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LoK Vol I Chapter 2 49
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Credit Corvus Pointer
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LoK Vol I Chapter 2 49

My friends, I love you. I love the fandom as much as I love my dearest members of my family.

I could not have gotten here without you, figuratively and QUITE literally. All my Patrons, all my commenters, all my friends who have helped me craft this story, Furaffinity and it’s staff, all the people that I saw engaging in scientific discussions about my comic; EVERYONE in the fandom.

Guys, without every one of those variables and individuals, I could not have hit this milestone.

Do you guys know what this means? Kosma has JUST started. As of THIS page, Andrew has  LANDED on Kosma, (again,figuratively and literally!) and guys, I cannot WAIT  to tell you this story.

PS While there will be more horror and dark fantasy elements, Page 100 is a PERFECT example of what to expect from the rest of the comic. Expect bright colors, naked Moos, 80’s Fantasy, and poor Andrews butt, which seems to always be pointed up like that! OwO


Corvus Pointer


© AnthroDynamics ©2018
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Lyons of Kosma Vol. 1 Chapter 2 "Impossible Sky"

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Hopefully Andrew also gets to learn this new language 😀

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