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New Featured Artist Leobo!

Which way will the story turn, and who will come out on top in What a Twist? Tune in to find out!
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Check out Lyons of Kosma

"Lyons of Kosma" is the story Andrew, a young lion lost between universes on the beautiful and dangerous alien world of Kosma.

Aided by his brilliant parents who are back on Earth, both of whom work as defense contractors, who discover a way of sending their son advanced defensive and offensive weaponry, "Lyons of Kosma" follows Andrew across it's surreal, fantasy landscape, in his quest to contact his parents and find a way home.
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4.3 Updates

There are some major changes in the works for AnthroDynamics. As discussed in a previous developer blog, we are going to be updating emojis, search functionality, and some more layouts for Literature. I would like to take a few more moments to talk about some more of the upcoming updates.
Clubs will be seeing some major feature changes when the 4.3 update goes live. On the top of this list is Paid Clubs. This means that a Club Owner can choose to monetize their club monthly. There are several options for this feature:
For open clubs, the user will be immediately prompted for payment. Once paid, they are automatically added to the club. For closed clubs, the user will need to request to join as normal. Once the club owner has accepted the application, the user will be able to pay the membership fee and join as normal. For private and read-only clubs (Read-only clubs are also a new feature!), users have to be invited to join the club by the club owner. Public clubs are public, and so these cannot be set as Paid clubs. Club owners can also chose to waive the membership fee, allowing certain users to join the club for free (by invite). If a member fails to pay their renewal fees, they are moved into an "expired" state. All club owners can see the status and renewal dates of their members, and use the filter tools located in the Members panel to see active or expired members.
Paying out these membership fees is done just as it is with our marketplace feature. You can request a payout through PayPal (so long as your account has over $40 in any given week). Payouts are processed (currently, at the time of this writing) on Fridays.
New Club Type: Read-Only. In addition to open, closed, private, and public, we have added a new club type with this update. In a read-only club, everyone can (without joining) view everything in the club. They may not participate unless they are invited by the club leader, however.
We have also enabled Club Leaders to fully moderate their clubs, including adding and removing content sections. We hope that these changes will make Clubs a more user-friendly and active feature in the community.
Gallery will also be seeing a major overhaul in terms of functionality. For one, the uploading interface has changed dramatically:

Gone is the somewhat confusing interface. The aim here is simplicity and functionality. Choose which category you want to post in, choose if you want to use an existing album or create a new one. Here on AnthroDynamics, we will likely remove the option to continue without using an album when Update 4.3 is live. Along with this change is a change to the upload interface itself. No more refreshing between images required!

As you can see, you can now edit the caption, the description (and if we had remembered to enable it on the test!) the tags, all from the same upload interface. Setting credit, copyright, and notifications on all your images should be much simpler now. Images will ALSO support drag-and-drop reorganizing on this page. You won't have to use "Page 1" "Page 2" and so forth. You can manually reposition all of your images. The description field is a paired down editor box, but as you can see you can swap to our WYSIWYG editor at any time.
Images should also process much faster than currently. The way these are saved and uploaded has been changed.
Albums are getting a major change as well. Album creators can now create "Shared" albums. When you create a new album, you can now specify (Under the new Privacy Menu) who can submit to the album. These options are: only me, anyone, only the users I specify, only the groups I specify.
Another great feature coming with Update 4.3 is a new Gallery layout!

As you can see, images when selected from anywhere will automatically load straight into lightbox. The new lightbox is greatly improved over the one currently in use. Not only will it have more noticeable karats to move from image to image, it is also touch and swipe responsive (for our mobile users).
Only a few minor changes in the marketplace. The only one on the front-end will be that the content-starter can now leave one reply to reviews.
Twitch.tv embed support is coming! You will be able to drop a twitch.tv link into the editor, and our WYSIWYG editor will automatically embed it. Search will be receiving an interface overhaul along with the functionality changes mentioned in a previous developer blog. We will be swapping to the new Invisible reCaptcha, so that users won't need to go through the full reCaptcha process unless the system flags for some reason. And we will be switching to Mapbox for maps (off of Google Maps) for use with Calendar.
Currently, Update 4.3 is in alpha stages, but we hope these insights are helpful to you all!

Securing your AD Account

I have seen time and time again on various websites that users have their account passwords "cracked" (Someone was able to use software to figure out a user's password). In today's developer blog, I would like to discuss some ways in which AD makes your account secure (with your help, of course). Let's discuss:
Account Security
AD has many ways to help secure your account. Our entire back-end is protected by 2-Factor Authentication. The same can be said about our database credentials. However, there's a few things that some users may not know about the actual website that I'd like to cover here.
1. If a user fails a login more than 3 times, their account enters a special "Locked" status, which disables logins for that account for 15 minutes. Repeated attempts and failures will be logged into our administrator control panel. The only way to unlock an account is to wait. If a user cannot remember their password, there is a Password Reset feature on the login page.
2. Users can optionally add 2 Factor Authentication to their account by visiting their Account Security page. Here you can add either question and answers, or an actual app such as Google Authenticator. We have also added support for Duo Mobile now as well.
Using these tools is the first step in keeping your account secure. We highly recommend adding at least the Question and Answer security method to help us keep your account secure.

Upcoming Changes, More Development!

Once more, I would like to take some time to blog about some upcoming enhancements to AD's community software. I will briefly touch on some major (and exciting!) changes that are likely to take place in late January or early February, if everything goes smoothly.
The first step here is to change how Emojis are displayed and generated on AnthroDynamics. With this change, we will be hosting a poll (to be posted at a later date) of what type of Emojis our community wants to use. We have the option of using either the Twitter style, or the EmojiOne style. This new list will be fully scrollable, searchable, and you can select the skin-tone (if all goes well). Failing this, AD will develop it's own set of Emojis, and use those instead. One more thing is that the new Emojis system will also enable the :short_codes: function, and these will autocomplete as you type!
Literature is getting an overhaul! Imagery has become one of the most important roles in representing data, and having only one image for a story didn't sit right with us. Thus, we will be adding an area for chapter header images. We are also working on a grid-view listing of entries for a more unique style of presenting your stories, rather than the traditional list format (We'll see how that goes...). With this change, we will be adding default images to all Stories which do not currently have them.
Cover Photos
Speaking of adding default images...we will be adding default cover photos for those who have not uploaded one. Our goal here is to create a decent graphic that won't clash with any particular theme.
Search Improvements
We like to be able to search for exactly the content we want. Currently, AD is limited by MySQL searches (which require at least 3 characters), which not only limits user's ability to search for simple terms, but may also cause issues with database tables locking while a search executes. AD will be upgrading to ElasticSearch with this release. What this means for you is a much more functional search system. The new system will default to "everywhere" searches. You will have the option to search for all or any of your search terms, filter that by content title and body, or title only, and many more options. Generally, searches will execute faster with this change. Another cool feature is that ES understands language. For example, if you search for "community", ES will return results with the word "communities" as well, as it understands they're very closely related.
That's all for now! We hope you all continue to enjoy all that AnthroDynamics has to offer.
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    Character Development Block: Seeking help

    Hi folks! It seems that I am running into a major road block in my galleries. I want to release a new character, but the problem is I need to flesh out the backstory for a new guy, and I need help with this one since I might consider a military background.

    I don't know if I will have the research or mindset to build one, which is why I need help for ideas or suggestions as to how I should develop my character. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated in this tremendous endeavor!

    Terms Of Service!

    Terms Of Service:
    Please read these Terms of Service carefully. By requesting my services (Commissions, Trades, and/or Requests) you automatically agree to be bound by them. It is your responsibility to review them periodically. If at any time you find them unacceptable or do not agree with them, you may NOT request my services. I retain full rights to revise these Terms of Service at any time without notice to you. If you have any questions, please contact me at via Private Message.
    My work schedule is as follows; 
    Mon - Fri: OPEN
    Sat - Sun: CLOSED
    Holidays: CLOSED
    {。^◕‿◕^。} RIGHTS & LICENSING
    ☆From the moment an art piece is fixed in my digital file, it is copyrighted to the person who created it. That would be your artist, Damien&TheArts. Even if you’ve given me the idea for the painting, the execution of the final product is copyrighted to me. Copyright gives the artist the right to decide who can use their work and how, whether or not it can be duplicated or reproduced, and where and how it can be displayed.
    ☆As the customer, the rights you have to the artwork I produce are;
    ...To repost with artists credit.
    ...To reproduce for personal use only.
    ...Copyrights to the character you created/own.
    ☆You are NOT permitted to Edit my work (this means coloring as well) without my permission OR sell my work unless you are selling the entire character, therefore you charge for the character and not the work.
    ☆☆☆When you set out to commission me, and you would rather your artwork NOT be re-sold by me, you are to inform me IMMEDIATELY before the image is created. 
    ☆☆☆If you are looking to use the artwork I've created for you, for Commercial use/Monetary Gain, you must inform me IMMEDIATELY before the image is created. Copyrights would have to be transferred to you. 
    ☆☆☆If you would like the copyrights passed over to YOU (the customer) please inform me IMMEDIATELY before the image is created. Depending on the image, it may result in a Copyright Transfer Fee, along with a contract, sealing the deal.
    ☆☆☆Any further rights you'd like to obtain, should be discussed with the artist. Damien&TheArts before the image is started!
    ☆☆☆Any and all permissions, from me, to you, will be stated in the description section, of the image I post up. If it is NOT stated, and you attempt to infringe on my copyrights, you will be set up on a ‘beware’, or potentially sued, depending on the size and importance of the image.
    ☆☆☆(I do NOT sell commissioned; Reference Sheets, or most smaller images. Images most likely to be sold are Artistic Nudity, and Full Illustrations containing 1 or more characters and a background.)
    ☆I retain right to deny any commission inquiry without explanation.
    ☆As a NSFW Artist, I am required to verify your age before accepting your commission. ---If you provide false verification, you will be permanently banned from my work, a beware will be created, and your parents/guardians will be notified.
    ☆Commissions will be worked on, based on time accepted or priority.
    ☆You are NOT permitted to .PSD or .SAI files of my artwork, only PNG final works and high resolution links.
    ☆If your Total is HIGHER $100, only HALF is required to be received, up front, and the rest at the completion of your commission. If your total is LOWER than $100, you are required to pay up front, IN FULL.
    ---If your total is over $100, the first half of the payment is non-refundable, in the case you decide to cancel your commission, before completion.
    ---If your total is lower than $100, please view the Refund Policy.
    ☆Unless you specifically suggest otherwise, I will always send an invoice to request payment. Your email will be required. Any payment received via friends & family will not be refunded, ever.
    ☆I allow 1 full re-draw or 3 free edits before I charge an additional $5 fee per edit.
    ☆If you would like visual updates on a commission you’ve purchased, while it’s being worked on, you are required to ask for them via note/PM. Otherwise I will only send you an update once I have one for you.
    {。^◕‿◕^。} REFUNDS
    ☆Refunds are only available within 10 days of purchase, however I retain the rights to
    cancel a commission and provide the appropriate refunds at my own discretion. 
    ☆If the 10 day limit has passed and you are no longer wanting what you commissioned, you may ask for something else in it's place, up to, but not over the total amount of your original commission. 
    ---HOWEVER, if I have already started your image, your total will be reduced, you will be given the work I’ve completed, and you will be informed of your new total.
    ☆If the 10 day limit has not passed, please request a refund within Private Messages or Emails. One will be administered to you when the funds are available in my own Paypal. You will only be refunded for the amount of work I have not completed. 
    ---I will keep you updated as to what is going on, to assure you that you will be receiving your refund, if it isn't able to be submitted right away.

    Thank you for your interest/business!

    Cheat Sheet 2

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    The Overhaul

    Greetings to viewers, both new and old!

    I suppose that it might be time to straighten up the shelves and dust the cobwebs, or in other places get ready to set things straight up for the first time. Nevertheless, I am planning to get things situated and synced up across several profiles on similar sites.

    My aim is to get things looking nice and organized, but that could take some time at my current rate of progression. So apologies if things still look minimal when compared to my main account on Fur Affinity! Rest assured, I will be trying to have a more active presence in maintaining my profiles across other profiles for the benefit of those communities!

    All I can say is sit tight, relax, and enjoy what's next to come!

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