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Venomous Beckoning (Tybalt)
© Spelunker Sal
Credit Spelunker Sal
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Venomous Beckoning (Tybalt)

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Tybalt, with one pair of arms folded, stares at the unfortunate guest who disturbed his alone time. The other hands happen to be caressing his shaft, the foreskin rolling around at the very tip of those hardened fingers. Only one hand was left free to gesture the intruder towards him... but the question on the voyeur is where or not to walk away or approach the arachnid.



Brachiaraidos piece as done by Spelunker sal continues to be one of my favorite pieces that I had looked over. In fact, I would say that the design for this character contributed a major part in helping me with Izel's initial drafting. Of course we can't forget the artist who had made a great effort to try drawing an arthropod, while making Tybalt a total badass! Spelunker Sal really outdid himself with Tybalt.

Disclaimer - This image may or may not have been posted before on other art galleries. To clear any confusion, the previous owner has bequeath the rights of his character and will be in the process of migrating older images into the current gallery portfolio. Please contact myself or the previous owner if you have any questions. Thank you!

Current Owner of Tybalt Matchlock ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Previous owner of Tybalt Matchlock

Brachiaraidos    Brachiaraidos

Art ©

Spelunker Sal    Spelunker Sal

Find Sal's other works in these following websites!


Spelunker Sal


© Spelunker Sal
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I do not chitin creatures. But this is one of the better ideas for their design I've seen.

Really good art.

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