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Looking for a new game

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So lately I've been slacking in a lot of areas in my life and I'd like something even more nonproductive to do with my time. 

I'm looking for some new games to play (preferably not something I would have to spend a lot of money on) and would like some suggestions.

Current games that I've played: Path of Exile, Team Fortress, Osu!, Skyrim, Dishonored, Dark Souls, Portal 1 and 2, Ori and the Blind Forest.


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Ooooh, good and cheap? If you like tower defense mixed with FPS, try Sanctum/Sanctum 2.

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    • By Wirbus / NathanGammel
      I make a base to cloths and Characters for my game. Now I can increase this set If I need to.
    • By Wirbus / NathanGammel
      I do several projects at the same time. But most of them will connect, or have a chance to connect. One of such elements is the turn-based battle. Which can be a good addition equally well to Visual Novel and full RPG. And I have great ideas for good mechanics for such a system.
      So, on site of my Cyberpunk Noir Visual Novel and my RPG adventure game... I will make a simple Turn Based combat system.
      A few years ago ... I've discovered the browser game "Avengers Alliance" on Facebook. An extremely simple game, about heroes in turn fighting against villains. Nothing special, but the game was so addictive that I stayed with her for years. Simple mechanics enabled very tactical thinking and fights were more like a chess game. They forced them to plan a few moves forward and react to changing situations. You had to know the capabilities of your characters and maximize the effectiveness of their attacks and actions. And the game every few months enriched itself with some new, innovative mechanics, or a character that could be acquired and mastered its abilities. So the older the game was, the more balancing and rich it was. You could sit to the game for a few battles, play with mechanics and leave without a problem.
      And then suddenly Facebook came up with Gamesroom, and people from the Avengers Alliance committed a completely unsuccessful Sequel ... And finally, they removed the Avengers Alliance completely. Despite the opposition of many fans.
      I could not find a turn-based battle game that could even match the Alliance in part. So it turns out that I will have to do it myself. So I have a full mechanic head, what I would like to do different or better. I have years of experience, chewing and analyzing mechanics. I have ideas and enough skills to create characters, surroundings, and animations. Therefore, I need only the most flexible system to fasten it all together. Start with something quite simple and minimalist, and then expand.
      But, I do not a coder, I can't make scripts. Soo... I need to improve my programmatic skills first.
      Lucky for me there is a lot of new tools in new Unity.
      Let's start this adventure. And see where I will end with all this ideas, and dreams. : D

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