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Birthday Tease (Logan, Mendo, and Wind)
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Birthday Tease (Logan, Mendo, and Wind)

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"Happy Birthday Wind!"


The shark was having a birthday gathering at a restaurant, enjoying the close company of his friends over a lively meal at one of his favorite hangouts. All that Wind could muster was a hearty gale from his lungs as he blew out the candles, meet with the applause of his dear friends. Soon afterwards everyone helped themselves to the dinner set out before them, enjoying the festivities and the feast fitting for the man of the hour!


"Thanks guys for setting this up for me. I couldn't ask for anything more than to enjoy the company of my friends. This has been a blast!" Wind couldn't help but take a bite out of the birthday cake before eating the entree first, savoring the dedicate chocolate flavor.


"Don't thank us yet dude! There's a special surprise we have for you we all pitched in to get you something special." A voice shouted from the crowd, hard to discern whose voice it was, but this only got Wind flustered as he tried to take it all in with modesty.


"Awww come on guys, this is plenty enough for me. You really didn't have to —" The shark's thought was cut off as he soon found himself looking at the elongated neck of a giraffe, the color draining in the shark's face as he recognized who it was.


"OH SHIT!" Wind almost knocked his chair backwards from the shock, thinking this was the worst birthday surprise he could have gotten. "Logan! I swear, I didn't do anything this time! All I did was just ogle over your —"


The giraffe raised an eye brow, completely straight faced as he stared down the shark behind his wide sunglasses, before he said "I'm not here for any of that crap." Wind perked up as he heard the news, finding himself relaxing in the wake of sheer terror in his body. "Oooohhhh~! Ahahahaha.... hahaha.. ha ha..." The lemon shark played off his confession as he tried to keep cool, setting upright in front of the giraffe.


"Well... shoot. What is it that you're here for?" Wind asked inquisitively, only to see that Logan the stern giraffe handed him a handkerchief. "After your dinner, put this on. One of your friends will guide you over to a room. No questions asked." Logan let the words sink in before he made sure the shark complied. "Got it?"


Given the bad graces that the shark had with the giraffe, he was very timid with the tall man, only swallowing what left of his courage he had before saying "G-got it."


"Good. Enjoy your meal now." With that Logan left the birthday dinner, leaving the shark's stomach twisted in knots to think about what was in store for him later.



Wind had been blindfolded and lead by one of the party guests into a room all to himself, having nothing but his party hat and whistle blower for the birthday festivities. Wind wasn't sure if eating anything was a good idea, but at least he wouldn't be hungry waiting around for the special surprise.


The familiar stern voice filled the room, as Logan's voice commanded the shark "Okay Birthday man, take off the blind fold." Dexterous fingers had worked their way through the knot behind Wind's head to unfasten the cloth, though Wind saw nothing but darkness. Wind wasn't sure what to do or say, only that he tried to cut the tension by asking "I hope my birthday present isn't some B rated horror movie parody."


Wind's quip was answered as the lights above him turned on to shin a light right above him, blinding the fish momentarily as he needed to adjust his eyes to the scenery. Out from the shadows, a tall figure emerged from the shadows, enough to draw the shark's gaze at the newcomer that entered into the fray.


Never had the shark opened his mouth so wide in his life... the whistle blower soon fell out of his mouth from shock.


A sea lion had nothing on but a baseball cap, sunglasses, a gold chain, and a towel over his waist. There was no mistake that it was the figure of Wind's deep crush he had on since seeing the pinniped in California. The man sauntered close to the shark, swaying his hips before he would let the towel unravel and walked closer to the shark.


"Happy Birthday Mr. Tide. I have a special present to give to you, courtesy of your friends." Mendo didn't have to introduce himself, as the shark already knew the name of the man he chased after in his fantasies.


Of course, to spoil the moment, Logan's head peered out as he said to Wind "Look, but don't touch."


Wind groaned both in despair and in arousal.



Oh boy! Wind Tide got the birthday tease of a life time with this special present from BGN. Just when the shark thought he would get his time alone with Mendo, a certain Giraffe boyfriend had to spoil the moment! Who knew they would be so protective of their sea lion boyfriends in the first place? A great birthday gift that I got from my dear friend! And hopefully many more!


Wind Tide ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Logan, Mendo, and Art  ©


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