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A New Suit

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Chapter 02

Chapter 04

      The building was quiet as Sebastien walked the corridor. He didn't run into any of his neighbors.  Which wasn't unusual, it was almost six and most would be eating dinner, or watching the television, based on what he could hear through the doors as he walked by.

      He turned at the intersection leading to his apartment and paused when he saw the white envelope stuck between the trim of the door and the wall.

      Here? Really? The rabbit looked around, in case he caught sight of orange and white. Of course, he wouldn't, it wasn't like the tiger was stalking him.

      Dishes knocked together in the apartment he was next to and he began moving. He plucked the envelope and opened it. In it were three crisp one-hundred dollar bills, as well as a card.

      'Do not move from where you are. Undress, and masturbate to orgasm and the money is yours.'

      He couldn't be serious. Sebastian pulled out his phone and placed the call.

      "Hello Sebastien," the man answered.

      "You're kidding, right?"

      "I'm not."

      He lowered his voice. "I'm not going to get naked and jerk off in front of my door."

      "Then put the envelope with its content where you found it."

      "So last night wasn't enough for you?"

      "You are asking the wrong question again."

      The rabbit ground his teeth. "You're the one doing this, don't tell me it's all about me." He put the card in the envelope and stuck back where he'd taken it. "Look, can you just drop whatever this is? Whatever you're planning, or trying to make me realizes or whatever, I'm not interested."

      "So, you want me to stop?"

      "Look, this is just too weird, getting me to jerk off in an alley, and now, here in my own building. I just don't understand why you're doing this. Look, I don't feel like talking about this okay? Bye." He disconnected and put his phone away.

      There, now that he'd told him off, he wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. He swiped his keycard and entered his home. He forced himself to put the incident behind him and hung his bag as well as his jacket.

      He set a pre-made meal to heat and went to his table, looking at the fabrics on it. Martin had given him free reign for the material and colors, and now Sebastien wanted to make sure the suit would match the ermine perfectly.

      He looked up at a sound. Had that been the meal? The steam making the box expand? No, it had sounded like it came from the hall. He smiled and went to the door. He saw no one through the peephole, but he thought he'd seen a shadow at the periphery. He quickly opened the door an looked out.

      No one. No sound other than his neighbors moving about in their apartments. The envelope was still there. It must have come from one of them, a dropped pot or something like that, and in his excitement to catch the tiger red handed he's imagined it was him.

      He shook his head in derision at himself. Here is was, not wanting to have anything to do with the man and then he hoped to confront him. He should focus on what he needed to do, not what someone else was doing. He went back in to make a decision on what he would use to make this suit.

      * * * * *

      When Sebastien left his apartment in the morning, he noticed the envelope was done, and he wondered when the tiger had taken it. Then he put that out of his mind and headed out to the sound of the rest of the building coming awake.
Chapter 05

      "I shouldn't be more than two hours, Jimmy," Damian told his driver. "The coffee shop across the corner serves a good coffee, if you want to wait for me there."

      "Sir? What about the..." the wolf trailed off.

      Damian smiled. "What are your instructions?"

      "It stays in until you tell me it can come out."

      "Then what is the issue?"

      "If I get out of the car Sir, they'll know."


      Jimmy bit his lower lip his nervousness making it difficult for him to think. Damian waited. His driver's training was as important as his suit. And he knew the young man would connect the dot quickly enough.

      The wolf sighed and his entire body relaxed. "You didn't order me out of the car, Sir."

      "I'll call you once I'm done here. As I said, it shouldn't be more than two hours."

      "Very well, Sir."

      Damian exited the car and crossed the sidewalk as it pulled away. He entered the tailor's shop and the bustle outside was silenced with the door closing.

      "Mister Orr," the badger said stepping around the counter. "It's a pleasure to have you here again."

      "Hello Drummond." Damian nodded and looked around the shop. The rabbit wasn't visible, so he had to be with someone.

      "To be honest, I was expecting you Friday. I left a message saying the suit was ready."

      "I got it, but my day was booked, and the weekend is for relaxing." He'd decided to give Sebastien a rest; let him calm down from their conversation before showing up.

      "That's very wise of you." The badger motioned to a bored looking cheetah who was reading a fashion magazine. "Frederic, get Mister Orr's suit so you can do the fitting."

      "Sebastien isn't working today?" Damian knew very well he was.

      "He's currently with a client."

      "Then I'll wait."

      "Mister Orr, a man such as yourself shouldn't have to wait on someone like him. Frederic can have you fitted before that rabbit is done."

      Damian fixed his gaze on the badger. "Drummond, I am not in the habit of repeating myself. I will wait for Sebastien to be done with his client, is that clear?"


      "Is that clear?"

      The badger took a step back. "Yes, of course Mister Orr. I'll go tell him to hurry."


      The man almost stumbled. He opened his mouth but Damian cut him off.

      "You will not force Sebastien to give bad service to the person he is with. I said that I will wait, that means I will wait for him to done in good time."

      "Yes, I-yes Sir." The badger went back behind the counter while Damian walked among the racks, looking at the ready to wear suits.

      He saw the cheetah say something and by the body language, it wasn't flattering toward Damian. The badger shushed him and leaned in close to speak. By the cheetah's wide eyes, he'd just explained who Damian was.

      Sebastien was with his client for thirty-eight minutes. During that time, two men entered the shop, an elderly buck, who accompanied the badger through the racks until he found a suit that pleased him, then followed the cheetah in one of the fitting rooms.

      The other was an otter in his mid-forties. He nodded to Damian and Damian nodded back. The man was the vice president to one of his competitors. He picked a suit off the rack without help, paid for it then left, leaving Damian wondering why he'd buy a suit here and have it fitted elsewhere.

      Damian walked to the back of the shop, out of direct view when he heard Sebastien speak and his client respond. The tones were jovial, pleased, indicating they were done.

      As the rabbit directed the mouse to the counter, the suit in a bag over his arm, the badger indicated where Damian was standing. Sebastien turned and froze.

      Damian smiled at him, and after a moment the rabbit forced a smile of his own. He indicated the fitting room before bringing the suit to the counter, and then getting Damian's suit.

      Damian waited for him by it, and followed the rabbit in. As soon as the door was closed Damian began undressing. He didn't wait for Sebastien to turn his back to him. He'd surprised him once, now he had to know what to expect.

      When he was naked, he faced the rabbit, who was looking at him, ears red and leg shaking slightly. Damian took his place and waited.

      The rabbit didn't move for a moment, when he did it was like he was in a trance. He dropped the suit in its bag and came to him. Sebastien placed a trembling hand on the tiger's chest and closed his hand in the longer white fur. His other moved up along Damian's side.

      Damian didn't react to the touch. He let Sebastien do what he wanted. He would let him go as far as he wanted. For the moment the rabbit seemed content to touch him. By the need in his scent, and the way his hands shook, Damian thought it had been a long time since Sebastien had touched someone in this way.

      It seemed odd to him. Sebastien was a handsome man, he had to have sex. That hadn't been covered by Emerson's report, he'd have to get him to look into that.

      After ten minutes of running his fingers through Damian's fur, and keeping his hand above the belt line, Sebastien buried his muzzle in Damian's chest fur and breathed in a shuddering breath.

      Definitely starved for physical contact. What he probably needed was for Damian to wrap his arms around him, hold him tightly, let him soak the warmth in. But the tiger didn't move. If that was what the rabbit needed, he would have to take it for himself.

      But maybe he could use a nudge. Damian lowered his head until his muzzle was next to the rabbit's ear. "What do you want?" he whispered.

      Sebastien shuddered, then looked down. He remained like that for a few seconds, then stiffened.

      He pulled away. "I'm sorry." He smoothed nonexistent wrinkles off his clothed. "I shouldn't have done that. It's completely inappropriate."

      "I'm not complaining."

      "It doesn't matter, that's not how I'm supposed to act." He took a deep breath, then picked the suit bag off the floor and hung it. He mumbled something Damian thought might have been 'stupid,' 'not serious.' Damian was better at reading lips than deciphering mumbling.

      He waited while Sebastien unzipped the bag then pulled it off the suit. He removed each garment and placed them on the table.

      Damian watched Sebastien pull himself together so that when he turned and handed him the shirt, the rabbit looked like the professional tailor that he was.

      Damian put it on, and Sebastien checked the fit, and his gaze never strayed from the cloth. He had Damian remove it, then spent ten minutes making adjustments, before handing it back.

      He did the same with the pants and then the jacket, and forty-five minutes later, Damian was dressed in a dark blue suit. Sebastien handed him a burgundy tie with thin gold strips.

      Looking at himself in the mirror, Damian was impressed. The suit looked great on him, and was comfortable. He nodded his satisfaction, but Sebastien didn't notice it. He had a wistful expression looking at the tiger's back.

      Maybe he should give him a second chance? Except that if he undressed again, it would clearly be Damian's intent, not Sebastien. Instead he stood, waiting for the rabbit to shake himself and meet his gaze.

      "Is it to your liking?"

      "Yes. I like the material, what is it?"

      "It's wool, Sir, thirteen ounces, like you asked for."

      "You did good work. You have a good eye for colors."

      "Thank you, sir."

      "You can call me Damian, Sebastien."

      "That wouldn't be appropriate, Sir."

      Damian smiled. "It should be clear by now that being appropriate isn't something I hold much value in."

      The rabbit shrugged. "Will you be changing back?"

      Damian adjusted the collar of the suit. "No. I'm going to wear this. See how it feels while I move."

      Sebastien nodded and picked up the garments off the hooks and placed them on a hanger before putting a bag over them, and zipping it closed.

      Then he escorted Damian to the counter.

      "How was he?" The badger asked, and Sebastien's ears reddened.

      "He was wonderful. Very professional, and his work is impeccable." Damian handed his credit card.

      "I'm glad to hear that, will you be wanting other suits?"

      "Not right now, I want to wear this one for a time first. Make sure it holds up."

      "Of course." The badger handed the card back with the receipt.

      Damian took the bag containing his suit and turned to the rabbit. "I enjoyed our time together." Then he turned and headed for the door. He caught the badger looking at Sebastien with a tilted ear as he pulled out his phone.

      "Jimmy, I'm ready to be picked up."

      The car turned the corner as he stepped to the curb, and a moment later it stopped before him. Damian got in and was immediately enveloped by the smell of his driver. He smiled as the wolf looked at him in the mirror.

      "Looking sharp, Sir." Jimmy fidgeted in place.

      "Thank you. And how are you feeling Jimmy?"

      "I-Sir, it's-" he closed his eyes and when he opened them, he was pleading.

      Damian opened a compartment in the door and pulled a small remote controller from it. The compartment hadn't been locked, and Jimmy knew it was where Damian kept it when he needed to leave the car. He also knew the wolf hadn't even considered taking it to give himself relief in his absence. Jimmy had entered into this arrangement willingly and knowing fully what it entailed.

      "How about this. You go get me a coffee, and once you're back, I'll turn it off."

      Jimmy's head snapped toward the coffee shop. "Sir, they'll be able to tell. I-" his ears folded back, bright red. "Please sir, I'll-"

      Damian's raised eyebrow silenced him. "I gave you my terms, Jimmy. It's your decision what you do about it. You can either get me a coffee, and get some relief for at least the rest of the day, or not, and wait for me to decide to switch it off."

      "How long?"

      Damian shrugged. "Whenever I decide I have a better use for you I guess."

      The wolf whimpered and looked at the shop again, filled with people. Damian could see him weighing his option, and he wasn't surprised when Jimmy got out of the car, waited for the walk signal to come on and then cross the street. He didn't think anyone else could notice the twitch in the wolf's walk, each time the stimulator sent a pulse, but Damian could.

      Jimmy hadn't had a choice. Damian had made the wolf's first sexual task to get him hard. That way Damian had demonstrated to him that he didn't need sex. So, for Jimmy to wait until Damian had a better use for him meant he could be waiting forever. And after three days, the wolf had clearly had enough.

      Damian looked at the tailor's shop. How long would it take for Sebastien to have had enough too?
Chapter 06

      The sounds of the crowd walking the mall was going to give him a headache at some point, Sebastien thought as he sat down on a bench to rub his feet. There had to be some irony there, he spent his days standing at the shop, and walking half the length of the mall forced him to sit down.

      He wished he could come here in the evening during the week, but after a day of work braving the crowds wouldn't feel any better. He also wished the bus stop wasn't on the other end of the mall to the fabric store he liked.

      After a minute he forced himself to continue, stopping by the tea booth for a Chai to give himself fortitude. It didn't help as much as he'd like, but he made it to 'Fabric of the Worlds,' in his opinion the best place to get any fabric.

      "Sebastien!" a thin fox called, stretching the first syllable and giving he name a French accent. "It is so good to see you again." An instant later he had his arms around the rabbit in a hug that was more powerful than his frame indicated could happen.

      "Malcolm," Sebastien only placed his arms around the fox, without squeezing. He didn't want to give him the impression this was anything more than a hug. The fox was already excited enough he could feel his erection.

      The fox took a few steps back and rearranged himself very blatantly, clearly counting on the rabbit's presence in front of him to keep anyone in the mall from noticing. Sebastien didn't react to it, he never did.

      "Let me look at you," Malcolm said. "How do you do it? How do you always look so fabulous?" He made a gesture for him to turn in place.

      With a resigned sigh Sebastien slowly spun. He didn't think what he was wearing was anything special. He'd found the light gray with black pinstripes pants at a discount store and had altered them to fit him properly.  The button up shirt was one of his cleaner ones, but it was a few years old. He'd made the waist coat with the leftovers from the set of clothing he'd made for his parents on their thirtieth anniversary. The jacket he'd bought at this mall on a previous visit and had only needed a few alterations.

      It all looked okay on him, but he had no idea how Malcolm came up with 'fabulous' for this. There were no flamboyant colors, nothing frilly; only plain, neutral colors.

      He shook his head. "I'm looking for some fabric."

      Malcolm grinned. "Imagine that, and here I thought you'd dressed sharply only to come see me."

      "I'm making a tuxedo for a friend."

      The fox's smile fell a little. "Come on, play with me. There's no need to be so serious."

      Sebastien forced a smile. "Sorry, I'm not really in the mood. I'm getting a headache from the noise outside and my feet are killing me."

      His face brightened. "Then take a load off, sit, sit." He indicated a chair. "Take those wonderful shoes off and let me give you a foot massage."

      The rabbit sight. "Malcolm, can we not do this?" He wasn't sure how long he could keep the headache act going. He wasn't much of an actor. "I'm really not in the mood for this right now."

      "Sorry, I just..." The fox deflated. "What material are you looking for?"

      "Silk, something in the avocado range of color."

      "That's a weird color for a tux."

      "I don't argue with what my friends what, especially not when they're willing to pay for the material ahead of time."

      The fox nodded. "The silks are over there." He led Sebastien through the racks of fabric and pulled those that were close with what Sebastien wanted.

      They talked over the pros and cons of the various silks the store had, and Sebastien picked one that was a lighter green than Francis wanted, but that was more pleasant to the eyes. He told Malcolm how much he wanted, and they headed to the counter. He'd already laid down the patterns, and measured it so he knew that he extra tree feet would cover any mistakes he might made, and if there was any left over, well, silk was always usable.

      "You know," the fox said as he folded the fabric and bagged it. "I'm having a get together at my place tonight, it's going to be a quiet thing, just me and a few friends, you're welcome to come over if you want. You know I always enjoy your company."

      "Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to pass. I need to work on the tuxedo."

      "Another time then?"

      "Maybe." Sebastien wanted to say no outright. He knew what Malcolm was after, he made it very clear anytime he was here, or when they happen to be in the same bar, and the fox just wasn't his type.

      "I hope so, I'd really like to spend some time with you."

      If he was more courageous, he'd tell him it wouldn't happen, but then he'd have to deal with him each time he bought fabric.

      "See you next time," he said instead taking the bag and leaving the store.

      The noise assaulted him, so many people talking, kids screaming, hard soles hitting the floor. He took a breath and began walking. He might grab a bite to eat, it would give his feet a rest.

      His phone buzzed after half a dozen steps and he stepped to the side as he pulled it out. He stopped by a column and opened it. It was from Mister Orr.

      'On your left is a corridor leading to the man's restroom. Second stall from the end.'

      Sebastien looked to the left, and on the other side of the thoroughfare he saw the sign indicating the restrooms, just before a corridor.

      He put his phone away and considered. He knew what this would be, another chance for him to earn some money if he was willing to perform a sexual act. He still didn't understand why the tiger arranged this, or how he knew to message him at this moment so the restroom would be on his left.

      He headed for the sign. He wouldn't have to do it. It was implied in the way the notes had been written and the tiger had stated it. He could leave the money and not do anything.

      The restrooms were further along the hall, and the noise diminished quickly. He side stepped a janitor mopping the floor and entered the restroom. A buck was washing his hands, broad shoulders, inside a leather jacket, his rack had been trimmed and the ends capped with silver. Sebastien couldn't stop himself from watching him as he dried his hand and walked out.

      The man at the urinal was a jaguar, slimmer than the buck, but still muscular. He nodded a distracted greeting as he walked by the rabbit and stopped at the sink.

      Now, if one of those two had hit on him, Sebastien would have happily gone home with them. It was so unfair that men like them never gave him a second glance. Except for the tiger.

      He pushed the stall's door and as he expected, there was an envelope there; being held by a corner under the top of the tank.

      He pulled it free and opened it. Three crisp hundred bills and a card.

      He turned it over. 'Undress, and masturbate to climax and the money is yours. You can keep your shoes on. You cannot leave this booth.'

      Sebastien checked the other side, surprised that was all there was. After the one saying he had to jerk off in the hallway in front of his apartment's door, he'd expected something more daring than just a bathroom stall. This he could do easily.

      He placed his back on the tank and turned, closing the door. He reached to lock it, and discovered the lock had been removed.

      It hadn't been ripped out, or worn out. The holes for the screws were in good condition. Someone had purposely taken the lock out. He let go of the door, and for a moment it didn't move, and then it moved in by an inch before stopping.

      This was different. If he couldn't have privacy-that was the point, wasn't it? The tiger wouldn't have set up something simple. Whatever this was to him, he seemed to enjoy putting Sebastien in these potentially embarrassing situations.

      He looked around for a hidden camera. He'd want to watch, he was sure of it. No matter what he'd said when they'd jerked off together on the phone, Sebastien couldn't believe he wasn't getting off on this in some way.

      His initial thought was that he wasn't doing this. He'd even put the card back in the envelope, but then he sat on the toilet, and reached for the door. He had to lean forward uncomfortably for his fingers to barely touch it while it was closed. If someone pushed on it, it would open.

      He could lean back against it, but anyone who saw his feet would wonder what he was up to, they might even guess, and call security. He could face the door and hold it close, but anyone who noticed how far his feet were from the toilet would wonder.

      He had to be sitting, if nothing else, it would be more comfortable. So how could he ensure the door stayed closed?

      He knew very well that wasn't what the tiger expected. He wanted Sebastien to be in a position to be discovered, but he felt a twisted pleasure in finding a way to out think him.

      He took off his jacket and hung it on the end of the door before closing it. It wasn't enough, so he folded a sleeve back and smiled when the door stayed closed.

      He took off the waistcoat and shirt, and placed them on top of his bag. He undid his belt and paused in the process of taking off his shoes as two men entered the restroom, talking about a girl they knew.

      He waited until they were done pissing, washed their hands and left before quickly taking his shoes off, then his pants and underwear and putting his shoes back on.

      Even with the door closed he felt strangely exposed as he placed the garments on top of the others. If someone looked under the stall walls, or over them, they'd see him in all his glory.

      Fuck he was nervous. Even more nervous than when he'd jerked out in the alleyway. That had been outside, but all he'd had exposed was his cock. He was naked now, somehow that made all the difference.

      He sat down and tried to calm down, but a group entered the restroom and it was five minutes of talking while they did their businesses, some of them sounded young. Fuck if a kid were to push the door open, he'd end up in jail.

      It wouldn't happen, he told himself, as he almost considered getting dressed again. His jacket was visible on the other side, making it clear the stall was occupied. He could, and would, do this. He'd show the tiger he wasn't some wimp.

      When the quiet returned, the last to leave had been in a stall a few doors down, he played with his balls while he tried to get his heart beat down. It didn't slow much, but as he began stroking his cock, he imagined he was at home, in his bed, jerking himself off. Then he wasn't alone in his imagination. The tiger was with him, running his hands on Sebastien's chest.

      That made him hard, and he used his other hand to pinch a nipple as he imagined the tiger doing it. He bit his lower lip and tried to ignore the sounds of guys making use of the restroom.

      The tiger sucked on a nipple, one of his hand taking Sebastian's cock and stroking it. A whimper escaped his lips and a man loudly asked, "Hello?"

      The rabbit froze. Fuck. He'd been heard. The fantasy was gone, he was in the present, his hand on his hard leaking cock with someone wondering what he was up to.

      He didn't dare move, not even to let go of his cock. And sounds and the man might come investigate. How long had it been since the man had spoken? A minute? Longer? Less? He couldn't tell.


      Were they coming closer? Shit, he thought they were. He tried to look under the door, but he couldn't see much without actually moving, and he was terrified any motion would be heard.

      The faucet came on. Hands rubbed together, paper towels pulled from a dispenser, then the steps left the restroom.

      Sebastien let out a breath, that had been too fucking close. He looked at the cock in his hand and was amazed it hadn't become limp. If anything it felt harder.

      He stroked himself and closed his eyes. It took him a moment, but he was able to bring back the scene. Him on his bed, the tiger next to him. He was still jerking him off, his precum acting as lube in the fantasy just like in the reality, but his other hand was rubbing his stomach now as he moved down.

      The tiger licked the precum off the tip of the rabbit's cock and Sebastien had to bit his lip to keep from moaning out loud. Fuck he wanted this so badly.

      The tiger closed his lips on the head of his cock and sucked it in slowly. His muzzle was hot, burning. It felt amazing.

      He forced his hand to move slowly, to matched the tiger's languid bobbing. He grabbed his balls with his other hand and gave them a light squeeze.

      Someone loud entered the restroom and Sebastien focused on his fantasy, ignoring the banging of a stall door, and the reverberation of the metal in the room.

      The tiger picked up his speed. Moving up and down. Fuck, it had been so long since he'd felt a mouth on his cock. He wanted to cum so badly, but the loud guy was loud doing his business, distracting him.

      Sebastien closed his eyes tighter. The tiger was bobbing up and down, his lips sealed against his cock. His other hand rubbed the inside of the rabbit's leg, a finger pressing under his balls.

      He focused on that, the tiger rubbing there as the loud man left, slamming the door and making all the stalled reverberate. Then silence fell, except for his whimpering, which he couldn't hold back.

      The tiger deep throated him.


      He knew he'd said it out loud, but instead of stopping, he jerked off faster. He needed to finish this, not because he could get caught, but because he fucking wanted to cum. He wanted the tiger to bring him pleasure. He wanted to feel his mouth on his cock. He wanted to have his ass stretched by that cock.

      His panting became louder as he his orgasm got closer. Fuck he could tell this would be a strong one. His tongue lolled out, his hand was moving quickly.

      In his fantasy the tiger's finger had move further back, between his cheeks, under his tail. In a moment it would press against his hole.

      He opened his mouth in preparation, and in the silence between two breath, the sound of cloth falling to the ground added itself to the slip/slap of his hand moving on his cock.

      He cracked an eye open, curious as to what had made the sound, but not enough to interrupt his coming orgasm. Both eyes snapped open as he strangled a cry, his cock jumping and cum pouring out of it as he looked out the stall through the open door.

      He stopped moving, but his cock kept jumping. He couldn't think as the orgasm kept washing over him. And when thought finally did come. The only one he had was to wonder if anyone had seen him.

      Even with that, it took him a long time for what he was seeing to mean anything. Then he was up and pushing the door closed.


      He looked down. His cum was dripping on his jacket.


      He grabbed it and wiped the cum with toilet paper. Then he was wiping himself clean and getting dressed. He almost left the envelope there out of disgust, but he grabbed it. He'd fucking earned it.

      He spent only a moment to look himself over in the mirror. His jacket had been stained where the cum had fallen, but people wouldn't notice, he hoped.

      The entire fast walk to the bus terminal he kept thinking that he should be terrified that anyone might have seen him jerk off, but only one image kept coming back in his mind. He imagined the door opening, and the tiger standing there, as naked as he was. Hard and ready to give him everything the rabbit wanted.


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