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LDAM : Lighting One's Fire ... Literally! (Cole And Tyrone)
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LDAM : Lighting One's Fire ... Literally! (Cole And Tyrone)

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Cole was with his crew of Fire Fighters taking the Engine down the street after they had taken a run to respond to an emergency. So far it was an ordinary work day at least for Cole, talking to his crew as they pulled another successful run to put out a fire. The New York City Fire Department was on the top of their game, and nothing was going to put a damper on their service at any cost. That was, until the Engine received an emergency transition.

"Captain Cole, do you copy? We got a call from a citizen around your neighborhood they could see smoke from an apartment. Can you verify a visual from where you are?"

The ape grabbed the telecom as he took a glance out from the window, able to see smoke about three blocks over to the northeast of where they were at. "Yeah, I see it. We'll swing over and try to patch it up asap. Over."

Siren wailed as the engine made it's way through the condensed traffic, though by that point it was better to have walked their way to the apartment complex. Captain Phillips said to his crew "Try to break through traffic and get the Engine where it needs to be. I'm going to hop out and make my way over on foot!"

As far as the Captain was concerned someone needed to act quickly and head over to the apartment complex to rescue any civilians that might trapped. A brisk job in his heat resistant suit was a bit much, but all that training in the fire department had him prepared for such emergencies. Thankfully it was a rather short distance to have made his way to the door where he could see fire beyond the windows, busting the door wide open to see the cause of the problem.

"TYRONE?! Is that you?!" The ape didn't know what to say, other than a bovine man apparently had his dick out, with his underwear singed at the front while the table was burning in the kitchen area. The other firefighter, having his day off, was petrified from the shock of the incident and that his phallus had become a blowtorch!

"DUDE! I can't stop this! It won't go out! You gotta do something Cole!" 

Cole shouted outside as the other firefighters began to come onto the scene, shouting out to all of them "We got a dozy out here! Get the hose and a bucket: we have a Code LD here!"

"God damn it! That's the sixth time this week Captain Phillips!"



Tada! This was a raffle prize that I hosted, courtesy of :linkbgn: for hosting it on my behalf, and who would win it but :linkdeerdigger1989: who provided their own firefighter character to join in the piece? Even if the raffle was a little bit past the typical period of Lighter Dong Awareness Month, I thought it would be a funny raffle prize regardless! Thank you each and everyone who came to the stream and participated! 


Cole Phillips ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Tyrone ©

Deer Digger         Deer Digger

Art ©


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