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After Hours At The Sheep's Tale (Seumas)
© Barasaurus
Credit Barasaurus
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After Hours At The Sheep's Tale (Seumas)

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Seumas was pretty much ready to close shop at his pub when he had closed the front door and locked it tight, flipping the sign that he pinned behind the glass so it showed "closed" to the viewers outside. He turned around as he watched the other employees slowly head their way towards the back, indicating they were eager to get cleaned up and clocked out. It would be a nice peaceful evening for the sheep as it was approaching the hours of the next day, leaving him to tally up and look over some figures.

Of course, he figured he could serve himself a pint to enjoy before he did his own routine as the boss, getting himself a mug of ale and kicking back in one of the booths. Loosening his vest and raising a leg, he felt much better as the cool air rushed over his torso and underneath his kilt, nursing his drink slowly before letting out a crisp, audible sigh in the air. One sip, two sip, three sip... the drink seemed to slowly drain down and so did Seumas' nerves.

The flick of a ear though had alerted the caprine that someone else was around... apparently a stranger had been in the bathroom that he had forgotten about. The sheep was indecent as he managed to show off his body towards the other man, but he smirked when he noticed that the other was gawking at him without saying anything. "Aye, didn't see you ere using the water closet still. The pub is closed... figured I should let you out."

Nothing happened as the other man seemed fixated on the Scottish Sheep, the pub master merely raising his mug and twisting his grin as he looked at the stranger in the eyes. "Something catch ya tongue? Maybe you wouldn't mind sticking around a bit longer. I think you see something you like a lot. More than just drinks..."



I caught wind of a artist by the name of Barasaurus who was offering commissions, and I really liked his art style so much I wanted to get something with a great atmospheric setting. Seumas was the perfect man for the job, and I think he captured a great shot of the sheep when he is kicking back... and relaxing a bit more than he should!


Seumas Mackintosh ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©

Barasaurus    Barasaurus


Find Barasaurus' other works in these following websites!




© Barasaurus
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