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    • These are good. I'll get started adding some of them.
    • It was suggested that a thread be started to suggest tags for the tagging system in addition to what is already present. In Genre i would add: World Building, Poetry, Song/lyrics, Mystery, Murder Mystery and, Codex ( if people want to make glossaries so readers can check up on a term used in the story they are not sure of, like i have. ) I might also add: Political, philosophical, observational ( those these can become lightning rods for controversy  so their exclusion would make sense. ) As for a body parts list that was proposed in the discord i would add: Penis, Vagina, paws, hands, Belly, neck, arms, Biceps, muscles, tail, ears, ( Pick of these what you would like ) In Interaction i would suggest: Solo, masturbation, Combat, fight, ( Because not all stories will be porn or romantic in nature ) Some might want a Species Section but that could become insane rather swiftly. Ok feel free to add your own suggestions.
    • I'll make some experiments and try to make my first Visual Novel. A small project. Exclusive for AnthroDynamics and FurryLand (Until I think otherwise).  I'll test some technical ways to make art and characters sprites. I need to find a problem and search ways to pass them with a minimal work and time invest.   
    • MAJOR WIP   General Information Name: Tianti Shizhe Nicknames: Tian Age: 6,372 Species: Eastern Dragon Gender: Male Orientation: Gay   Physical Characteristics Height: Standing on his legs, he's about 6'4". From snout to tail around 11'. Weight: 196 lbs. Mostly in muscle mass. Handedness: Ambidexterous Eye Color: Black scalera, purple iris. Hair Color: Light blue (some might call this a steel gray) Skin Color: Black or dark-gray. Markings: Blue and lighter-blue banding around his upper arms, back, and legs. Jewelry: Nose-ring, cast in white gold.   History Parents: (Who were they? You can give more info.) Siblings: (Brothers or sisters?) Backstory: (This is your character's backstory, where did they come from. How did they grow up? Be as descriptive as you like.)   Personality Temperament: (Define how your character generally interacts with others.) Skills: (Does your character have any special skills or traits?) Phobias: (What is your character afraid of?) Bad Habits: (Does your character possess any bad habits?) Quirks: (Anything of note?) Best Qualities: (You know.) Worst Qualities: (Yes, these too. Nobody's perfect.) Morality: (This can be something like "Neutral Good, Lawful neutral" etc [DnD style], or you can get specific.)   Miscellaneous Style of Speech: (Does your character have an accent?) Goals and Motivations: (What motivates this character?) Other: (Anything Else we should know about this character?)    
    • General Information Name: Makeo Nicknames: Maki Age: 22 Species: Gryphon (Osprey/Puma) Gender: Male Orientation: Bi, mostly gay   Physical Characteristics Height: 6' (Quadruped, approximately 9' from beak to tailtip) Weight: Approx. 440lbs Handedness: Left (Though not used often) Eye Color: Gold/Orange Coloring: A mixture of ivory and a rich brown, reminiscent of the osprey colors and patterns. A series of turquoise accents spiral across the dark brown parts of his wing structure, flank, and tail. Markings: None Jewelry: Wears a selection of various gold bands designed to jingle and make noise   History Parents: His parents are a nesting pair of gryphons residing in their claimed territory away from civilization. More details coming soon. Siblings: Several clutch mates, many of whom he's not particularly close to. Backstory: Makeo grew up close to nature, being raised in lands away from common civilization. As a result, he and his siblings were taught the basic skills any fledgling gryphon would need to survive, as well as essential skills needed to interact with bipedal society. Per gryphon habit, the clutch left the next upon reaching adulthood, Makeo among them. From there, he had spent the next few years trying to establish himself as a prime member of his species, but had failed in succeeding in that task. With a fixation on the healing magics he grew to admire at a young age, his ability to fight left him defenseless and at the losing end of any scrap. As a result, he had spent his time roaming territory to territory, in hopes of finding purpose in life. One night, he encountered a strange deity, and followed it to a glass mirror lake. There, he had learned more about himself physically, and his future... a prediction of adventure and exploration, far beyond his home. He was left awed and in wonder, but what secrets were revealed remain a mystery to those around him. He would spend months contemplating this encounter, grasping the revelation bestowed upon him. Upon coming to terms, however, he prepared what little belongings he had, and traveled to mix with the races of the world. In that time, he had earned the trust and respect of a guild of clerics, branded as The Guardians. Surprised at welcoming such a mythical creature but awed at the raw talent of his gryphon heritage, Makeo was taught in the ways of The Guardians. In that time, he had encountered another of his kind, a traveling nomad like himself. In their short time together, Makeo had learned to fight, combining his magical ability with primal fury. As a result, Makeo transformed from a skittish young feral gryphon into an adventurous and centered Guardian, using his newfound talents to meet his destiny head on.   Personality Temperament: Makeo is typically open to interaction or request, and will rarely shut out a conversation. A bit awkward, yet full of energy, he has a knack for being the first to blurt something out. Skills: Being trained under a guild of clerics, Makeo has a mixture of potent healing and combat magic abilities that assert him as a Guardian. That understanding of magics go just beyond healing, being able to runecraft to an extent using the natural talent of his gryphon heritage. Phobias: Makeo has a deep fear of failure. When taking a responsibility, the last thing he wants is for it to go wrong. As such, he will grow overly paranoid and anxious about a situation, overexerting himself to correct a problem that isn't even there. Bad Habits: As being from beyond society, Makeo lacks a few social cues that make him somewhat of a nuisence in regular conversation. Among these are occasionally talking out of turn and general lack of awareness to racial cultures. It is a habit that Makeo works extensively on to prevent any trouble, but will sometimes slip into his feral logic at times. Quirks: When it comes to matters of a more intimate nature, the gryphon seems to be reserved, as if hiding something personal. This seems a bit counter intuitive to his curiosity about the subject of intimacy as a whole. Best Qualities: Makeo prides himself on his flexability and willingness to go the extra mile for his friends. Capable in both offensive and defensive abilities, he embodies his title as Guardian to the full extent as he can. The gryphon also enjoys the calmer moments, being an open ear and a warn bed of feathers to lean on in times of strife. Worst Qualities: Because of his fear of failure, Makeo has a tendency to be hypercritical of himself and carries a never-ending sense of anxiety. If there's something he could've done better, he'll berate himself for it. He may even freeze in a critical situation, unsure of the best and most perfect choice of action in that circumstance. Morality: Lawful Neutral. A member of The Guardians, the cleric guild of order and protection, he follows their basic code in his daily travels. Its basic rules can summed as follows. 1) A Guardian must always intervene when danger is imminent. 2) A Guardian must use better judgement to resolve a situation. 3) A Guardian must be prepared to aid anyone, even those who swore his death.   Miscellaneous Style of Speech: The gryphon speaks normally for the most part, but has the tendency to mix more feral sounds into his conversation. These can include purrs and chirps. Goals and Motivations: Makeo's motivation was what he had learned from his contact with a deity that fateful night at the lake. A mixture of questioning the feral life he once lived, combined with the desire to seek out the ends of the earth, the gryphon is a true adventurer at heart. Other: >Character Sheet In Progress< This sheet will be revised with more content in time.  
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