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Revenant Warptide

A monstrous, heavy weapon recently minted by AuTek's weapons R&D. The aim in this weapon's production was to see how much raw ether one could channel in a heavy, high capacity weapon. While this weapon was deemed too hazardous to use, it remains as a study piece and example for future ether-tech research. The only ones who are within capacity to wield this enormous cleaver are the android soldiers within AuTek's forces. However, this weapon remains unapproved for issue and use. Its design is flawed, and the housing for the Ether circuits are not strong enough to hold back the kind of energy threatening to break free. The 30 of these blades produced remain in containment and await further use in study, or deconstruction.

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From the album:

The Carbon Works

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Ok, that's freaking awesome. I love the coloring and design.

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4 minutes ago, Alex Wright said:

Ok, that's freaking awesome. I love the coloring and design.

I had a ton of fun working on this, thanks! 

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