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Let's talk about dreams.

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It is good to know what you want. Is it supposed to be the porch of VisulNovel. Platform action game, or Empty RPG. Everything is limited only by the measure of your ambition, your imagination and your determination.
I can recommend, advise, point the way, but if you really want to do something cool, get ready for the job.

For your sake, there are a lot of tools today that will do most of the technical work for you. (When I started, it was not so easy). So about the technical side do not worry. I am doing the game without writing a single line of code (more for not being able to program than for not wanting to). I can point you to solutions that will save you a lot of time of tedious learning.

So since the technical side can be fixed with engines and assets ... We can quietly talk about what to sew. And how ambitious we are going to be.

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