. A metallic screeching that hurts his ears and tries to get inside his head. He can stay here, and try to fight it, but that hasn't worked before. He needs help.

      He turns and runs, dodging the banners. He knows he won't find help among them. He needs to find the end of the forest of banners if he is to find who he is looking for.

      The banners thin, and in beyond them, he can see someone, a darker shape, standing, waiting for him. He pushes himself, the thing is catching up. He needs to reach him.

      As he clears the banners, he can see it's a kelsirian, with brown fur and deep amber eyes. He doesn't stop, he can't give the thing behind him any chance to catch him.

      The thing screeches, close behind him, when he reaches the kelsirian. The kelsirian closes his arms around him protectively, and roars. That sound eclipses the screeching.

      * * * * *

      Jeremy opened his eyes.

      He didn't know what had woken him, this time, but he quickly notices that his was the first time he'd woken up in the middle of the night without his stomach in knots. He smiled to himself turned and fell right back to sleep

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