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Chapter 02

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      Marlot snuggled up against Trembor, not bothering to open his eyes as he nuzzled the lion's neck through his mane; the lion's body felt so nice against him. He draped an arm over his lover and slowly ground his hips against his back side, enjoying the sensation of his hard shaft moving through his fur, and then between his ass cheeks.

      "Good morning," Trembor said as he placed a hand on the wolf's arm and pulled him in a little closer.

      "Is it?" Marlot asked, his cock moving easily between the cheeks, Trembor was still slick from their play before sleep.

      "It must be, I can feel someone's morning wood."

      As the lion said that, Marlot's shaft found itself moving in his crack, and being guided by his tail to the entrance, "It's not wood," the wolf whispered and he pushed in, making Trembor moan. Marlot put his leg over the lion's and pushed further in; resting when he was almost all in.

      "No," agree Trembor between pants, "that's not wood; wood would never feel this wonderful."

      Marlot held Trembor tighter in response to the comment; He could never get over how such a simple compliment could make him feel so warm inside. He began thrusting, languidly moving in and out of his lover, savoring how nice his ass felt around his cock, and how each moans and groans from the lion made his heart so much lighter.

      The lion for his part simply held Marlot's arms, gently rubbing the fur as the wolf picked up speed. The times when he got to enjoy the wolf's company in such a way were few and far between; normally they only shared a bed long enough to reach release and then Marlot would head back to his place, leaving the lion to sleep alone.

      Marlot's insistent thrusting forced Trembor to turn on his stomach; now that he was on top, he moved faster, grunting each time his knot hit Trembor's tail hole. Part of him realized he should slow down, that they didn't have the time to tie, but he was too involved to pay attention to it. He pushed harder each time, making Trembor gasp with each thrust as he was stretched more and more, until with a grunt from both of them the knot was forced in. Marlot couldn't help himself anymore, the ancestral part of him took over and he buck on top of the lion, both trying to get out of him and bury himself deeper, until his strength left him and in collapsed over him.

      "I'm sorry," he whined softly, "I know I shouldn't have, but I got carried away."

      Trembor shushed him gently, "it's alright, I don't mind. This way I get to have you with me that much longer."

      Marlot opened his mouth to respond, but the words stuck in his throat, so he buried his muzzle in the lion's mane again. He couldn't get himself to say it. Those three words just wouldn't leave his throat, because each time he even thought about them he remembered the last time he'd said them, and how later that day the one who he had said them to was killed. His killers hadn't even tried to be discreet, they had proclaimed his killing. There had been some wave made by it since he wasn't of predation age yet, but it all went away when it was revealed that he had been a deviant who raised his tail for males. When that came out the killers were congratulated

      Marlot was lucky that no one had known about him, but he could never forget that day and what those three words had caused. He breathed deeply of Trembor's scent and forced himself to remember that this wasn't the time of his youth that. as the lion had said, what they were wasn't a crime anymore; but he still couldn't get those three words to leave his lips.

      They remained like this, holding each other and silent until Marlot's knot went down enough so he could pull out. He went slowly and tried to be gentle, but Trembor still winced as it finally popped out. Marlot rolled off the lion and sat at the edge of the bed, looking at the floor. When he looked up Trembor was standing next to him offering him his hand. Marlot took it and he was pulled into a tight hug. When the lion released him he was feeling a little better, and gave his lover a smile, which was returned.

      Under the hot water jets of the shower Marlot noticed that Trembor was still hard. He didn't hesitate; he went down on his knees and nuzzled his balls and shaft. Before the lion could say anything Marlot had swallowed his cock to the root and was sucking him off. Trembor could only hold on to the wall as his wolf bobbed up and down on his shaft.

      Marlot closed his eyes and ran his tongue along the lion's malehood. He loved the taste, the smell as well as the feel of it, he liked how each time his tongue went over the vestigial barbs Trembor would shudder in pleasure. Then there was how delicious his seed was, he though as the lion started panting and groaning, He never lasted as long as Marlot did, which he didn't mind, it simply meant that he didn't have to wait long to taste his lover's love.

      As that thought crossed the wolf's mind Trembor ground his teeth and held Marlot's head in place with a hand and pushed his cock as deep as he could and let loose volley after volley of cum. When Marlot stood back up he was licking his lips with a satisfied grin. Trembor kissed him hungrily and they shared his taste.

      Sheepishly noticing the time they showered quickly and headed to their office.

      * * * * *

      Marlot leaned in through the passenger side window. "Remember, don't get anything too extravagant, I don't want us to blow our finances on breakfast."

      Trembor rolled his eyes "I know, I know, and you're hoping I'm going to avoid bringing back a rodent since they taste gamey to you. This isn't the first time I've hunted us a meal. Now you go take care of the office and I'll be back within an hour."

      Marlot looked around and not seeing anyone gave Trembor a quick peck on the muzzle, leaving him with a stunned look. He hurried in the office, not really believing he'd done that himself.

      "Good morning, Hela'han." He greeted their secretary.

      "Good morning Marlot," the elephant replied as she handed him three data slates. "This one has all the pertinent information on the Spottedfur body, acquaintances, reports from neighbors as well as the police's reports. This one has Jaxca' report, and this one is a recording from the tip line about the Sho'avan body."

      Marlot looked at her in Surprise, "That's the body found by the lake, right?" she nodded, "it's three years old, and we're still getting tips?"

      She shrugged, "Someone reads an old newsy and they think they remember something. We owe it to the victim to look into them even after all this time right?" The wolf nodded. "Where is the lion?"

      "He's gone to get us breakfast."

      Hela'han nodded and then asked "Did you spend the night at Trembor's place?" almost making him drop the slates.

      "W. . . what? No? why'd you ask that?" he replied quickly working hard at keeping his ears and tail from reacting.

      "His smell his very strong on you today."

      He gulped, how could he have been this careless, "it, it must have been from the car ride," he offered before heading in his and Trembor's office.

      "It's not usually this strong," he heard her say as he closed the door and locked it.

      She knew, he though as he paced around the room, what was he going to do now? For a moment he though about eating her, but what would Trembor think, she was his employee too. What if she told someone? He continued pacing, his mind in disarray, not paying attention to incoming calls, until he head a key in the door. He turned and faced it, dread rising inside him.

      Trembor entered carrying the body of a stag on his shoulder. "Why did you lock the door?" He asked as he closed it. Seeing the state he was in he dropped the carcass and went to him, "what's wrong?"

      Marlot looked at him, but he was too lost in his worries to really see him, "What are we going to do? What am I going to do?" he kept repeating.

      "Please calm down," the lion said placing a hand on each of the wolf's shoulders.

      Marlot pushed him away, "Don't tell me to calm down, she knows!"

      "What does she know?" Trembor asked, confused.

      "That's I spend the night at your place! She caught your scent on me and figured it out! I knew I shouldn't have stayed. I should have gone home like I usually did."

      Trembor growled in annoyance and grabbed him, "calm down! Who fucking cares if she knows! She works for us you really think she'd go around talking about us?"

      Marlot didn't fight him, worry was etched over his face, "what if it just slips out and someone else finds out."

      "Will you get it through that thick skull of yours that no one cares about that anymore!" Trembor roared at him. Marlot started shaking and the lion pulled him to him.

      "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," the wolf whimpered, "I just got so scared when she said it, I couldn't think of anything else."

      Trembor kissed his head, "it's ok, everything's going to be alright." Maybe it had been a mistake to force him to spend the night after all, he thought, even after being lovers for two years there was a lot he didn't know about his wolf's past. He knew that he'd grown up in a backward town, where anyone who didn't conform to their view of what was 'right' could be lynched without repercussions, but something had to have happened very close to him to react in such a manner to something without any real consequences here.

      He held him at arms length, letting go of him to wipe away the tears that were falling down his black fur. "Are you feeling better?" Marlot nodded and went to open his mouth but Trembor silenced him with a finger. "No apologizing, the important thing is that you're felling better," he said, and then broke a smile, "but you should consider yourself lucky that the room is soundproof, you were pretty loud with your hysterics. If Hela'Han didn't know before, she would have now."

      Marlot's ears plastered themselves to his skull in embarrassment and he hid his face in Trembor's chest. "Eat me," he whispered, "just eat me now and put me out of my misery."

      The lion chuckled and hugged him, "and ruin breakfast? I don't think so."

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