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It was suggested that a thread be started to suggest tags for the tagging system in addition to what is already present.

In Genre i would add: World Building, Poetry, Song/lyrics, Mystery, Murder Mystery and, Codex ( if people want to make glossaries so readers can check up on a term used in the story they are not sure of, like i have. ) I might also add: Political, philosophical, observational ( those these can become lightning rods for controversy  so their exclusion would make sense. )

As for a body parts list that was proposed in the discord i would add: Penis, Vagina, paws, hands, Belly, neck, arms, Biceps, muscles, tail, ears, ( Pick of these what you would like )

In Interaction i would suggest: Solo, masturbation, Combat, fight, ( Because not all stories will be porn or romantic in nature )

Some might want a Species Section but that could become insane rather swiftly.

Ok feel free to add your own suggestions.

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      WIP of something Im working on ;3
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      title says everything XD
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      Wind was hanging out with some of the fish crew that rolled by the beach every so often, able to get on good terms even if the lemon shark was considerably worrisome for the prey species. The fish's appetite thankfully happened to lie elsewhere, as it was revealed with Rakai the Salmon needing some new beach shorts to wear and needed a second opinion.

      "That loin cloth looks great on you and all, but you'll stick out like a sore thumb if you walk around in a loincloth! Come on, there's this awesome shop nearby with some trendy designs!" 

      Wind was quick to lead the fish before the other could protest, only hearing a short "Wait! Hold on —"

      Both men made their way to the shop entrance where a Scorpion Fish Clerk was keeping an eye on things, the sign that read "Nazure Surf Shop" in plain sight for all to see. Wind was only too happy to help the salmon look around, though the fish seemed a bit overwhelmed with the options.

      "Er... this one won't do.... no, not that one either." Rakai kept looking through the clothes racks and all the display stands, before turning back to the lemon shark to voice his concerns. Thames, the clerk behind the counter, seemed preoccupied with a phone call, so it was up to the shark to help out his friend in need. "Wind, I am not sure this is going to work at all. None of the suits feel like they're my style."

      Of course Wind was more than happy to pull out some board trunks he had been hiding from the salmon, showing a black pair of board shorts with red fringes on the sides, saying "What do you mean? This one looks just as good as your loincloth, if not better!"

      Rakai had some time to inspect the board shorts for some time, leaving his waist completely exposed to the shark who had other objectives in mind. As the shark approached the salmon, Rakai broke the silence with his approval "I think these can work after all Wind. Thank you for — WHOA WHAT THE HELL?!"

      Wind was already helping to himself as he grabbed onto the clasps of the loincloth, succumbing to the wanton thoughts as the fish flashed a cheesy smile. "Hey man, the only way to make sure the board shorts are for you is to try them on. Gotta get rid of the loincloth first man!"

      Thames happened to be finishing the conversation over the phone, only to see the naughty lemon shark try to strip his friend naked in the middle of the store. The scorpion's anger boiled over as he boisterously shouted to the two of them "HEY! STOP STRIPPING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMN STORE! USE THE CHANGING ROOMS FOR GOD'S SAKE!"
      For my piece of Shark Week 2018, I decided to get a fun commission from Speechless / Sardine involving his other fish dudes. I have to say they are all handsome blokes, and I would totally want to get in the same pool with them any day of the week! Hopefully we can see more fun things develop between these two!

      Wind Tide ©
          Wind Tide
      Art ©
          Speechless / Sardine
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