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Bug Hunting in Autumn (Vaughn Woods)
© Requiem Beatz
Credit Requiem Beatz
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Bug Hunting in Autumn (Vaughn Woods)

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Vaughn had his moments where he needed to get out into the woods by himself and enjoy the great outdoors. The autumn was perhaps the best time in the wasp's opinion, for the weather was cool and the colorful leaves adding to the wonderful imagery of the changing seasons. Of course, what kind of venture out into the great out doors would be without a proper outing with some empty jars and a bug net? There was time to enjoy his past time outside of academia!

Bug catching to him was more than just collecting specimens to pin on a wall for display. It was a time to stretch his wings and get exercise, along with a sense of freedom he partook. Out by himself he could go al naturale without any peeping eyes to spot the wasp, and Vaughn felt more at ease in his own exoskeleton. the sight of a dainty butterfly already was caught within the sight of his compound eyes, swinging his net down in order to capture the critter in one deft swoop of the net.



I cannot believe how well this piece turned out, as this is the first water colored work of art I have purchased from the talented Requiem Beatz. I like how Vaughn turned out with his expression displaying joy, not something we often see among the arthropod folks. 

I had my fun with getting some laughs as it were being sketched out, courtesy of Mr. Beatz's sense of humor to go along with some adjustments. I definitely plan to commission more pieces of this caliber from Beatz soon enough, that's for sure.


Vaughn Woods ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©

Requiem Beatz    Requiem Beatz

Find Beatz's other works in these following websites!


Requiem Beatz


© Requiem Beatz
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