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A Marvelous Dream (Duke and Wind)
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A Marvelous Dream (Duke and Wind)

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The shark was blissfully sleeping on his bed, uninterrupted as he continued his slumber in dream land. It had been a rather exhausting day for the life guard on duty, and quite frankly he was too beat after his day of work; quite unusual since the load was just fine the day before. But regardless of yesterday's endeavors, the weary fish had a quiet evening that consisted of getting dinner and heading straight for bed, trying his best to capture forty winks. It was much needed rest for Wind, for his night was silent and serene with no interruptions from his slumber.

The night suddenly took an unexpected turn when the shark was awoken with the shimmer of pink cast over his eyelids, stirring the shark from his sleep only to awaken to a sight of a striking unicorn on his bed. The figure shone with a brilliant magenta and a lavender mane on top of his head, the horn spiraling upwards from the hair while his eyes gazed with a glow to them, his presence alluring and calming at the same time. Though alarmed as the life guard should be for a stranger to appear into his house, the nude form of his visitor and the disposition seemed to indicate that there wasn't a malicious intent to the stallion's presence.

"I can't remember the last time that I had a wake up call like this before." Said the fish with a smirk on his lips. "Might I ask why you're in my room naked with me?"

The magical horse just crept closer, his left hand rubbing on the sheets and sliding forward to shift his weight, allowing him to lean closer to the life guard so he may address Wind. "Does it really matter now? I think you and I might be able to enjoy ourselves on this occasion."

The fish raised an eye brow as he could feel himself enticed by the other man's confidence and forwardness, slightly flinching when he found his neck gently guided towards the unicorn with what looked like a riding crop. 'Quite kinky...' Thought the the fish as the stranger would continue to speak towards his subject of interest:

"Don't be afraid now... I'm just rather direct with you, and I can see that you're just as excited." The man would refer to the two growing lumps in the blankets as the shark found himself aroused and curious about the stranger, not sure of this was a dream or not; if his mind were playing tricks on him, then the sensations he was experiencing made it quite marvelous.

"Who said I was afraid?" Responded Wind with a smile to his lips, his interested ensnared by the unicorn's magnificence and desire for him. "I would be more than happy to be acquainted with you on this bed... hopefully many times if needed."


What a fun sketch idea that Vince had for a raffle drawing! It's nice to have won a little raffle with my shark getting an unexpected visit from Duke the Unicorn... not that the Shark is objecting to Duke's wake up call. I think I will have to expand on this picture a bit more in the future, and see who gets to call the shots!


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