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A New Stranger - Izel Yaotl On Full Display!
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A New Stranger - Izel Yaotl On Full Display!

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Name: Izel "Izzy" Yaotl

Species: Birgus latro, "Coconut Crab"

Age: 39

Job: Aquatic Store Owner

The crustacean had his typical morning routine when he woke up every morning in Sydney: nearly the crack of dawn he would get a nice shower and grab a hearty breakfast on the way to his workplace, perhaps a little groggy that he couldn't stay at home today. But when the crab made his way to the building which he called his "office" of sorts, he would smile softly to himself as he remembered why he would wake up in the morning to go to work. By now it was 7 AM, and heading into the store he would begin to turn on the dim lights.

The faint blue glow started to fill the room as the fish were illuminated in their dark habitat, the aquariums filled with various salt and fresh water specimens all ready to be taken home to hopefully thoughtful pet owners.

Peace and tranquility was all that Izel could need in the morning hours spent alone in his personal menagerie.



I did it! I probably made something even more complex than Vaughn my insect character xD

This fellow here is Izel Yaotl (try saying that a few times before you get it right :P), a coconut crab of epic proportions. He's another hard shelled man like Vaughn, though he is actually terrestrial by nature despite being a crab. I thought it was fitting to have a tropical man have a colorful job taking care of his own aquatic store (even if he technically doesn't get to keep the merchandise he sells). 

Thank you Vince for your patience, and Bruske for coloring the character!


Wind Tide ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Art ©


Coloring by

Bruske Dragon    Bruskedragon

Pier Sans Font © Mathieu Desjardins

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