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  • Character Development Block: Seeking help

    Hi folks! It seems that I am running into a major road block in my galleries. I want to release a new character, but the problem is I need to flesh out the backstory for a new guy, and I need help with this one since I might consider a military background.

    I don't know if I will have the research or mindset to build one, which is why I need help for ideas or suggestions as to how I should develop my character. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated in this tremendous endeavor!

    User Feedback

    Well. Tell us more about this character. Find the message/fantasy/motive what you want to show to the viewer. And this defines medium what is the best for telling us this story.  It also can help questions like "If this character will be a mining character of a movie, then what kind of movie it will be?".  Is it a comedy? A film noir? An action adventure? A love story? If you find the answer to this question ther is a many ready to use resolution, what can help you telling this story? Just watch then, Think about then, translate them to your fantasy, and improve them.  Find things what is original and can by tell only by you. And tell us these things.


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    character development is either a flowing thing, a building thing, or a complicated thing. but try starting with this, and as far as military things, there is a lot of resources.

     though if you want to share what you have, the character, and what you want to try, then maybe we can help "flesh" him out more :3

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