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Chapter 05

      He is standing in a field of banners. They are all around him, blocking his view, but he knows that somewhere out there, something is chasing him. He looks down and realizes that he's holding a box. He doesn't know where the box came from, or why he's holding it, but he knows he can't let go.

      There's a sound.

      He spins around, trying to place where it came from. His heart is in his throat, and his legs are shaking. What is chasing him, and why? Why doesn't he remember how he arrived among these banners.

      Something rustles close by.

      Jeremy can't think, he runs, pushing banners out of his way or just going through them. He looks over his shoulder, but can't see it. Maybe it's not chasing him now? No. He knows it is. It's never going to stop.

      He shoves a banner out of the way and skids to a stop. There's someone in front of him. He takes a step back, but the sound comes again, somewhere behind him, and he freezes.

      The person is a kelsirian, a good head taller than him. He doesn't look happy. His teeth are bared and claws out. He's looking at him.

      Jeremy doesn't know what to do.

      The sound comes, it's very close, and the kelsirian lounges at him.

      * * * * *

      Jeremy sat up with a jerk, and then ran for the toilet, bending over it before throwing up. After that he curled up in a ball. He had no idea what the nightmare had been about, all he remembered from it was the fear, the heart shattering fear. It took him ten minutes to be able to move off the floor. He washed his face and rinsed his mouth to get the taste out. He looked at the bed and wondered if he should risk going back to sleep.

      The clock told him it was only a few minutes after midnight. As awake as he felt right now. Once the adrenaline left him, he would be tired again. Reluctantly he crawled under the covered, and closed his eyes.

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