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Chapter 04

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      "Thank you for seeing us," Marlot said after they were let into the Cheetah's office.

      The older Cheetah indicated the chairs on the other side of his desk, "you're welcome. Anything I can do to help release Aiden's body."

      Trembor set his Pad to record and placed it on the desk as he sat down. "When was the last time you saw Aiden?"

      "Four days ago, for our weekly mating."

      Marlot made himself comfortable in the plush seat. "What's the nature of your mating contract with Aiden?"

      "I contracted her four years ago for the purpose of getting a cub. We are to meet once a week until she gets pregnant."

      Trembor tilted an ear, "four years and she still hasn't become pregnant?"

      Before Alicon could reply Marlot spoke up. "I have an acquaintance of Aiden who stated that she said you were becoming demanding and controlling."

      Alicon sighed, "you're still young so you probably don't know how that is, but when you reach my age, you seriously start thinking about having someone to leave your legacy to. So when I found out that for the last four years she had been using anti pregnancy medication I got angry. Yes, I started to make demands; I forced her to get weekly tests to ensure she was off them. I have to admit that the next sessions after I found out were somewhat violent, but she didn't press charges."

      "How long ago was this?" Marlot asked.

      The cheetah consulted his Pad, "five months ago."

      "Didn't you think it was odd that she never got pregnant during those years?" Trembor asked.

      Alicon nodded, "yes, but she brought me her health reports every six month, and they showed everything was in order so I figured we simply didn't have any luck with the timing. It's only luck really that I found out, I misplaced the report, so I contacted the medical offices directly to get another copy. They didn't have any records."

      "Did you know that she was pregnant?" Marlot asked.

      The cheetah's face lit up, "she was? She'd finally gotten pregnant?" and then it fell, "oh, she was pregnant." He was silent for a moment and then slammed is fist on the desk. "Cursed it all, we finally get it to work and this has to happen." He looked at the investigator, "What can I do to help you catch the bastard who did this?"

      "The child wasn't yours," Marlot said in a conversational tone.

      "What?" the older male exclaimed, slamming his hands on the desk and standing. "Are you telling me that I get her to go off the drugs and she does and gets pregnant with one of her boy toys?" He sat back down, and put his head in his hands, "of course she did. Why am I even surprised?" He looked up, defeated. "Who's the father?"

      "We don't know yet."

      Alicon sighed, "do you have any ideas when this will be over? So her affairs can be settled and I can get her out of my life?"

      "It's still too early in the investigation to know," Trembor said standing, "but I'll make sure you're informed as soon as it is." He pocketed his Pad and both of them left. "That was pretty callous," he commented when they were out of the office, "bringing up the child and then snatching it away from him."

      "I wanted to be certain if he had some sort of involvement in the case. The smells created by that kind of reaction can't be faked."

      "So you don't think he was involved."

      Marlot shook his head, "no, he wants a cub badly enough to put up with what ever she did."

      "So we go down the list of old lovers?" Trembor asked

      "Yeah," the wolf answered dejected.

      "Something wrong?"

      Marlot shook his head, "not really, it's just that it's probably not going to be a good experience. Aiden was someone who found young males, just before their first rut and used them until she got bored with them, at which point she just dumps them."

      "The Doberman told you that?"

      "No, he didn't know what she was, but I recognized the signs from what he said."

      Trembor looked at him strangely, "you saw that kind of stuff happen often before we met?"

      Marlot gave him a sad smile, "only once, to me."

      "Oh," Trembor said controlling his desire to hug his partner since they were in public.

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