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Alex Wright

Roleplaying Forum Guidelines

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Roleplaying Forums Guidelines

Welcome to AnthroDynamics' Roleplaying Forums. If you would like to RP, please follow the following guidelines.

  1. Please tag your content. Use "General, Mature, or Adult" tags, and make these tags your prefixes.
  2. Please also use Open or Closed.
    1. Open means that your RP is open to other characters.
    2. Closed means that only the defined characters may play.
    3. Please respect the choices of the author(s).
  3. Please use the provided character template in the Repository of Knowledge.
  4. If you plan on hosting or running a large RP Group, please contact @Alex Wright. We can get you set up fairly easily.
    1. If you're running your own large Group RP here, we can set up character forums specifically for your RP.
  5. All rules and guidelines of AnthroDynamics applies to these forums.

We aim to stick with just these few common sense rules. Please enjoy!

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