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Chapter 07

      Jeremy is standing in the middle of a field. Around him, as far as he can see, are banners, on posts. On the banners are symbols, the closest one to him is a simple circle, the banner next to it has a star, the other one might be an animal, but he can't be sure. Next to it is one with what looks like waves on it.

      He moves to look at the next one, but a sound comes from the distance. He turns, trying to determine where it came from. He can feel the box in his hand, and it's comforting. The sound comes again, and he holds the box tighter against him, it sounded angry.

      He is going to hold his ground, this time, he tells himself. He isn't going to be chased away by what ever it is. The sound comes again, angry and almost metallic. Jeremy turns and starts running. The banners fly in his face as he runs, making it difficult to see where he is going, and he can sense the thing chasing him getting closer.

      The banners fade away, and he stops. He's in a clearing, and before him stands a kelsirian, with brown fur. His heart is beating fast, something tells him that the kelsirian is bad news. He looks over his shoulder, he can't see the thing chasing him, but that's also bad news. He doesn't have long, he can't stay rooted in place.

      He runs toward the kelsirian, and the thing chasing him screams.

      * * * * *

      Jeremy's eyes opened.

      After a moment of disorientation, he remembered he was in his bed, looking at the off white ceiling. His stomach churned, he closed his eyes, calling up the box, and it quieted down. He tried to recall the dream, but other than a sensation of being chased, there was nothing. He stared at the ceiling for a time, and then fell back to sleep

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