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Ivalician Times - High Hopes (Gavvar)
© Brown Hat
Credit Brown Hat
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Ivalician Times - High Hopes (Gavvar)

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"One day I shall take to the skies!"

— Wolfstan, a soilder from Ivalice



I happened to catch sight of something very special on twitter the other day, an artist who happened to be selling Final Fantasy Tactics themed headshot designs based on the original art style employed. The Brown Hat, as he calls himself, was happy to accept my request for two of my characters to be drawn, so this is the first one that will be posted. I have to say Gavvar looks fantastic in this design, really makes me wish that Bangaas existed in FFT (the first one!).

Gavvar Faas ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©

The Brown Hat

Find Brown Hat's other works in these following websites!

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Brown Hat


© Brown Hat
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