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TFF Con 2018 - Moment's Reprieve (Gavvar)
© Zephra
Credit Zephra
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TFF Con 2018 - Moment's Reprieve (Gavvar)

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A warrior's body is under constant duress, much like a fortress in a siege. It was important for the Bangaa to allow himself to heal his wounds and to rest, where the rare and serene locale were scouted ahead of time. However brief the respite maybe, the warrior took refuge in sanctuary.



I happened to run into Zephra during the TFF 2018 con as I were perusing the various stands and tables. While I was very eager to approach her once more to commission her sketches, it turned out everyone beat me to the spots! Regardless, I found myself taking advantage of the Valentine holiday and decided to hand out chocolates to all the familiar faces and new artists I commissioned during the year, and Zephra was so touched by my gesture she decided to do a quick sketch while I was invited for some take out munchies in her hotel room the last con day. I apologize for the lack of names that I have forgotten during that time I chilled with Zephra's crew, but it was nevertheless a fond memory of meeting some awesome folks, and of course to enjoy Zephra's artistry! Next year I hope to get a proper spot!


Gavvar Faas ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©

Zephra    Zephra


Find Zephra's other works in these following websites!




© Zephra
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