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Alex Wright


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Hey all! I'm Alex Wright, one of the developers for AnthroDynamics. I'm 28, and majored in Geology throughout college (Master of Science). I've only gone by two names online, my first was Nowe (Thus my FA account being named LordNowe). No, I don't remember what got me into the fandom (Though if you ask me, it probably had something to do with one of BGN's works appearing on my facebook feed, don't ask me)! That was a good long while ago, but yeah. Some of you have asked, "So...why make this thing (AD)?"

I'm a coding enthusiast, I love messing around and getting mucky (and usually breaking) PHP codes. I also love the fandom. I decided to put my two hobbies together, and came up with this. It was just an idea I had one day while watching @Corvus Pointer stream. I hit him up, told him what I could do, and we kind of just went from there. Here we are now, six months later!

So yeah. Hi!

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