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Birthday Bash (Dawson and Wind)
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Birthday Bash (Dawson and Wind)

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Wind Tide was "surprised" coming into his friend's house under the premise of some crude gaming; as soon as he walked into the door, the wall of screams and accolades bruised his ear drums. "WOW! I COULDN'T HEAR YOU GUYS!!" The shark let out a hearty laugh when it looked like many of his various acquaintances had come together to throw an early celebration for the lifeguard's birthday, soon enough grooving with his peeps while trying to introduce himself as the (early) birthday guest of honor. So many faces, like Cyhyrau, Vonce, Husky, Aeron, and plenty others come up (admittingly it felt like a stag party), which the fish had to do what's natural to him and surf through the crowd to try and get to the snack table.

Along the way, he ran into his bro Jamie, the Oryx who he had remembered meeting on that day at the gym. Apparently the devious antelope had a friend whom he would like to introduce, peering through the crowd until a shoulder tap revealed that the stranger was right behind him. "Hello?" Said Wind as he looked over his shoulder, but saw no one at his eye level so far. Of course, the tapping foot from the caprine finally tipped off the birthday man to look DOWN, which seemed like the social faux paux to start off the wrong foot.

"Whoops! Didn't see you there at first..." The faint rosy color on Wind's face would fade before offering his arm towards the ram, saying "I'm Wind Tide! Jamie seems to know you quite well." The goat smiled as he supplied a rather bone crushing grip to the fish's hand, just smiling back to say "A pleasure to meet you. I'm Dawson." Pulling his hand away, the shark winced notably before trying to wiggle his hand from the pain, asking him "Damn, your grip's strong for a..." He caught himself about to say short guy, quickly coming up with the next best word to make a smooth recovery as possible. "For a goat. Not... that I have meet many goats before."

"Oh really? Nice save there Fish Tart." The ram seemed quick to forgive as if he knew the shark was about to call him short, saying "I know, not a lot of folks stand at my height. Though I am quick to show them size doesn't matter." Wind seemed to smile as he gotten the quip from the ram, just giving a light pat on the shoulder before speaking up "Oh really? How do you usually like to prove that statement?" Flirty as the life guard's tone seemed to be, the shark didn't seemed to quite catch the ram in his charms, though the goat had a mischievous smirk while he stated "WRESTLING!" 

Before he knew it, the lemon shark had his pants down and the party hats covering both his dicks, shortly followed with the short guy jumping on his back locking his head into a tight hold. "OWOWOWOWOW!" The naked shark stumbled into the other rooms as the fish heard the laughter of the state of the birthday guest, finding this particular present unwelcomed at first. but being the good sport, he would join in all the laughter, before continuing to enjoy the part planned out.

Of course, Dawson seemed to stick around after the main festivities were over to give his real present... to which the shark was more than glad to receive ;)



Jager wolf here was kind enough to let my ride on a spot to do something with him for a sketch idea. When I told him that I had a birthday coming up this Sunday on the 16th, it resulted in this funny picture of the two of them rough housing. 

Oh well, boys will be boys ;)

Another great piece as done by Vince

Wind Tide ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Dawson ©

Mortis Skull      Mostis Kull

Art ©


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