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Heads You Win, Tails You Win! (Jamie and Wind)
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Heads You Win, Tails You Win! (Jamie and Wind)

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Wind Tide managed to keep in good graces with Memphis since their impromptu date, and even tagged along with the serpentine fellow to the fitness center on occasion. The shark himself could always use a nice work out, and the chance to seduce the cobra once more certainly was a viable option to him. It just so happened that on one particular day a friend of Memphis was supposed to come along, yet the life guard did not know that it would be an alluring oryx that would be paying a visit to the fitness center. The fish thought that he was great eye candy to admire, and thoughts of seeing the nude antelope proved too great a temptation that he had to think of something to get to know the stranger better. It was easy to pick up from Memphis' conversation that Jamie was the name of the shark's crush, and the opportunity to try to get one on one time with the fellow arrived once the workout for the life guard and the cobra had finished for the day.

Memphis by now had left the center and left Jamie by his lonesome self, giving the fish a chance to invite the oryx for a small proposition. "Hey there!" He would chirp up before sliding on over to catch the antelope's attention. "You're Jamie right? The name is Wind Tide, another friend of Memphis. Perhaps you wouldn't a small game of basket ball to get you blood pumping would you?" 

The stranger seemed to look at the shark inquisitively at first towards the lemon fish, saying to the rather eager man "You look more like a squirt to me, I bet I could squash you on the court." The shark did not expect to get such a adamant response from the other fellow, but the way which he crossed his arms gave an impression that he was of of those jockish figures. "Ah, but I guess we won't know until we have a good game then." He would magically procure a basketball from his stuff and tosses it to Jamie, before saying "How about it? If you're as good as you are, then you won't back down from a friendly game..."


A close match between the two ended with the the oryx scoring a three-pointer shot, though both managed to give each other a run for their money given that they were panting on the court. The shark seemed rather cheerful anyways regardless whether or not he lost that round, just leaning against the fence and mention to Jamie "That was a good game there. I bet if I didn't see your backside as often I bet I could have concentrated more." He would joke with a light flirt meant to dig a bit around the oryx's preferences, which at first was meet with a typical jock response "Dude, that's so gay you ought to be suckin' dick right now."

"That could be arranged" The shark smiled as he flashed a hungry grin towards the oryx that he had been eyeing on the whole afternoon, catching the other man off guard for a brief moment before he retorted with bravado in his voice "Hell what ever. I would rather pound your sweet ass if anything "Squirt"... looks tight enough to bust my nut in there." Perhaps this was a rather dangerous game that the fish found himself up playing in, but he would offer a curve ball to the other man as he said to him "Well then, how about another challenge... a coin flip?" The fish took out a quarter from his gym bag to let it shine visibly towards Jamie, the oryx rather confused before asking "A coin flip? What kind of a fuckin' challenge is that?"

The fish would smile as he said to his unwitting prey "A game of chance really... I would be willing to wager my ass for yours... heads you get to fuck me, or tails, I get to be one one to pound your ass." Jamie seemed to unsure what would come of this little challenge, though Wind would have to appeal to the man's sense of pride before saying "Come on... do you have anything to lose in this wager? Or perhaps you can't handle being on bottom..." Whatever the shark managed to say, it seemed enough to convince the oryx that he would reply with a smirk "I can take a pounding... just better make sure you can take my dick then "Squirt.""


One coin toss later Jamie managed to mutter under his breath "Fuck," given that the quarter flipped towards tails and into Wind's favor. All that the shark could do was smile with a toothy grin, simply teasing the oryx "Now don't you worry... you're going to like it. Why don't you come to my place at 9 o'clock sharp? I'll even make dinner for the two of us."


Another Vince original hottie that I had become quite infatuated myself! I never knew much about oryx before I saw Jamie, and I have to say he definitely had me thinking of a few naughty thoughts.

A funny thing about this piece, it really was determined by a coin flip XD! I didn't know if Wind should bottom or top first, so I flipped a coin to determine the outcome... well, you can see the results in this picture!

Thanks Vince for another fantastic piece!

Wind Tide ©

Wind Tide    Wind Tide

Jamie and Art ©


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