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TFF Con 2016 - "Wanna See my Keg Laddie" (Seumas)
© Amber Coyote
Credit Amber Coyote
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TFF Con 2016 - "Wanna See my Keg Laddie" (Seumas)

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The very first time I ever had the nerve to go out to a furry convention ended up being a memorable experience that had a range of reactions from me. I saw the fursuits, I saw the eccentric folks, and I had almost forgotten I had a meeting for work I needed to go to (thank god for phone conference apps). 

While I didn't have a lot of money on me, I ended up commissioning some nice sketches from two artists, one of which was Amber Coyote. A fellow Texan who was able to come to Dallas, I recalled I saw his style and thought I wanted to get him in my sketch book. So not only did he give out his signature, but also drew Seumas for me! I have to say, a physical copy of a sketch meant a lot more to me than some of the other commissions I have received.

It was a blast and I hope to go to more cons at some point.


Seumas Mackintosh ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©

Amber Coyote    Amber Coyote

Find Amber Coyote's other works in these following websites!


Amber Coyote


© Amber Coyote
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