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"Cum" in the Water (Husky and Wind)
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"Cum" in the Water (Husky and Wind)

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Wind Tide was pumped up for the whole week! Shark Week of 2013 was finally here, and that meant all eyes would be drawn on him for the spectacular festivities that would surely be hosted on the beach (along with all the perks as well). His life guarding duties of course would still be fulfilled, but the local community had selected the lemon shark as one of the few lucky fish to advertise the celebration of Shark Week this year, which apparently included a speedo he would get to strut around in! Definitely one of the more lewd campaign strategies that he participated in, but he was going to fully eat up every amount of hype that came his way when it came to this year's Shark Week.

Apparently on the first day of his "poster man" duties in promotion for his specie's pride week, he would see on top of his life guard post someone struggling with the currents of the water. The shark had to bolt off from his seat as he recognized the cause of the dilemma; it was an unexpected rip current that managed to catch the swimmer from shore, and from the looks of it the civilian had no clue out to get out of it! It was go time for the life guard, taking out his red boogie board and running to the edge of the water before he would kick and slap his tail to give him the momentum to tear through the water. Timing was crucial now, and if Wind didn't get to the drowning swimmer in time, that would be a bad way to start of Shark Week!

Luckily he managed to make his way just in time to chase after the mysterious civilian who was just swept into the waters, the fish kicking and pushing himself towards the unlucky swimmer who got caught up in this mess. Swimming to shore would take a while at this point, but as long as they clung onto the boogie board, they shouldn't be in any danger of getting swept under again. Of course, when the shark finally got a chance to see who it was that he rescued from the watery grave yard, he felt his heart sink for a moment before realizing it was his good friend who he saved! "HUSKY!?" He exclaimed, before the canine would turn his head towards the yellow life guard and weakly said to him "H-Hey Wind... nice day for a swim huh?"



"Husky, I can't believe you managed to get caught up in a rip current." The two of them were sitting nearby his life guard post, and while he technically was still on duty and should have been paying attention to the other beach goers, he considered the canine before him to be one of his most treasured friends. "That's unfortunate that you got snagged away like that and totally unexpected. I'll have to make sure my other life guards know a location for a rip current." The husky seemed a little bit shaken from the incident, exhausted most likely from his fruitless attempt to get out of the water.

"I can't thank you enough Wind for saving my life... I thought I was a goner for sure!" He would start to whistle for the moment in an attempt to distract himself, though his eyes would turn towards the speedoes which read Shark Week right over his crotch. "Hehe, looks like your advertising more than just Shark Week there." His smirk was contagious as the yellow fish couldn't help but flirt back, something within his nature to keep his silver tongue sharp. "Yeah; today starts my species moment of pride, and I was selected to help advertise along the beaches." He would flex in front of his friend to show off his body, a nice curve on the crotch making it readable enough for anyone to see it was Shark Week.

"You like it Husky? I think it suits me well." The canine would cast his gaze towards the life guard before he would saunter very slowly towards Wind, letting his tail pass over the groin and tickling the budge a bit, saying in response "I think the speedo looks becoming on you... of course, if you had me instead, I'll be coming too." The fish had a good laugh realizing that he just got a pick up line used on him, and a rather good one the way his friend handled the delivery so smoothly. It would require the fish to hug his friend softly from behind as he used his hand to press against his friend's bathing suite, just where his friend had been teasing him this whole time.

"Sounds like you want a piece of shark right now..." The fish would gently nip the canine's ear, causing a shiver to run down Husky's spine as he gave a whimper. "Don't eat me now there Wind... I wouldn't want blood in the waters."



Surprise Shark Week present from my good friend Hunky Husky! I didn't expect to get this kind of gift, and lucky for me I would get it just in time for SHARK WEEK! Definitely gonna remember this picture for quite some time.


Vince P. is definitely the man!


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Wind Tide    Wind Tide

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 Hunky Husky   Hunky Husky

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