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Sky-High Jump (Gavvar)
© Bad Coyote
Credit Bad Coyote
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Sky-High Jump (Gavvar)

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Soldiers were trained to become familiar with the terrain and the battle field that surrounded themselves, making known what was unknown and adding the newfound knowledge to their experience. As a dragoon, there was more emphasis in aerial combat that gave him a distinct advantage, being able to swoop down on unsuspecting enemies to deliver a blow. Gavvar had never quite grew out of his perturbation when it came to heights, but he had done a good job in masking his fears with his resolve in battle. It took many years of training to gain confidence in his skills, even if at the time he had his doubts that he could get used to the feeling.

Many seasons later the Bangaa still held a healthy amount of apprehension when it came to practicing his jumps. There were many things that could go wrong that could inevitably cripple him, doomed to live out his days handicapped. But regardless of the worries, it prepared his concentration as he stretched himself, before letting his feet off to steady his jump, and unleash a powerful burst of momentum to have him sky rocket into the air. The emptiness in his chest as he began to descend was the worst part, but the exhilaration that came soon afterward drew out a warrior cry from Gavvar. Soon afterwards he had landed with success, split a huge bolder right down the middle as his spear struck the target with a clean blow.



Magnifique! It is a piece commissioned from the artist :linkbadcoyote: who drew out my Dragoon warrior in the middle of a high jump in the sky! He had taken the armor design that was inspired from "Undaunted Spear", completing what is most likely the entire armor set as seen from the front. Of course Gavvar is using a simpler spear, but it doesn't make the piece any less impressive as BC has shown!


Gavvar Faas ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©

Bad Coyote    Bad Coyote

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© Bad Coyote
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