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“Can I Didgeridoo you?” (Sydney and Wind)
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“Can I Didgeridoo you?” (Sydney and Wind)

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Wind Tide managed to trick convince the oryx Jamie to take on a bet with the silver tongued fish, resulting in a nice dinner between the two of them and of course with gratuitous amounts of sex. The shark definitely liked the antelope for giving him a challenge, since it required a bit of wit and dumb luck for the evening to turn out well, and soon enough it seemed like the shark got in good graces to hang out (and fool around) with his new buddy. It would seem that the tides of fortune turned once again for a rather pleasurable encounter when the jock mentioned something about an Aussie kangaroo who ran a outdoor cafe that doubled as a bar. Wind of course was already turning the gears in his head to take a chance with this stellar friend that Jamie mentioned, and soon enough the life guard would find himself strolling down the beach where he accompanied the oryx to visit his friend.

"Shack Out Back" would soon catch the devious shark's eyes as he approached the cafe/bar, where he would tilt his shades to get a glance at that sexy marsupial. Light blond hair and killer tattoos on his arms, mixed with a handsome muzzle made the shark feel a bit excited, but less he be swooned so easily he wouldn't try to hit on him! Jamie seemed to be distracted by some of the ladies that were at the bar, but the time to strike of course was when Sydney O'Connell (as he picked up from Jamie's conversation) finished taking to his friend for the time being, leaving him to prowl on the prey in his "Wind Tide formula."

A different approach would be used in this case, thinking that it would be an interesting case study of his personal amusement to see just how far some people's buttons can be pushed with pick-up lines. Unwavering confidence was needed to pull them off successfully, and the life guard had all intent to try and make this successful when he slid towards the man and introduced himself as Jamie's "squirt."

"Oh you're Wind! Jamie and Memphis I think mentioned about you... I'm surprised they took you so well..." The kangaroo shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't quite understand why that was the case, but now it was the shark's turn to see how Sydney would be tempted. "Jamie tells me you're from Australia... man, I would like to explore with you down under." 

The kangaroo would twitch his ear at the words that the fish said, Wind smiling from ear to ear with his toothy grin to demonstrate his awareness of the less than appropriate speech. "I'm sorry Sydney, but you have me like a boomerang; I'll just come right back to you." Now the marsupial's look seemed to convey a mix of feelings, which while part of it was a bit of disdain the fish couldn't help but smile wider as he small the slight twitch of the lip when he saw the man about to laugh. 

"Perhaps you won't mind if my "Joey" visits your pouch, mate." A wink later after that comment the kangaroo snorted a bit before saying "Alright mate, you must really be cruzz'in for a noogie aren't ya?" The fish would slowly step back as he added one more quip to the situation "Hey, maybe we can pretend to be like crocs and just wrestle together! Getting a head start on things I see!"



Sydney had to admit after a fun tussle between the two of them that the fish had some guts to use some rather stereotypical pick up lines, though the life guard stated to him "I think guys are more willing to have a sense of humor when hit upon." The two of them could be seen drinking a bottle of beer (which Wind paid for the two of them) as they watched the sunset, as the Kangaroo ran his hand through his spiked Mohawk hair to ask him "Well, I gotta hand it to ya, you were gutsy. If you went through the effort to try that just for me... well..." 

The kangaroo gave a rather suggestive shoulder rub to the fish, as Sydney would be greeted with another smile before the shark said another humorous flirt "Sounds like I get to explore your outback huh?"



A secret stream of deliciousness! Why, I can't recall ever seeing the kangaroo Sydney O'Connell ever getting the receiving end of things, so to say that this was a treat in itself was awesome! I thought it would be cool to see some variation in some sex positions, and why not let the partner have the best of both worlds with a shark? 

Another great piece as done by Vince


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Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Sydney O'Connell and Art ©


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