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Birthday Shark with Pinnipeds (Hilo, Liam, and Wind)
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Birthday Shark with Pinnipeds (Hilo, Liam, and Wind)

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Wind was only too happy to have an old friend come to join in on a birthday trip down to Hawaii, as the fish wanted to share the occasion with someone for the entire weekend that he had planned his trip. The shark was happy to have the sea lion make arrangements to join him for the flight over, promising to push the other life guard around in his wheel chair every where they go (for the flippers made it hard otherwise to walk).

Of course, during the three days that Wind and Liam had enjoyed themselves in their stay, they were both taken to enjoy a native that both were drawn upon. Dressed from head to toe with the tropical palm leaves, the skirt that clung to his waist drew the fish's eyes towards the garb of the other pinneped. The wreath on the head as well as the bracelets all covered in leaves added a lovely shade of green against the earthy colors of the seal, and the tattoos were hard to miss on the dashing stranger.

Liam could see Wind was rather drawn to him, snapping the attention away from the shark as he joked with him "Going to leave me behind so you can charm your way into his heart?" The birthday shark shook his head, a bit embarrassed that he was making it obvious he was smitten. "Har Har Liam. You know that I feel pretty hard when I saw you at the beach back home."

Still, the two found themselves just as eager to approach the stranger (though perhaps Wind was more interested of the two men). Wind pushed Liam around before they made their way to the performer, introducing themselves before they heard from the Hawaiian Sea Monk. "Aloha! My name is Hilo. I hope you two have been enjoying yourselves during your stay." Without missing a bear, Wind was the first to say "Oh yes! My birthday was coming up, and I wanted to bring my friend here to join in the celebration."

Of course, the shark had in mind to persuade the stranger to help with the celebration, laying out the moves as he thankfully had a cooperative sea lion to make a proposal. "Say... would you like to join Liam and myself some time at a cabana some time soon? It will just be the three of us alone." Wind smirked as he slowly circled around his prey, merely touching the man's shoulder as he got a good feel of the muscles. "It would really be a memorable experience if you could join us..."



Happy Birthday! I know it is a bit late, but ever since I saw BGN make a seal character, I suddenly found myself crushing pretty hard just like I did with Liam. I knew I had to get myself in between a seal/sea lion sandwich between the two. As always, I have a gorgeous piece to share with my friend Cuatro and of course Vince.


Wind Tide and Current Owner of Liam Domeno ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Previous Owner of Liam Domeno

Cuatro    Cuatro

Hilo and Art ©


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