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Caught Red Handed
© Altair is Alex Wright, Halley is bluskyh
Credit Skdaffle on FurAffinity
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Caught Red Handed

Alex Wright
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This was a commission I got with bluskyh. I wrote the story, he chose the artist,  skdaffle

Darkness pressed down on the city like an inky blot, held back only by the lanterns burning at the guard posts and the random window. The streets were utterly silent, and the first snowfall of the season had just started to descend from the sky. Altair shivered at his post, he had not dressed for such weather. The metal buckles on his uniform were freezing, even if they were only touching his feathers. He was between guard posts at the moment, and the fires only provided so much heat. Shivering again, he blew into his hands while still paying attention to his surroundings.

A light ahead denoted another guard post, and by the time he reached it he was happy to see it. The two guards on duty, one an old and burly Oxian, the other a smaller but no less attentive Muridean. Altair envied their fur and the relative warmth they must have been enjoying at that precise moment. Both saluted as he stopped by the fire, the Oxian speaking first, “Lieutenant, good evening, sir!”

Altair smiled, of course they would follow protocol. “Jameson, how goes the night?”

“Quiet sir,” he replied, “not really much to report.”

Altair nodded, he had seen nothing on his rounds either. He turned to the Muridean, “And what about you, Morris?”

“Nothing to complain about, sir!” Morris squeaked.

Altair had to chuckle a bit, no of course the rodent wouldn’t have a thing to complain about, being nice and warm. His thoughts drifted back to earlier in the day, when the sun and heat had been pleasant for him, and couldn’t really argue the point of them being comfortable with their fur now. He sighed, and began to move on from the post. “I’ll see you both in the afternoon.”

The shift was nearing completion, and he would soon be able to head to his home and take a hot shower. That very thought spurred him on in his rounds, though the boredom quickly caught up with him again. There seemed to be absolutely nothing happening in the city, the cold haven driven most people to their homes. Even the street urchins had holed up for the night. As he passed yet another guard post, his replacement finally made an appearance. “Lietenant Amila, here to relieve you Altair.”

“Thanks Amila, you’re a savior,” he mumbled in reply.

It was late, and he had been working since early the previous day. “I know,” she winked at him. Altair knew she was interested in him. Hell, the signs were obvious even to the oblivious. He just wasn’t interested, and never really had been. His thoughts roamed on that topic for his entire slog home. If anything, it was only growing colder as he finally opened the front door. He placed his sword, bow, and quiver all down by the door, keeping a dagger strapped to the back of his leg.

He headed for the bathroom, thankful that this city, at least, had hot and cold running water. Most of the cities in the world, including some of the most prominent capitals, had no pipes for running water at all. He was fortunate, he supposed, that he lived in a town which was home to a college of Mages. Everyone knew how having a Mage College improved the local area, even if there were the odd rumors about what actually occurred within them. He sighed as he unbuckled all of the straps from his uniform, sloughing it off to the floor. He was cold and shivering all over again. Thankfully the water had already started to steam as he stepped into the shower.

For what seemed like hours, he just stood and let the hot water cascade over his shoulders. Finally warm, after what seemed like eternity in the cold.

Halley sat silently up on the rooftops. His mark was still out of the house, and should be for another few hours. Smirking to himself, he knew that this would be all too easy. The goal was to gain access to the house, steal some valuable weapons, and be gone before the owner had any idea. This was the first real test the Guildmaster had put him up to, and he wouldn’t back down or fail whatever the cost. He shivered, not really realizing how cold it had gotten.

A few more minutes spent in the shadow of a chimney had made up his mind. He slunk down the side of the house, and over into the mark’s yard. Having already checked earlier in the day, he made his way to one of the windows on the side of the house and pushed it up slowly, gently. This window in particular wouldn’t make any noise as it slid open, if he were careful. Sure enough, it opened as silently as anticipated and he was through and inside before anyone noticed. Not many people were around at two in the morning anyways.

He slunk through the house, trying to locate where the owner kept the valuables. He didn’t dare move anything so as not to alert the owner too soon. There was nothing in the bedroom’s chest of drawers, nor in the closet, or under the bed, or between the mattress and frame. He was obviously not dealing with a sensible gentleman. Who had ever heard of someone not storing valuables in the bedroom? He moved his search on into the bathroom, which was connected to the bedroom. Still he found nothing. It was at that moment that he heard the front door to the house being unlocked. He dashed through the bedroom and into the closet. He had just managed to close the door as an Averian crossed the room and entered the bathroom.

Altair finished his shower, grabbing for the towel on the rack. It was then that he noticed that there were a few things out of place, and a drawer on the sink’s cabinet that he knew he had closed that morning. He grabbed the dagger from it’s sheath on his leg, and instantly went into defense mode. Someone had been inside his house, and was perhaps still there. The bathroom had no place to hide, but the rest of the house certainly did.

He strode back into the bedroom, dripping wet and still naked, but not caring. Now that he was actively looking for it, there were signs that someone had passed through recently. Quietly, he made his way across the bedroom, checking below the bed first. He stepped near the closet, and said aloud, “If there’s anyone in the closet, now is your one chance to come clean. I am Lieutenant Altair of the City Guard.”

Halley froze, the name was not only familiar, it was dangerous. A weapons-master. The Guildmaster had chosen him to steal from a fucking weapons-master. No wonder the Guildmaster had been so dismissive about the mark. He was screwed, and he knew it. His heart hammered away in his chest, this was it, this was how he was going to die. There was only one possibility that he saw left… “Okay…I’m…I’m coming out.”

He reached for the handle, opening the door slowly. His wrist was suddenly in a taloned grip like a vice, and he was pulled from his hiding place with force and slammed against the bed. The bird had his arm pinned behind him, and the wind was knocked out of him. “Well, I wonder what we have here?” Altair remarked.
“S…s…sorry! I’m sorry!” Halley gasped, “Please, sir! I’m sorry!”

Altair looked over the sergal, noticing that he was rather cute. Still a thief, though, and nothing could help with that. Well, not nothing, Altair grinned. “Apologies won’t help you now, thief. But…there may be something you can do for me, hmm?”

Suddenly, Halley was jerked up, and force-marched into what looked to be the dinning room. The bird had pulled a strip of fabric from somewhere, and proceeded to bind his hands with it. It was tight, almost to the point where it began to cut into him. Altair smirked, or appeared to smirk “You won’t be moving from there for a while. So tell me, who asked you to break in?”

Halley let out a sigh, there was no point in lying, “The guildmaster….”

“Ahhh, so the thieves’ guild is finally attempting to expand their territory, and into the home of a Lieutenant in the city guard. Not exactly what I’d consider smart.”

Halley nodded, it hadn’t been smart at all. He realized that now. “So…wh..what are you going to do..wi..with me?” he basically pleaded.

“Oh, that entirely depends. The way I see it, you have two choices. One, I take you to the nearest guard post, tell them you’re a thief I caught in my home, and they’ll take you to the city jail where you’ll rot for a couple of years. Option two…I take you, right here right now, and we forget this ever happened.”

Altair paused, had he really just said that out loud? He was interested in this thief in a way that he hadn’t really been interested in anyone before. He blushed, this would be only his second time with a man if the thief accepted the proposal. The thief had stopped struggling on the table, and was looking at him.

“That’s…that’s it? One and done?” Halley inquired.

“Unless you want more than one, but I’ll leave that up to you,” Altair had to reply.

“Fine, let’s do that then. No strings at all? You won’t take me to the prison after, just because?”

“No, I won’t…I promise….”

Halley gasped, looking at the manhood on the bird, noting that even soft it looked large. He licked his lips. It wouldn’t exactly be the first time he’d been with a man (there was hazing in the thieves guild after all). He couldn’t help the fact that his own member started pulsing slightly at the thought, and realized that it hadn’t gone unnoticed by Altair. Ok, shit, so he was getting horny, big deal right? It had been a while. Not taking his eyes off of Altair’s rapidly swelling cock, Halley practically pushed himself up with his legs.
Altair raised an eyebrow, “You seem a bit anxious, been a while?”

Halley growled, “What’s it to you if it has been?”

Halley could already feel the blush spreading across his cheeks as Altair moved out of his line of sight. Just for a moment, he struggled with the bonds holding his wrists. There was no give, just as the bird had promised. His own penis was now painfully hard inside his pants, and the tenting was extremely obvious as Altair moved back into view. “Not only anxious, but eager I see. Good, we’ll start slow.”

Altair slipped Halley’s pants off, staring him straight in the eyes as he did. He gripped Halley’s cock and started pumping it as if it were his own. Halley moaned, precum starting to dribble down the shaft, making it slicker and wetter. “We may as well enjoy it, right?”

“I…uh…UHHHH!” Halley gasped as Altair took his cock into his mouth. The beak should’ve hurt, but he could feel it pressing against his abdomen. The bird had skill if he could take a dick like that in the beak. Saliva now coated his shaft, and Altair continued with the blowjob, eliciting moans from the bound sergal on the table. Altair’s tongue moved expertly over the sergal’s cock, and the warm embrace of his throat felt fantastic.

Altair chuckled as he pulled his beak off the shaft, “See, it’s not at all bad.”

“I want you…” whispered Halley, almost so quiet the bird almost missed it.

Altair stood from where he had leaned toward Halley. He opened a bottle…dripping the contents onto his fingers. “I know, but be patient.”

Altair spread Halley’s legs, with a bit of help from the sergal himself. He insert a finger into the tight hole, which grabbed and sucked at it as if a newborn babe. The sergal’s moans quickly became more frequent as Altair allowed the oil to do it’s job. As Halley became used to one finger, Altair inserted another, stretching Halley out so as not to hurt the sergal too much. This was ultimately meant to be a punishment. Feeling that the sergal was ready, Altair positioned himself at Halley’s entrance.

Halley could feel Altair’s head push against him, he could feel it forcibly expanding his hole. Altair wasn’t exactly gentle in his speed, but neither was the bird too fast. Halley gulped as he felt himself expanding to take in more of Altair’s shaft. The pressure eased, and Halley blushed. “No…more…” Halley breathed.
“This was the deal,” Altair replied.


Altair understood immediately. The sergal wasn’t asking him to back off, quite the opposite in fact. He pushed into the warm embrace of Halley’s rear once again, deeper and faster this time. As the tempo increased, so too did the number of moans and other noises out of the sergal. He could feel the anal passage squeezing ever tighter around his cock, and knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long. He grasped Halley’s shaft and started giving the sergal a handjob as his cock pumped into Halley.

“Oh…oh fuuuuuuu…” Halley moaned before shooting his seed all across his and Altair’s chest. The spasms set off a chain reaction, and soon enough Altair’s own was spilling into Halley’s ass. Altair pulled out, and hoisted the sergal into a seated position on the table. He knew that this sergal needed help to get out of the thieves guild. It’s one of the reasons he had made the offer he had made. 

“Let’s get cleaned up,” Altair said, untying Halley’s hands. Halley was lead back to the bathroom, to a steaming shower with the bird. He couldn’t deny that he definitely felt an attraction to the eagle, and yet he knew that Altair would ask him to leave. He was a thief in a guardsman’s home. The thought made him frown, how could a guardsman love a thief? There’d be no point in him staying. But he had also failed in his mission, and the Guildmaster would not take kindly to that either. He would be lucky if he made it back out onto the street with all of his limbs attached.

Altair could see that something was upsetting the sergal, and decided right then to go into his protective mode. “You know, I’m not really mad at you. You’ve likely had no choice or say in the matter. If you wanted…”

The sergal looked up at the eagle. What was he saying?

“...if you wanted,” Altair continued, “You could stay here, with me. You’d have a guaranteed roof over your head. You’d get daily meals, which you probably aren’t used to…”
Halley’s mouth dropped open, and he gaped at the bird. He had tried to steal from this man. He had almost succeeded too, if Altair hadn’t returned home when he had. He knew he wasn’t a good thief, and that the Guild wasn’t really a life for anyone. This man was offering him a way out. “Why…?” Halley asked.

“I don’t know,” Altair responded quite seriously, “Just a feeling, I guess?”

“A feeling?” Halley sputtered, “You’d…offer me that on a feeling? I’m a thief Altair! I tried to steal from you! I…”

“I know!” Altair answered, “I know that. But at the same time I know that you’re probably someone who just needs to be given a way out. That’s what I’m offering you. A way out. Stay with me, and I promise they won’t bother you again. We don’t even need to have sex, if you aren’t that into it. You could stay here as long as you like. Do some housework and we’ll call it even, alright?”

Halley blushed. The sex had been amazing, and he wouldn’t deny himself another chance with Altair. The prospect of just having to do some housework for the bird to be able to stay…it was too good to be true. He had been given another similar opportunity before, and it hadn’t turned out well. Should he give this one a try? Altair seemed genuinely interested in him, so much so now that he wasn’t sure he wanted to leave. He was interested in the bird too.

“I…are you sure? What happens if the Guard finds out?” Halley said quietly.

“So what if they do? Have you ever been caught as a thief before?”

“No,” Halley acknowledged.

“Then I see no issue. There would be no record of you having been a thief in any of the Guard’s logs,” Altair didn’t know why he was suddenly so protective of the sergal. Perhaps it was the way he could tell that Halley didn’t want to go back to the guild after this. Altair knew what would happen if he did, and that thought actually scared him. “What do you say? Will you stay with me? Please?”

“I...um,” Halley looked up into the eagle’s eyes, and he knew the answer, “Yes, Altair, please.”

They fell asleep in each other’s arms. Outside the house, the first rays of dawn were slowly crawling over the valley. The town had just started to wake as the two new lovers started to sleep. This was the first of their encounters, and both of them knew that it wasn’t likely to be their last.


Skdaffle on FurAffinity


© Altair is Alex Wright, Halley is bluskyh
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