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Pool Side Manners (Wind and Co.)
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Pool Side Manners (Wind and Co.)

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Wind Tide had brought (i.e. dragged) Vaughn to the pool where he worked, insisting his friend that he should try to relax and have some fun. While the shark was the social butterfly between the two, the wasp tended to be more laid back and somewhat shy when it come to meeting strangers; even more so that he was coming to a public venue that didn't see too many insects to begin with. Yet the shark was convinced that coming over to the pool would do the bug more benefit than harm, getting his friend into a pair of lilac trunks before heading to the pool deck.

"Come on, just go ahead and jump in the water. You told me you can dry your wings off, so it can't hurt to get wet now. Besides, how else are you supposed to meet some lucky guys who can walk away with a wasp?" Wind Tide gave a friendly slap on the chitin covering, hitting between the shoulder blades with a nice smack.

Vaughn still didn't seem convinced as he looked around to a few of the other people looking towards their direction. His compound eyes spotted the scope of how many people were paying attention to him, something that did not bode well for the self-conscious man.

"Wind, I don't think this is such a good idea. Everyone is looking towards us... it's  bit unnerving." Wind perceived that many pool goers indeed were looking towards their way, brushing it off as he assured "That's because they can't believe how fascinating you are! Why look under the magnifying glass when they can get a wasp stud?"

Around that moment, the tall figure of a giraffe caught the shark's attention, sporting a lean frame and a nice lime green pair of trunks that had a low cut towards his thighs. The eyes of the lifeguard seemed to flash as he spotted a handsome male to hit on, gesturing his friend before he would say "Hold on, let me show you how you can use the center of attention to your advantage."

With a confident stride, the shark made his way to the giraffe, the yellow fish hard to miss with the plain colors of the indoor pool making the man a sharp contrast. He eventually managed to get with the giraffe as he began to speak up. "Hey there, what's going on? Enjoying the pool?" A nod was given before the taller man went along with the greeting as he said "Yeah, it's a nice day to go out for a swim. Figured I make my way here."

Wind had to take the opportunity to study the giraffe's body, taking in the details such as the fit build that showed taught muscles, and the naval piercing that glinted green. His eyes gave silent approval as he continued the conversation, saying to the man "Good to hear. You know, I don't often get to see a giraffe come by so often." Letting a hand reach up to glide over the mans pectorals, he dragged his index finger towards the abdominals, watching the man suddenly shudder.

"Oh yes, I can see you like this sort of attention..." Figuring that he could make a bolder move on the visitor, he let his hands dip below to grasp the inside of the man's waist band, before tugging on his own speedoes to show his two claspers that managed to stay tucked into his swim gear. Needless to say, everyone in the pool was looking towards the two (even Vaughn who was too shocked to say anything).

"Don't mind my curious hands now, I just had to get a bit of a preview. I am sure you enjoyed seeing what I come with." A wink given before he pulled back his hands, he got his claspers back in before introducing himself "I'm Wind Tide by the way. The lifeguard of the pool around here. What's your name?" As flustered as the giraffe seemed to look, he couldn't help but go along with it, seeing as he was flattered and very much interested.

"A-albert Kingston. But you can just call me Al for short. When do you have your next break?"



A fantastic piece that I received from the traditional artist White Colt Productions. He received a lot of feedback regarding additional guests to add as well as other elements, mostly making sure that Wind's muzzle was drawn correctly! It was a bit of an overhaul to work on, but it seemed that after some edits the picture ended up looking spectacular. Not to mention the artist really captured Wind's personality very well hitting on poor Al here!

Wind Tide and Vaughn Woods ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Zanji ©

Zanji    Zanji

Sublime ©

Sublime Motion    Sublime Motion

Vonce ©


Albert Kingston and Art © 

White Colt Productions    White Colt Productions

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© White Colt Productions
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