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From Atop the Lifeguard Tower (Liam and Mr. Stanley)
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From Atop the Lifeguard Tower (Liam and Mr. Stanley)

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While the sea lion was not at his job doing therapy work, Liam would on occasion volunteer some of his days to cover for the shifts at the local community pool, which he had no problem fulfilling such a role. It didn't bother the pinniped in any way, since he was content to kicking it back on the life guard seat and enjoy some sunning while he got paid for it (most of the time). Sure Liam would need to blow the whistle or chase after someone, but for the most part nothing happened that warranted vigilance.

This day it seemed like there was someone else who had their eye on the sea lion more so than the lifeguard himself had their eyes on them. Liam didn't notice anything in particular by the beach chairs, other than some of the folks sun bathing, since he was looking more so at the swimmers. But it seemed that the lifeguard had a spectator who was no doubt enjoying their day off, a dragon-like fellow that was the definition of machismo. A chiseled body, a rug of hair to cover their torso, and the aura of masculine confidence that told others he was at the prime of his life.

So it was a delightful surprise that the sea lion just happened to spot the stranger getting up, Liam doing nothing for the time being except cast his gaze slowly on over. Whether or not the reptile was aware of the lifeguard, it didn't escape Liam's eyes as the other man gently caressed his speedo's bulge to try and dress himself a bit more properly. Towards the side the speedo strained, giving Liam an eyeful of what the man was packing. The stranger tried to be as inconspicuous about it in a public setting, his eyes shifting around as he looked to see if anyone spot him.

Liam merely smiled with a soft raise of his lips, leaning back as he stretched out while giving a slight wink to the stranger. The other man seemed stunned, for a mere moment, though if anyone else was watching the dragon they would have noticed the twitch in those speedoes...


BGN's final piece of Liam focuses on another of Vince's own personal characters, Mr. Stanley, finding himself flustered in the company of the sea lion. Who knows if the lifeguard had approached the other in private, or just left the poor man to deal with his arousal? Perhaps their encounter will be expanded in a future commission, but for now the imagination will fill in the gaps.

In the event that dispute over Liam Domeno is made to my attention, I will be more than happy to provide a bill of sale that validates the new ownership that I have acquired.


Current Owner of Liam Domeno ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Previous owner of Liam Domeno

Cuatro    Cuatro

Mr. Stanley and Art ©


Pier Sans Font © Mathieu Desjardins

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