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A New Stranger - Quinn Crowle Hits The Books!
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A New Stranger - Quinn Crowle Hits The Books!

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Name: Quinn Crowle

Species: Enteroctopus aff. dofleini, "Frilled Giant Pacific Octopus"

Age: 29

Job: College Librarian ... and Black Mage in his imagination

Within the hallowed halls of learning, there was no building that stood the test of time in the university than the grandeur of the library. Even in the current age of technology that has made information readily available in the digital mainstream, there stood the stalwarts that guarded the gates of information, shelved upon the gargantuan book cases, impartial to all but those that seek the knowledge and wisdom in the dusty pages.

At least, that's how Quinn liked to think of how important his job was.

Truth be told, the Octopus these days was trying his best to run a tight ship, whether it would be getting enough aides to sort the checked out books, teaching his own lectures in research techniques, and trying to work with the limited budget that the university gives him regarding the purchase of new resources. Thankfully he was up to the task with his tentacles limber and quick as his wits, always finding time at the end of the day to read a good book... or occasionally think about the next DnD session he had planned out with his colleagues...



While I have to admit that this was by far the most puzzling character I had attempted to create with some guidance from BGN I can thankfully say that Quinn was my successful endeavor to make one of my favorite animals into an anthropomorphic character. I would never had tried to make my own Octopus character five years ago without the practice I have received in crafting my own unique cast of characters that I have come to enjoy. All that I can hope is that people will also come to appreciate the mysteries of what the animal kingdom so they too can envision a diverse setting of different animals coexisting together.


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