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A New Stranger - Cole Phillips Leaves them Wet!
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A New Stranger - Cole Phillips Leaves them Wet!

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Name: Cole Phillips

Species: Gorilla beringei graueri, "Eastern Lowland Gorilla"

Age: 31

Job: Captain Firefighter

It always starts with the alarm going off. 

No, it's not the typical alarm that a sleeping stranger breaks every morning by the bed side.

It's the ringing that sounds the emergency every time a fire was spotted in New York City, though truthfully Cole Phillips could rarely wake up most days without it. It almost became so routine he welcomed it even, despite the circles under his eyes. All he really needed to do was to rinse his face with some cold water, and suit up for the night ahead of him. After all, he was supposed to lead his men into battle, and damn it all if he wasn't going to do his job right.

Time to bring out his hose for the job.



Even though 2017 is a bit late for me to post this now, Cole Phillips is a nod to the year of the monkey! Meet the fireman who's too hot for even his own good! Might make those clothes too warm to wear when he's around, or maybe he will just leave you wet and wanting more.

Starting now, I think I will also begin to handle coloring choices for my refs. It's been fun to learn how to use Paint Tool Sai for coloring, and it's pretty relaxing when you get in the mindset.

As always, thank Vincent for a great job with the lines! (BGN)


Cole Phillips ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©


Pier Sans Font © Mathieu Desjardins

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