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"This is exactly how you take Selfies" (Sora and Vaughn)
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"This is exactly how you take Selfies" (Sora and Vaughn)

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"So you see, you need to adjust the lighting with this feature, and zoom in the camera so it gets a nice close up on the two of us..." Sora was explaining to the wasp how to take a selfie as they stood in front of the mirror, the brightly colored stegosaurus up against the wasp while he patiently helped the insect understand how to use the phone camera. 

"Well... I guess that makes it a little easier ... but something about this feels off." The dinosaur seemed appalled when the entomologist expressed doubt for the picture, putting his arm lightly around the man's shoulders and look him in the eye. "Please... have I ever steered you wrong?" Vaughn almost wanted to say yes, but then again he had after all been the one to approach the dinosaur regarding "selfie" trends.

"Well... no, not exactly. But... do we have to be naked for this?" It was the strangest thing for the wasp to hear from Sora that the two of them had to take off their clothes for the picture, feeling a bit vulnerable in front of the other man as the Stegosaurus tinkered the phone settings. "I mean, I have seen selfies before, but none of them have been naked..."

"Pfffftttt, those dudes are posers. Being naked is practically a requirement for this. THIS.... is exactly how you make Selfies." The dinosaur grinned as he finally had the proper settings, holding up the phone to the camera and saying to Vaughn, "Now just remember to smile, and say cheese!"




"Are you sure this won't be posted on the web?"

"Oh no... this will NEVER go on the internet... I swear on my honor."




Oh, poor, poor Vaughn being corrupted by the likes of Sora as he learns about the latest pop culture trends kids were doing these days. Maybe he should reconsider who counts as knowledgeable and trustworthy when it comes to taking pictures of oneself. It shouldn't be long before the wasp learns his lesson should the picture find itself on the internet (hint: it's too late!).


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Sora ©

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