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Dragoon Armor Set - Mateus (Gavvar's Armory)
© Bad Coyote
Credit Bad Coyote
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Dragoon Armor Set - Mateus (Gavvar's Armory)

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Bad Coyote had been showing me a few of his armor based commissions and offered me a chance to get a spot for myself, which I consider a good sign of our most recent business relationship between artist and commissioner. The armor piece is certainly a great investment that I have purchased, for the 'yote had (based on comments I have received) added elements that are both familiar to the Final Fantasy series and elements which are reminiscent of Dark Souls. 

Since my zodiac sign was in the range for Pisces, BC had elected to use the symbolism for the scion, Mateus, in the crest that shows up on the upper portion of his chest piece. He had definitely made a draconic stylized armor set that Gavvar has access to, with more intricacies that the first one that was crafted for the Bangaa. Gavvar is certainly ready to take on any foe now that tries to cross him, less they face the sharp end of his pole arm!


Dragoon Armor Set ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©

Bad Coyote    Bad Coyote

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Bad Coyote


© Bad Coyote
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