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LDAM : Twin Casting Flare (Ignacio and Onyx)
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LDAM : Twin Casting Flare (Ignacio and Onyx)

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Ignacio's adventures tested the skills and wits of the Red Mage, so much so that he had built a reptation both of notority and of celebrity (mostly depending who asks). Such fame had attracted the prospect of another wizard of blue robes to approach the bruin to ask for assistance in learning the secrets of the crimson arts, to effortlessly change the flow of conjuration and thaumaturgy while maintaining a presence on the battle field.

The tanuki had certainly captured his interest, aside from the break in his usual trips and the promise of pay to compensate for the time taken to train. Ignacio found himself lusting over his apprentice, between the golden locks of hair on top of the ebony colored raccoon dog and the natural charisma that nearly matched his. 

As such, the ursine had managed to bring his apprentice on over to a secluded spot in the woods, where a shallow cavern existed in the overgrowth of vines and algae. The water fall that once existed had dried up, though the many years of weather had eroded the rock to its present day formation.

Onyx, the Black Mage trainning under Ignacio, began to voice his concerns as he raise a protest. "Ignacio, this method of training is nonsensical! Far too risky, and I don't see how this has to do with Dual Casting." 

Against the rocky outcrop of the terrain, the ursine would let his eyes glimmer with verve, seeing his apprentice's handsome features. "The path of the Red Mage is more than mastering thaumaturgy and conjuration! Swordplay is important to master, and this is what today's outing is about."

"But this isn't the swordplay that I thought you meant," mumbled the tanuki. "Besides, there's something of a private matter that I have to warn you about regarding my —" The  man didn't get to finish his concern as the bear was already reaching out to grasp on the wizard's robes.

"Forget your misgivings Onyx. Besides, would you rather risk my rapier slipping into your gut or play along with something more desirable?" Light hearted as the joke may have been, Ignacio was half serious about changing his mind to make it a real sword fight. He figured in this way they both would get what they wanted.

Only a heavy sigh escaped from the tanuki, as he felt his robes being cast away before the bear would fold them neatly to use as a seat for the Black Mage. Onyx laid his staff and straw hat down, seeing there was no point to fuss any further since this was happening with or without him. "Have it your way then, Iggy." Even the raccoon dog would not deny the ursine's wanton advances, for he two felt a mutual attraction that flourished.

Ignacio was treated to being undressed with adroit fingers, both men taking meticulous care to keep their garments unsoiled. Still, even as the Tanuki had managed to tug down the pantaloons down and unfurl the scarlet robes off the shoulders, the bear would buck his hips and caused the other man to take a seat on the boulder, while the bear scooted up to take his seat. "Never let down your guard, especially for a surprise attack!"

A chuckle came from the bear as the other man groaned from the tawdry undertones. The red mage might have been silver tongued most times, but when it came to marveling at the naked body before him, all such graces were lost in the wind. Already he had a moment to hold onto the black mage's endowment, commenting on the hefty size. "While I thought we were going to prepare for fencing, it seems you brought a greatsword rather than a raiper."

Another wince from Onyx was expressed in his face; the bruin enjoyed this too much for his own good. "Alright then my student, perhaps you shall recall the terms of the training I briefed you in previous lessons? After all I don't want you to forget so soon!"

"Alright then..." Onyx stared down at their phalluses, regretting that he was going to engage in the innuendos that Ignacio no doubt had set up for this particular lesson. "We lunge forward to strike at the torso. If one of our... swords meet the other's gut, it is a point against them." The grimace of the black mage grew as he felt Ignacio's rod chafe against his flesh in excitement. "Only our hands can balance us, and blocking maneuvers must be performed with our rapiers, as you would have us call them."

Meanwhile the Red Mage was abdolutely tickled with the insinuations that the other man made, commending the raccoon dog's commitment to follow through. "Excellent! Now Onyx, En Guarde!" A thrust of the bruin's hips was meet with the tanuki's own buck, causing their flesh to rub intimately against each other. A huff from Ignacio was let out, signaling the wamrth of their carnal pleasures flowing though his body. "Very good job."

"Must you always be so gabby Ignacio!?" Onyx snorted in irritation, as he tried to prod the bear with a thrust of his own. But ever alert, the bear poised himself to twitch his hips and prepare for his riposte, deflecting the mage's shaft so he could strike the thaumaturge's navel with a counter attack! "AHA! A point for me; perhaps you should focus less on my words and more my lance."

"And here I thought we were calling them swords."

"Oh whatever we call them, have at you!"

Another lunge from the bear's hip, the Red Mage took the offense, yet the other man rolled back to avoid getting poked this time. Even as the bear retreated, the tanuki had pushed on forward and managed to graze the tip of his dick up against Ignacio's pubic fur, the student scoring a point against the teacher. Even Onyx managed a smirk after his move. "Hmph... your skill with this combat is greater than I anticipated," remarked the bruin.

As the two magicians continued to roll together in a thinly-veiled excuse of sexual release, it became more apparent Ignacio was less concerned about the points than Onyx.  Sure, he counted each time the glans head would strike the other man, but as their rods pushed up together in their erotic struggle, both men began to pace their breathes in rapid successions. The frotting became more irratic, tossing any lesson plans out the window as the two let their arousals burn with ardor.

The final point went to Onyx as he struck Ignacio's abdomen for the fifth time, ceasing their activity while the bear took a moment to breath and revil in the pleasure. "Congratuations! You managed to best me... what shall your prize be for the gentleman's duel?"

After all the foreplay and pretense, Onyx just reached out to grab both their staves of flesh and began to ferveishly pump them together. The leather glove gripped the sensitive dicks together, causing the bruin to groan loud. "Just shut up! Enough of this foolish prattle, you're cumming with me right now."

Ignacio would have laughed louder, if he wasn't so much on edge now that his loins were achnig for the climax to trigger so soon. "Ngh! I see ... you're letting the flames of lust consume you my Thaumaturge. Why don't you ignite us together then?"

"I thought I told you to cease your tongue!" A prod of the tanuki's penis rubbed against the bear's own flesh, the piercing coming to contact as their duel was reaching the peak of much needed release. "You don't know how true you speak Iggy."

"Nnnnnggggggggghhhhhhhffffffff...!" Ignacio's head rolled back as his breathing became rapid, closing his eyes shut while an orgasm approached. "Enough! I feel the heat rise along my blade. I'm... going.... to...." A gasp and cry seemed to mix in the air as  both the tanuki and bear shared in their pleasurable release, the euphoria sinking in as the climax seemed to erupt.

As soon as the Red Mage opened his eyes however, the sight before him was more than he bargained for. "W-what is this!?" Much to the shock and horror of Ignacio, both their phalluses were spruoting flames from the tips, as if Firaga had been cast! It seemed to  spread out in a great conflagration, leaving the bear stunned in his seat. "IT'S ON FIRE!"

"I tried to warn you about my condition Ignacio, and yet you wouldn't listen. Perhaps next time you should listen to someone's warning trying to get a word in edge wise." Onyx seemed cool and collected about the incident, even indifferent as the flames continued to spurt forth. Still, both men continued to groan out, even as the flames whittled to embers and soon left smoke coming out of their dicks.

"Don't worry too much; you'll get used to it."

"B-b-b-b-but my cock! IT. WAS. ON. FIRE!"

The snarl from the tanuki's orgasm faded into an impish smile, as he thought to comfort the bear with his words. "Look at the bright side. We've mastered the Twin Casting technique left behind from the Mysidians!" Ignacio shot back with a sour face, grumbling as he laid back in the after glow of his encounter. Now he knew exactly what it felt like to be on the receiving end of a terrible joke!



BGN 's running gag for the Month of August always sparked my interest to do a piece for "Lighter Dong Awareness Month." So I thought that I would ask Onyx Tanuki to collaborate with me on a piece together, since I had my eyes set out for his guy for a long time. He liked my idea and wrote a story in fact, which I used as the basis of my piece for the submission. Go check out Onyx's Submission if you want to read his version!


Ignacio de la Rosa del Marqués ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Onyx Wasson and Original Story ©

Onyx Tanuki   Onyx Tanuki

Art ©


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