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A New Stranger - James J. Sawsbury Solves the Puzzle!
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A New Stranger - James J. Sawsbury Solves the Puzzle!

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Name: James "Jiggy" Sawsbury 

Species: Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi, "Masai Giraffe" "Kilimnjaro Giraffe"

Age: 26

Job: Toy Store Manager, Amateur Yoyo and Kendama Performer

A young wolf no older than 8 years old was with both his parents as they walked through the streets of Santa Monica, California. It was a family outing for the three of them, shopping at the various venues and stores along the streets. As inattentive as the pup was, the family eventually turned their sights to a store called "Puzzle Zoo," making their way in and immediately grabbing the child's attention. No sooner did they walk in that the employees were all busy shooting marshmallows at each other with toy guns!

The figure of a tall, gawky giraffe made his way through as he was laughing during the marshmallow wars, only to realize he had new customers. "Oh! Hi there! Welcome to Puzzle Zoo! Pardon the mess, we were just showing everyone how the toy works. What can I help with today?"



It has been a while since I have actually written out something for James here, in spite of the commission being posted for him ages ago. I like to think that James is a reflection of myself when I had worked at Puzzle Zoo... at least for the month that I was employed there. I really liked how he turned out after a modification to make him slightly less paler, and definitely a warmer vibe from him.

Again, a wonderful reference sheet, courtesy of :linkBGN: for helping me with the design!


James "Jiggy" Sawsbury ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©


Pier Sans Font © Mathieu Desjardins

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