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Chapter 08

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      Marlot drove as fast as he could, Trembor navigating him around the slower roads.

      "What are you thinking about for opportunity?" the lion asked.

      "He owns the gym; no one's going to keep track of his movements, and I can bet he wasn't training anyone when Aiden was killed," the wolf replied, quickly passing a car. He didn't worry about being arrested for speeding; his car's transponder was set to pursuit mode.

      "Make the second right, there's an accident ahead." Trembor said

      The tires squealed as Marlot made the turn. "What pisses me off is that I never caught scent he was lying to us."

      Trembor didn't look up from his pad, "the air in that place was a soup of scents from everyone there, the only way we could have picked up his scent over everyone else was if we'd been right in his face. He wasn't obvious about it, but he kept his distances. Don't beat yourself up over it; take it out on him when we have him."

      The rest of the drive was spent focused on avoiding other drivers and navigating the city. When they got to the gym they parked right in front of it, two wheels on the sidewalk. The ran out of it, Marlot punching the lock code in his pad out of reflex to make sure no one took the car.

      They ran in the gym just in time to see the iguana disappear in a door at the back of the gym.

      "What do you think you're . . ." a buff simian said moving in their way, but Trembor just bowled him over before he could finish his question. Marlot jumped over him as they sprinted after Cristan.

      The door led to an office, with another one slowly closing on the left wall. They ran through it into a corridor cramped with barbells and boxes of various drinks. Halfway down the corridor they picked up fresh air. Trembor opened the door and went outside while Marlot kept running until he hit the end of the hall and then doubled back.

      Marlot looked around as soon as he stepped in the alley, trash was littered everywhere. Trembor was running down the alleyway on his right, so he ran after him. At the end the lion smelled around and then turned left. When Marlot made the turn people were getting off the ground in the lion's wake, screaming after him that he had no business hunting on a public street. There were no actual laws preventing it, but it was considered impolite to do so.

      Marlot didn't have to worry about pushing people aside since the path Trembor made was still there. He caught up to him when the lion back tracked, smelling the air. Marlot sniffed around, looking for the iguana's scent. Finding it he moved in Trembor's direction, when they found that it turned into another alley they started running again.

      They followed his scent inside an old building and up a flight of stairs. The room they led to took the entire floor. There was just enough light to see coming in from holes in the boarded up windows. Desks, chairs, filing cabinets and other sorts of office furniture were littered across the floor.

      None of the holes in the windows were large enough for Cristan to slip through. Marlot wasn't sure why he'd come here, but he was still here.

      "Cristan," Trembor's voice boomed in the silent space, "you don't have anywhere to run to anymore."

      Marlot closed his eyes and focused on the sounds. He couldn't hear Cristan breathing from where he was, but if . . .

      "That's what you think!" came the iguana's response.

      The wolf's ears swiveled, there! Marlot opened his eyes. On the other side of the room there was a large filling cabinet, Cristan was behind it. He looked at Trembor and the lion nodded. He indicated Marlot was to go around the room on one side and he would go the other side.

      "Why'd you kill her?" Trembor asked as he started moving. Marlot mirrored him, staying against the wall and keeping an eye on the cabinet in case Cristan tried to bolt.

      "Are you telling me you don't think she deserved it? I can't be the only result of her kink still alive. How many broken kids are out there now because of her?"

      Marlot focused passed the iguana's voice, he could hear something rustling where Cristan was, was he searching through something?

      "So what?" Trembor said, "you did it for them? That scent's gone bad. You said you didn't hate her, so why would you kill her for a bunch of cubs you never even knew."

      A sigh came from the iguana, "look, I didn't mean to kill her, ok? I just wanted to see her again, to show her what I'd made of myself. I don't know, maybe reconnect with her."

      "It didn't work it, did it?"

      Cristan snorted, "she's dead, isn't she?"

      "What happened?" Trembor ask sounding concerned.

      "I tried to explain things to her, you know how I'd emulated her, how I was just like her so we were perfect for each other. Instead of appreciating what I'd done she started insulting me. She called me," he paused for a moment, and Marlot heard something click, "I'm not going to say what she called me, it hurts too much. But then I got angry. I did what I had to so she wouldn't say those horrible things, and then I showed her just I much of a male I was."

      Trembor stopped moving, "just like her?" when he spoke again anger seethed in his tone, "you raped those females."

      Cristan stood, "yes I did," and pointed something he held in two hands at Trembor. There was a flash of light, the sound of an explosion. Trembor grunted and staggered back against a boarded window. The boards broke away and he fell backward.

      As that happened Marlot realized what Cristan was holding. How had the iguana been able to get a gun? Only the military and police had access to those. And then he heard Trembor's body hit the ground. His eyes narrowed on the iguana that had hurt his lion. He wasn't a criminal anymore, he wasn't even prey, he was meat.

      Time slowed down as he went into hunter mode and started running for him. He saw the gun lining up with him and the hands tense as Cristan pressed on the trigger. Marlot jumped down behind a desk as a hole exploded in the column that had been next to him. He stood and ran for the iguana, not even going for cover as he pressed the trigger again. The shot went wide and when Cristan tried to aim again Marlot was close enough to bat the weapon out of his hands.

      Marlot didn't give the iguana time to do anything else. He openedhis muzzle as wide as he could and closed it around Cristan's neck, digging deep and relishing the taste of his blood.

      Cristan tried to get him to let go, he punched Marlot in the stomach and the chest, but in return the wolf shook his head, hard enough that he ripped the iguana's throat out. Cristan staggered back trying to stop the blood from flowing out and wheezing as he tried to breath. He looked at Marlot with fear in his eyes, reaching and trying to call out to him, but the wolf stood still holding his throat in his muzzle, watching the iguana die with a gleam of victory in his eyes.

      When the iguana crumbled to the floor Marlot spat out the throat and stared at him as his breathing stopped. He watched as the blood pooled under the body, transfixed by it and a sense of elation over took him, so strong that he lifted his head and howled. He then lowered his head a satisfied grin on his muzzle.

      * * * * *

      His trance was broken when someone shook him. He growled and snapped where the hand had been, but the female rabbit had already pulled away.

      "Sir, are you alright?" she asked him, and he slowly returned to himself. "You were just standing there looking down at," she gasped as she looked where the body laid but quickly regained control of herself. "I tried calling for you but you weren't reacting."

      He looked at her, her head only going up to his chest; she was wearing a medic's jacket, which meant Bahamel had probably called them in. They would be able to look after Trembor.


      Marlot ran passed her, down the stairs and around the building. There three medics, a bobcat, a Labrador and a bull, were moving Trembor to a gurney. "Get away from him!" Marlot growled at them.

      Their reaction was instantaneous, they moved away from the lion.

      Marlot kneeled next to the lion. His left shoulder had been bandaged, but blood was slowly seeping through. He took Trembor's right hand in his and pressed it against his muzzle. "Please be ok. Trem, please don't die. I," he swallowed hard and looked at Trembor's chest slowly move up and down. He didn't want his lion to die, but if, he tried to stop his mind from going there, but he couldn't, if it was to happen, he couldn't let it happen with having told him first.

      He took his hand in both of his, "I, I love you Trem," he said softly, "please don't leave me."

      "I love you too Mar," Trembor replied weakly, and smiled when Marlot looked up at him. "Good, you got that asshole." He lifted his left hand slightly, but then winced in pain and let it drop. "I'm not leaving you, ever," he said when he'd caught his breath, "but I need you to go me a favor."

      "Anything," Marlot proclaimed.

      "Let the medics do their jobs." Trembor said sweetly.

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