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Alex Wright

Beginner's Guide

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This will cover the same information that has been sent to all new registrations via private message. It has been included here in case you've accidentally deleted it, or need to reference it again.

Your Account

Setting up your account completely is a two step process. For the most part, the public facing part of your account (such as your avatar, profile info, commission info, etc.) can be found on your profile page. The other part of your account, such as account security (we highly recommend setting up 2 factor authentication) is found in your account settings.

Content Creation

Most content on AD can be created through the Create dropdown menu at the top of the site. This will include Gallery images, forum topics, marketplace files, and more. I'll touch on all of our areas below:


Managing gallery content can be a tedious task, and AD wants to make it as easy as possible. You can manage and create new albums in the Member Gallery. Albums are a neat way to organize your content. We also support tagging your content for easier searches. Also, we allow for multiple file uploads, all at the same time.


The Marketplace is an area where you can sell files to other users, or buy from them. This would be for static assets such as books, visual novels, and video games. We do allow for versioning, in case the content does change.


Our commissions applications allows you to buy and sell commissions between you and another user. You can post a commission (for example, a YCH), and AD will handle the rest. You can choose if you want to set the price, or have an auction style bidding system with minimum increments, or an auction and buy now. AD handles the sale, and alerts you when your commission is purchased, or if you've won the auction. Payments for commissions will be handled through authorize.net, and payouts to artists will go through paypal.


Our own answer to Patreon, but with more robust features, Clubs gives you an area of AD that you can customize and control. As a club owner, you can choose what type of club (open, closed, private, or read-only) you create, and will be able to charge users a set monthly subscription fee for access to the club if you so choose. This gives you an area for things such as club-only commissions (if you want to keep your commissions to your club users, or offer them discounts, for instance), your own marketplace, and more. Clubs basically act as a self-contained version of AnthroDynamics.


Check out some tunes, or upload your own! Musicbox can even let you consolidate your content into albums, and gives you an artist profile to link all of your content together. If you want to charge users to download a song, no problem! AD will handle the sale of your music to others.


Are you a writer, or do you like to read? Check out the Literature area. You can create new stories, and choose times for your entries to be posted. Though if you are wanting to sell your literature, we recommend selling it in PDF format through the Marketplace.


If you want a social area that touches on many topics, check out the forum. You can leave us feedback and suggestions, and engage with other users, all fully integrated into the other areas.


I know this was a lot, and I apologize for the length. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to PM me!

Hope this helps,


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