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A God that Walks Among Us (Valdor)
© Requiem Beatz
Credit Requiem Beatz
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A God that Walks Among Us (Valdor)

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From the darkness the hammer swings, a flash of light as metal rings. The figure of a stallion works from his lonely workshop even in the late night, be it rain, clear skies, or the harsh winter snow. It's no wonder that Valdor had built himself like a fortress, unyielding and daunting to stand in his presence. A single blacksmith was all alone, endeavoring to save up every coin for his goal to travel. His vision was fixed, rather narrowly, as the Irishman worked late to finish his commission.

But even at the late hour perhaps a visitor might stop by to ask Valdor for a favor. The man would have to stop what he was doing to approach his guest, though he did not bother to make himself decent. Clearly naked and fresh sweat was noticeable, along with the fiery red hair that covered his body. Shining green eyes were visible behind the crimson locks, only adding to the magnificence of the sight to behold. Such a glance was fleeting like a thunderbolt, and in that moment it felt like a god had walked among us...



After Requiem Beatz had a chance to review my characters he had not drawn yet, he asked me about taking a shot on Valdor since he mentioned a particular crush for Chris Hemsworth XD. He had a chance to post the picture before me on his gallery, and I found his title to be so good I decided to keep his title for this particular illustration. I am once again thankful for such a talented artist to put in the time and effort to make a striking illustration!

Valdor Thunder ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©

Requiem Beatz    Requiem Beatz

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Requiem Beatz


© Requiem Beatz
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