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Spring Break in Sydney (Izel)
© Bad Coyote
Credit Bad Coyote
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Spring Break in Sydney (Izel)

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After passing a busy spot at the nude beach, the crab was hoping to take a small break from his job routine by getting a bit of peace and quiet (after all, a naked chubby croc surfing was the most distracting sight that he needed to get away from). Surely there was a place in Sydney that he could chill out naked and get a bit of sun with a good book at hand... he just needed to find it. It was a rather long trek through the sand and the landscape, but the good news was that the coconut crab didn't have to worry when at last he found a quiet spot.

"Here we are!" Izel would get out the sunning chair out to sit on, more than ready to kick back and catch some rays on his colorful exoskeleton. The pincers propped his back up while his two hands crossed over his head, the lower pair holding onto a book that he had decided to bring with him. As embarrassing as it were, "50 Shades of Red" was a guilty pleasure to read, and for the time Spring Break was around, the crab reasoned he could have one day for himself. Sunny skies, a terrific view, and of course a relaxed atmosphere, Izel was ready to relax.



Spring Break had come by, and who else was going to be the centerpiece other than my shark? Izel of course! A rad picture done by the talented Bad Coyote. I am sorry to say that Izel is the only holder for the book "50 Shades of Red" but you can imagine what the crab is reading ... just use your imagination ;D


Izel Yaotl ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©

Bad Coyote    Bad Coyote

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© Bad Coyote
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