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Snake Charmer (Memphis and Wind)
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Snake Charmer (Memphis and Wind)

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It happened one day as the lifeguard was leaving from his apartment to head to the beach, a brown blur of gargantuan size passed the corner of his eye. Wind took a moment to register through his head that it was an Egyptian Cobra, and a handsome one at that, jogging on his morning run no doubt the way his brisk pace was building up a sweat. The man had to take a drink from his water bottle, but perhaps he was drinking too fast or breathing slightly irregularly, cause soon afterwards he started to fall to the ground! Wind rushed over to the serpent and quickly resuscitated the reptile with a bit of CPR (not the best first kiss in spite of what others may think), the man able to catch his breath once more. After a good cough or too the stranger turned towards Wind as he looked at the Lemon Shark, slowing his breath so he could say:

"Damn... I didn't think *pant* I have to be careful *pant* about drinking water..." 

Wind shook his head as he replied with good will "Don't worry about it too much. Just try to drink when you caught up with your breathe alright?"

The Cobra continued to sit down as he just recovered from a choking experience, thankful to say the very least that he was saved by the handsome Shark. taking the time to catch his breathe so he could speak properly, he would say to him "Well shoot, now I have to come up with a way to save you from myself choking on water..." The shark just grinned a bit devilishly as he put a spontaneous plan into motion, scratching his chin lightly with his thumb before he said "Actually... there is something that I can think off..."


Wind soon proposed to the snake after asking for the man's name, an evening out to the movies with Memphis since the two of them didn't have anything much to do that day after work. The lifeguard was smiling all day even with the hassle of kids screaming, swimmers rough housing, and the occasional instance someone cramped up during a swim. After work the fish found himself shortly dressed in a perfect get up for a trip to the movies, accompanied with Memphis as they agreed to watch the latest action film to hit the theaters. The two of them found themselves enjoying the time together as Wind conversed quietly with the snake, and in spite of what seemed to be a rather grumpy reptile, the lifeguard managed to help Memphis relax a bit.

Much to the surprise of the Lemon Shark, he managed to find the snake more receptive of his company, even if the man had figured out Wind's intentions. But that never stopped the lifeguard from giving a kiss, and soon afterwards the two of them returned to Wind's apartment to engage in some personal quality time. On top of the bed with the moonlight cast over their bodies, the two of them indulged in the company of the other man, able to revel in the sweet bliss of intimacy. It seemed that the Wind had charmed Memphis for the night, which resulted with the fish giving the snake a very pleasurable experience... one that hopefully would not be forgotten soon...


A picture of Memphis where is isn't so grumpy! I hate to see such a cool character grumpy all the time, so I figured why not show him a bit of love, shark style?! 😉

All I can say that I was thrilled to see how this piece turned out, and how Vince (aka :linkbgn:) was happy to draw the two of them together... definitely need to make a part 2 to this picture!


Wind Tide ©

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