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  2. Chapter 31

    Growing coffee is kinda easy, but tricky for what I've heard.....
  3. Chapter 31

    Jeremy sat down and leaned against the large tree, someone had told him what it was called, but he'd forgotten. It's bark was rough, and almost gold in color, it was at least twenty feet high and the 'leaves' were thin lines that shimmered, and made rainbows when the sun hit them at the right angle. It was his first time on Kelser, nine years after he'd found Gralgiranselhelrarvir. He'd been surprised when he found out they were coming here, and then he'd wondered why they hadn't they hadn't come sooner. He knew it wasn't because Gral wanted to keep him hidden, he was quite proud of their relationship, and had introduced him to his parents over vid. "I'm a hunter," Gral had said, "I keep my people safe, by being out here, hunting those who would hurt them." Jeremy had found it strange, considering how much Gral loved his family, and his world. Jeremy couldn't stand being on Earth, although he hadn't realized why, at the time, that was why he'd never done more than call his family. "Come on," one of the females said running toward him. "We're not done dancing!" "I am!" he replied. He tried to remember her name, but he had been introduced to so many of Gral's large family, that he couldn't. "I thought you hunters were suppose to be full of energy!" "We are! But no one trained me for *that*!" He pointed to the crowed dancing to the sound of the band. She nodded and ran back to the dance. Jeremy had danced with Gral's mother, his father, all of his siblings, of which one brother caught him in one of the slow dances, and made sure Jeremy could tell he was interested in having sex with him. Jeremy probably would, at some time while they stayed here. He was as tall as Gral, a little leaner, and could rival him in nibbling his ears. "You should have warned me about this," he told Gral, when he joined him, carrying a tall glass of the alcoholic beverage his father had made, with the fruits he grew on his land. It reminded Jeremy of the fruit punches his grand mother would make for summer activities, but the taste was much more bright, and the slight alcohol in it just enhanced it. "I didn't want to give you a chance to plan your escape." "Do you guys do this often?" "This large of a gathering? No, only when all the space faring members manage to make it back at the same time. Otherwise, it's just a small affair." "It can't have been easy to arranged." "It wasn't. We've been working on this since our trip to Earth. "A year? And you never told me?" "I wanted to surprise you." Gral said smiling. "Well, as you saw when we got here, you managed it." When they had arrived on the property Jeremy had been smothered by the crowd of family members wanting to hug him, lick him, nibble on him. "Well, all of this, is because of you. Everyone has been wanting to meet you." "I have to say, your family is very welcoming." "No more than any other." "What's your brother's name? The one that looks a lot like you, just leaner." Jeremy pointed him out of the crowd. "That's Roumalger, you want his full name?" Gral asked mischievously." "No," Jeremy answered with a laugh, "I'd have forgotten that by the time I have sex with him. But I have to tell you. You're going to have to work on your ear nibbling, I think he might just manage to steal me away from you with his." "Oh really?" Gral pulled Jeremy against him, and closed his muzzle on his ear, licking along the edge, sending a shiver of pleasure down his spine. When Jeremy was panting and moaning, Gral started nibbling. When he finally stopped, Jeremy had to catch his breath, then look at his chrono, to find out twenty minute had passed. He leaned back against his Heart, and looked at Thuruk, Asarin, and their new cub, sitting at a table, and feeding her. "You forgot to mention that yours and Thuruk's family were close." A third of the people were Thuruk's family. "All the families in the valley are close, but we're the only two with spacefarers. Everyone else just works groundside." Jeremy nodded, and was silent, watching Thuruk and his family. "Have you ever though about having a family?" he asked. "I have a family," Gral replied, muzzling the top of his head. "I mean starting your own, having cubs." Gral didn't reply immediately "I did, but I never really found the time to look for a female." "Found the time?" Jeremy asked, turning and looking at him, disbelieving. "Gralgiranselhelrarvnir. You don't *find* the time to look for someone, you *make* the time. I swear, you're lucky I walked onto your ship, I don't think you'd have found me otherwise." Gral pulled him against him and ruffled Jeremy's hair. "I would have hunted you on that station of yours. Actually, if I remember correctly, I did just that." Jeremy smiled, and relaxed against him, watching the family in the distance. "Do you want a family?" Gral asked cautiously, after a long silence. This time it was Jeremy who took his time responding. "Yes, I do. I look at them, I see how happy they are, and I think that we have so much happiness, that we should be sharing it with a cub." "Tomorrow, we can start looking for a female we both like. We'll have to stay closer to Kelser until the birth, but That wouldn't be a problem." "I was thinking of a lost cub." "A lost cub?' "Yeah, I've been reading about them, there's a lot of them, who lost their families in accidents, we could save one of them, bring him, or her, in our family." Jeremy's voice became soft. "I want to give one of them, what you gave me, a chance to be happy again." "I never thought about that," Gral said, "but you're right, it would be appropriate." They were pensive for some time after that, until three of Gral's siblings came to pull them back in to the dance. * * * * * Jeremy enjoyed the quiet house. After the hustle of the previous night, with all the guest, some peace was appreciated. He made his way to the kitchen, and put the case on the counter. He started water boiling, and took out the tools from the case. He could get all of this done in a machine, and back on the ship, it was often how he did it, but for the first one of the day, he enjoyed the ritual. He activated the gravitic anchor at the base of the mortal so it wouldn't move, placed the pestle next to it, and then measured enough beans for two cups. Grounding the beans by hand and releasing the aromas was how he liked to start his day. He was engrossed in the process, taking his time, and watching to make sure he didn't grind them too fine, when arms wrapped around his waist. "I knew I felt you leave the bed," was whispered in his ear, before it was gently nibbled on. Jeremy shivered. "Sorry if I woke you." "Don't be sorry for waking me, be sorry for leaving me alone." The hands rubs his chest, and his neck was licked. "I thought you'd want to sleep longer, we were up fairly late." "I don't recall either one of us being up. We were in bed, if my memory serves me." He paused and sniffed the air. "What are you doing?" "I grinding coffee beans." "That smells very nice." "Roumalgergravnilamir," a female said sharply, "go put some pants on, we have guests." "Yes mom," Roumalger replied, and then licked the back of Jeremy's neck, making him shiver. "I'll be right back," he whispered, and then left. "Good morning, Parkiler," Jeremy said, and Gral and Roumalger's mother joined him at the counter. "And a good morning to you, Jeremy. What are you doing?" she bent down to breath in the aroma. "I'm preparing coffee." He took out two cups, placed a dripper on each of them. He divided the ground coffee evenly, and put that in the bottom part. "I've never heard of it." "It's a human drink. Coffee is a plant grown on earth and most of their colonies." The water was boiling, so he poured it in the top part of the drippers. "I did you get a human product? I thought we weren't trading with them until they stopped persecuting some of their people." "I know someone," Jeremy replied with a smile. The water as done dripping to he took off the dripper some a cup, and picked up to inhale the aroma. "You know someone who can get you an illegal product. Maybe I should inform your captain of that." "And lose my only supplier?" Gral said, as he entered, "I don't think so." He nuzzled his mother, and then kissed Jeremy. "What did you just do?" Parkiler asked, head tilted. Gral took the other cup. "We kissed." He took a sip of his coffee. "Kissed?" "It's a human custom that we've adopted, took some trial and error, but we found a way to make it work," Gral said. Jeremy was starting to turn red. "Really?" she said, "you're going to have to show me how it's done." "I don't think so," Gral replied, "it's ours, and ours alone." He grinned at his mother. "Is it true that you only have sex with males?" she asked Jeremy. He stopped moving, cup to his lips, and looked at her over it. "Yes, it is." "Is that a common behavior among humans?" "I'm not sure I'm the right person to ask," he replied, "why are you even asking about that?" He paused. "Right, you do socio-psychological research. If you want to answer that question, you should speak to one of them, instead of me. I don't know if you could trust their answers, considering they still don't acknowledge that they have males who have sex with males." "Maybe I can get one of the ambassadors to do some research on this for me." Gral's father entered the kitchen. "I thought I heard voices." "Morning Dad," Gral replied. "Morning dear," his mate said. "Good morning Marse . . . Dad," Jeremy said, definitely not used to calling him that. Marseforderiven nuzzled everyone in turn. "What is it you're holding?" "It's coffee," Gral said, handing him the cup. "It's a human drink." Marsef smelled it, and then took a swallow. He made a face "it's very bitter." "I know," Gral said, smiling. "It's invigorating." "You drink this a lot?" his mother asked. "No, just a cup in the morning, Jeremy drinks it through out the day." "It's flavors are interesting," Marsef said. "I wonder how well I could grow it here." "Dear, it's a human plant. It' be illegal for you to grow it." "It would just be for me, an experiment, if you will, there wouldn't be any harm." He looked at Gral. "I can't give my approval, you know that dad." He nodded toward Jeremy, "But if you were to manage to get yourself a plant, without my knowledge, there isn't much I could do about that, could I?" Jeremy looked from the father to the son. "I'll talk to my contact, see what he can do about it, but you're going to have to do your own research on how to grow them, I have no idea how that's done."
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  5. Chapter 30

    Humm... That is a really big step... That's amazing!
  6. Chapter 30

    "Are you sure you want to do this?" Gral asked. "Yeah, I am," Jeremy replied. "It's time for this. Like I told my mom, I'm never coming back to earth, so it doesn't matter if I'm never going to be able to speak English correctly. I can't continue to ask every new crew member we get to learn English just so they can understand me. I understand Kelsirian perfectly, it's about time I was able to speak it." "Modifying your voice box, that's a pretty big thing." "I know, but Gariel assured me that it's a simple procedure." "It's perfectly safe," she said entering the medical room. "I've had to perform this kind of reconstruction often when I worked groundside. They worst you can expect, is having to be silent while it heals, and then have to learn your pronunciation. It's going to be like being back to a Learning Center, all over again." "I have no idea what that is," Jeremy said, with a chuckle. "Where do humans go to learn the basics of language?" "We learn that at home, with our family, growing up. Don't you?" "Yes," she said obviously realizing she'd gone for the wrong analogy. "Well, it's going to feel like you are learning to hunt, when you thought you already knew how."
  7. Chapter 29

    Because she was probably the only one human that still love you unconditionally...
  8. Chapter 25

    God, sex is like... light-years more easy with them than with humans! Makes me kinda jealous... Not only just about the sex, the whole culture actually...
  9. Chapter 29

    They were headed to their shuttle, Jeremy surrounded by his friends, and the two human officers on each side of the group. They were about a third of the way when everyone, except the officers, tensed. Six humans were walking in their direction. Not something unusual, in a busy spaceport like this one, but their demeanor wasn't casual. They kept glancing around them, and their hands kept jerking toward their backs. "There's a large delivery transport on our left, for cover," Jeremy said. "Nothing on the right," Gral added. "Lets head for it." "What are you talking about?" the officer on the right said. "You shuttle is straight ahead." He pointed in that direction. Instead of replying, Gral grabbed him and pulled him with them. A moment later the group was firing in their direction. Gral leaned against transport. "Anyone hit?" Negatives all around. Thuruk laid down, looking under the transport. "They are spreading out. We don't have much time until they come at us from each side." "I thought these two were suppose to make sure we weren't going to have trouble?" Houlin said, edging to their left. "There's a few crates that can give one of us cover, but we're going to need fire power." "We have nothing to do with this," one of the officer said. "Right," Jeremy commented dryly. "I told you we should have smuggled in a weapon or two." He was flexing his hand. "I am never leaving the ship without my gloves again." "Hand me your firearm," Gral told the officer, who was now cowering behind the transport's wheel. "No. You're not allowed to have a weapon. It's against the security protocol." "They aren't respecting your Gods cursed protocol," Thuruk growled. "Unless you plan on firing on your own people," Gral said, "you are going to give me your firearm." He looked over to the other one. "And you are going to give yours to Jeremy." That one handed his firearm without hesitation. Seeing that, the one next to Gral handed him his. "Jeremy, you and I provide cover. Toom, you head to the shuttle as fast as you can, and get it ready for take off. Thuruk, Houlin, do your best to avoid contact with them, if you can't, it's disable and subdue only. You aren't to kill anyone." "Can I keep their weapons?" Houlin asked. "Sure," Gral replied with a shrug. "No he can't!" the officer said. "We're already breaking the rules by letting you use ours." "We're past caring about your rules," Thuruk commented, crouching. Gral took a breath. "We are Hunters," he said. "We die so our people live," the four others answered. He ran for a large post, firing in the humans' direction, forcing them to find cover of their own. Once there he checked his people's progress. Jeremy was behind the crates, Thuruk crawling on the ground, below the human's field of vision, heading for a vehicle closer to them. Houlin and Toom had made it to a hiding spot ahead of where Gral was. When they looked in his direction, he gave them a nod and started firing again. They ran for it, and Gral headed for the cover they had been using. One of the humans popped up to fire in their direction, and Gral took him down. He hit him center of mass, so he was probably dead. Once he reach the cover, he could see another human unmoving, on the other side, taken down by Jeremy. Thuruk stood next to a human, with his back to him, wrapped an arm around his neck, and grabbed his weapon with the other. A human stood from behind a low vehicle and fired in his direction, hitting the male Thuruk was holding. Thuruk fired back, two shoulder hit, and one to the waist. He'd live, but he was out of combat. He dropped the male he'd been holding and crouched down. The area was quiet for a moment, then alarms went off. After a few more seconds without being fired upon Gral looked around. Thuruk and Jeremy had made it a few more hiding place closer to the shuttle. He couldn't see any sign of the humans. He looked back to where the officers were still cowering. He didn't want them to shoot them in the back if they were part of this. Still no more fire while he took the time to do his check. "Thuruk, Jeremy, straight line to the shuttle, but remain on your guards. We don't want to be here when their security arrive." He followed his own instructions, not running, but walking at a good pace. The other two did the same, keeping distance between them, and remaining vigilant. As they passed the area where they had last seen the human, they found it vacated. They made it to the shuttle without taking more fire. "We are going to have to discuss your definition of 'avoiding' Thuruk," Gral said as he took a seat. "I tried to avoid them," Thuruk replied. "It isn't my fault one of them was standing right before me when I stood." He thew the weapon he was holding to Houlin. "Here, that's for your collection." "You don't have authorization to take off," a voice came from the com. "I hear you, control," Toom replied, as he continued preparing. "I just don't care. We took fire, so we are leaving. I'm not sitting here waiting for someone's ship to decide to blow us up." "You can't take off, you don't have a clear corridor." "A clear corridor? What's that?" he checked the scan. "There isn't even twenty shuttles out there, the sky's practically empty. Now, you either release the clamps, or I'm going out with a cutter, and doing it myself." After a moment of silence, Houlin and Thuruk went to the back to open the tools locker. As they were taking out the cutters, they heard sound of the clamps releasing. "Thank you control." Toom said, and send the ship up in smooth acceleration. He looked over his shoulder for a moment "I've informed the ship of what happened. Unless you have different orders, they will leave orbit the moment we are parked." Gral looked to Jeremy, who shook his head. "I'm good with those orders." * * * * * "Did the station give you any trouble?" Gral asked once he reached the bridge. The ball that was Earth was already barely visible on the main screen "They argued, threatened, pleaded, but no, they didn't give use any trouble." Ajanix said. "Captain," Klisten, at come called, "you need to hear this." "Just moments ago, a group of kelsirian, led by the traitor Jeremy Krommer, killed two spaceport officers, and then, using the firearms they took from their victims fired indiscriminately as they made their way to their shuttle. There is no information on the number of dead at this time. "They then took off without authorization, endangering multiple shuttles on their way out. Only those pilot's great skills managed to avoid collisions. Jeremy Krommer had been allowed on the planet under the pretense that his mother was dying. We reached out to Gabriella Krommer for comments." "Than man is no son of mine," came Jeremy's mother's voice. "He abandoned his family to go off with those perverted animals. I didn't want to see him, and I kicked him out as soon as he showed up." "Her doctors commented that while Miss Krommer was sick, there was no danger to her health, and she should be back on her feet shortly. We will be looking into how it was that someone missed that she wasn't dying, and allowed the traitor here. We will bring you the names of those who were bribed as soon as we discover them. At last report, their ship left orbit unchallenged, due to no military ships being in the vicinity." The main screen changed to show a strategic map of earth's orbit, with three bright dots not far from where the ship had been parked while in orbit. "I could have sworn those were military ships," someone said. Ajanix turned to look at Grall. "Do humans ever tell the tr . . ." His voice trailed off. Gral turned to see Jeremy behind him, tears flowing down his eyes. He went to him and held him close. "I told her to say that," Jeremy said. "I told her to renounce me, so why does it hurt so much." "It'll be okay," Gral said softly. "So doesn't mean it." "I know, but it still hurts." "Ajanix," Gral said, without turning. "The bridge is yours again. "We are going to our quarters." "Yes, captain" "If anyone gets in our way, just disable them. For all the good that'll do."
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    These are good. I'll get started adding some of them.
  11. Chapter 28

    "Jeremy," the com said, as he was under panels, rebuilding them. "Here." "I have a signal here, all the way from human territory. He wants to talk to you." "I'm in the middle of something. Get the information and I'll contacted them when I'm not busy." "He says it's important," the com came back, after an extended silence, "and that he's your brother." Jeremy stopped. "My brother?" "Yes. Do you still want me to take the information?" "No," he answered, after thinking it over. "Send it to the terminal in my engineering office." He pulled himself out and cleaned his hands on his way to the office. He sat and took the call. "Byron," he said once his brother's face was visible. The image was clear enough that Jeremy could see the worry lines age had traces on his face. He was paying top money to talk to him. "Look. Dad didn't want you to know, but even though I don't approve of . . . Some of the choices you've made in your life. You have a right to know that mom is dying." "What? How?" "They found a tumor in her neck." "Can't they operate?" "It's right against the spine. They said that if they try, the odds are very high it's going to kill her. If they don't do anything, she has about one year. She decided to take the year. . . . Dad's pissed about that." "Tell her I'm coming.' "What? No! I didn't tell you so you could show up here and remind her of what you did to us. I just wanted you to know" "I didn't do a damn thing to you, Byron. And I don't care why you you told me. Now that I know, I am going to go say goodbye in person. I'm asking you to tell her I'm coming. I don't know how long it's going to take, but I will be there. Tell her to hang on." He didn't wait for Byron's reply. He cut the communication and rushed out of the office. "Bridge," he said in his hand com "Here. "Where's Gral." "I'm here," Gral answered. "What's wrong?" "I'm on my way. I'll tell you there." "Jeremy, tell . . ." Jeremy shoved the com unit in his pocket. * * * * * When he entered the bridge Gral was pacing. "What's wrong?" The captain said. "Why didn't you tell me over the com?" "I didn't want to discuss this over wave." Gral stopped moving and looked at him, worried. He took a cautious step toward him. "What's going on?" he inquired. "I need to go to Earth, right now." Gral gently placed a hand on his shoulder. "Talk to me Jeremy, you're worrying me." Jeremy finally looked him in the eyes. "My mother's dying. She has maybe one year to live." Gral's eyes went wide, and pulled him tightly against him. "I know you guys can't go back there, after the last time, but I have to go. I don't care what I need to do to get there. I can't let her die without saying goodbye." "Oh, little warrior. Of course you will say goodbye." He kissed the top of Jeremy's head, and then let go of him. "Anyl, contact the ships along our patrol, I'm calling on Family Law, and they are going to have to cover our route until the council sends someone to take over." "Yes sir." "Toom, contact the council to have them send a ship to replace us, and tell them we need passage to Earth." "Family Law, yes captain." "Once you've done that, check with your contacts in the back rooms, We need to make it there, and like Jeremy said, I don't care how." * * * * * The station they were approaching was one Jeremy had never seen. Its building had started the year he joined Gral's family, eight years ago. Behind it, Earth could be seen. Jeremy's heart caught in his throat. Seeing it again, after all these years gave him a pang of homesickness. He'd renounced his human citizenship, and he hadn't thought he'd ever be back here, let alone want to be here. He'd started thinking of himself as kelsirian over the last few years, but he still knew that this ball of rock was where he was from, and it still called to him. "Unknown kelsirian ship," a voice sounded forcefully though the com system. "You have entered Human space in violation of the Krommer treaty. Come to a full stop or you will be shot down." "Entered human space?" Toom asked aloud, "what have we been doing those last hundred or so light year since we crossed into their territories?" "They're asserting their authority, now that we are somewhere that gives them the firepower to enforce it. Come to a full stop" Gral said. "I'd like to see them try." "We're not here to start trouble. Now be quiet." He nodded to the communication officer. "This is Gral, captain of the viper's Bane. I am calling on Family law. My government has lodge a petition to allow us to be here, and it has been approved. I have a crew member with a dying family member on your planet." "There must be a mistake, captain," the reply came after a moment. "There are no kelsirians on earth." "My Heart is human. His mother is dying. I repeat that a petition for him to visit her has been approved by your government." "You are correct. He is approved for a twelve Earth hour visit. We will dispatch a shuttle to bring him to the spaceport." "We don't need a shuttle. We'll provide the transport to him and his escort ourselves." "That's a negative on the escort. He is to be on his own." Gral snorted. "Sorry, but no. Each time my Heart has been around humans without an escort, attempts on him have happened. While he's more than able to handle whom ever your government might send to intercept him, I'm not going to just hand him over." "Fine. He can be escorted by one person." "Six." "What? I can't let that many of you on planet." There was silence. Gral looked at Jeremy and then around. It was becoming obvious that the human wasn't going to make a contour offer unprompted. "Very well, I will not accept one, you will not accept six. How many are you willing to accept?" There was another silence. "Four?" came the tentative reply. "That is acceptable." Toom ran out of the room. "They will be unarmed." Gral considered this request. To go down without weapons left them at a disadvantage, but would humans really attempt anything with the ship in orbit? "Very well," he said. "Once your shuttle is on its way, you'll be given the landing pad assigned to you." The communication was terminated. "Toom, when the three of you suit up, make sure you are armored against solid slug weapons, on top of energy." "In all these years," Jeremy said, "didn't I ever mentioned that humans don't haggle?" "I don't think you have." * * * * * Jeremy took shallow breaths as he exited the shuttle, and then deeper ones when the air smelled cleaner than he remembered. They stepped through the detector that had been setup at the bottom of the steps leading down from the landing pad. The security there seemed surprised when none of them triggered an alarm. Of all of them, the only one that had been reluctant to leave something behind was Jeremy. He was used to wearing his clawed cloves when he left the ship, and felt uneasy without them. "We have a transport ready to take you to your mother's house," the agent said, and pointed to it. Jeremy hesitated as he noticed that, while a larger vehicle, with their larger frames, the Kelsirians would still be tightly packed and make defending themselves difficult. He headed to it, and the others followed. They couldn't walk to the house, his parents lived outside the city, and he didn't have earth currencies anymore, so he couldn't hire is own transport. * * * * * His childhood house had barely changed since it's left Earth. The paint on it looked to be fresh, but it was the same color he remembered. "When do you want me to come back?" their driver asked. "Don't go anywhere. I won't be here long." Jeremy walked to the door, four kelsirians close behind him, Gral the closest, and knocked on the door. "I'll get it!" a woman said, and Jeremy couldn't help smile as he recognized the voice of his older sister. The door opened and an adult woman with graying hard stood before him. His smile dropped, she was only six years older than him she couldn't be graying already. "What can I do for you?" she asked, and they looked at him, and the kelsirian behind him. "Hi Beth," he said. "Jeremy? What are you doing here?" "I'm here to say goodbye to mom." "What? How did you . . .? Byron!" She stormed off. Yelling after their brother. Since she didn't close the door, Jeremy shrugged and entered the house. The door opened to the living room, where Marcus, his younger brother, by ten years was sitting on the couch. He lifted his head on seeing him and then stood abruptly. Gral ordered the others to stay by the door, and followed Jeremy toward the stairs leading upstairs. "What the fuck do you think you're doing here?" a gruff voice said, and his father entered from the dining room. "Hi to you too dad. I'm here to see mom." "Like hell you are. It's your fault she fell sick. You abandoned her to go with those furballs." "Dad, before you go insulting my friends, I hope you remember Gral, you met him on the station, when you forced us here with your fabricated story. He's my captain, as well as my Heart, my husband. The others are three of my best friends." "Do you fuck them too?" "Yes, I do. They're also very good warriors, they don't understand English, so they might over react if they think you're threatening me." His father looked at them and then at Jeremy. His eyes narrowed, and his face reddened. With a huff he turned and went back to the dining room. Jeremy turned to the stairs again, and this time Marcus was in his way. His younger brother spat at his feet. "Dad's right. It's your fault mom's dying. If you weren't a pervert we could have gotten the best care for mom, and she wouldn't be in this condition." Jeremy sighed. "Marcus, I have very little patience left for this family. You can thank dad for that. So you're going to get out of my way, or I'm going to throw you across the room." The cold look that accompanied his words left no doubt as to his seriousness, and Marcus got out of his way. He went up the stairs, and to his parents' room. He pushed the door opened slightly and looked at her, lying on the bed. She was very thin, and pale. He stepped in, and sat on the chair by her side. He looked around, wondering where the medical sensors and other machines, to see to her health were. He placed a hand on her brow and it felt hot. He saw the bowl of water on the night stand with the towel. He wet it and applied it to her head. She stirred and opened her eyes. She looked at him, unfocused, closed her eyes, and opened them again. "Jeremy?" she asked when she finally focused on him. "Hi mom." "Oh Jeremy, you came. Byron said you would. I'm so happy you came." "How are you doing? Where's all the equipment to look after you?" She looked around. "Oh, I don't needed it. I'm perfectly fine." "Mom, how come you don't have any support? Where's the nurse?" "They told me that if I called you a traitor, they would give me the best treatment. They wanted me to denounce you, to renounce you as my flesh and blood. I couldn't do that. And I told them as much." "And because of that," Marcus said, form the doorway, "she's not getting anything. They found a bunch of loopholes to disqualify her from everything. I hope you're happy." "Watch your tone, young man. I won't have you talk to your brother that way." "I'm sorry mom. I didn't know they would go this far," He was just one man, why was the human government so set on making him pay for being happy? "Don't ever be sorry. You have nothing to be sorry. I'm the one who should be apologizing to you. I should never let those doctors do those horrible things to you, but I was so afraid, they told us that if they didn't, you would get worse that you might die horribly. I thought we were helping you." Jeremy too her hands in his to try and calm her. "Mom, it's okay. It's in the past, and you though you were helping. But now I need you to help yourself. When I leave, I want you to renounce me." She shook her head. "Tell them you kicked me out, that you never want to see me again." "I can't do that you're my child, I'm suppose to protect you, to look after you." "You did mom. But now it's time for you to look after your other children. I have my own family now." He looked up at Gral, who placed a hand on his shoulder. "They look out for me, they love me. When I leave here, I'm going back to them, and I won't ever be back in human space. So I won't hear those word you'll say. You have to say them so you can get better. You still have children to look after." His mother look above him, to Gral. "Do you love him?" "More than I can put in words," he answered. "I will always be with him, love him, protect him. He is my Heart, and I am His. Not even the Gods will tear us apart." She smiled. "Alright, I'll do it." She closed her eyes, and her breathing calmed. Jeremy kissed her forehead and stood. "Don't think this changes anything. You're still a pervert." "Marcus, don't push your luck. She's asleep now. I can probably throw you down these stairs without waking her." * * * * * The transport dropped them off by the ramp to their pad, and then left. There wasn't any security waiting for them. "How much time do we have left?" "We're only been on planet a little more than three hours." Thuruk said. "Do we have anything of value we can trade?" "Depends," Toom said. "What would humans want?" "Here, the best bet would be precious metals or gems, something they can get easily exchanged for cash" "I though you said humans don't trade," Gral commented. "They trade, it's haggling they don't do." "I don't have anything," Toom said. "Me neighter," Thuruk said. Gral shook his head. "I have a couple of gold nuggets left over from the mission on Cresting," Houlin said Toom eyed him. "You went to that market?" "They have nice stuff there." "Right, nice stuff," thuruk said, miming sniffing something off a table. "Can I have the smaller of the two?" Jeremy asked Houlin. Houlin handed it to him. "We should be going back to the ship," Gral said. "I know, but this is the last time I'll be here, and I'd like to have a good Scotch, one last time." He started for the bar. * * * * * The barman had easily agreed to give him five tumblers of his best Scotch for the gold nugget, and he took them back to the table they others were sitting at. They attracted attention, but no one bothered them. "This isn't brougtfal, Scotch is made to be savored, so drink it very slowly." Toom sniffed it, then took a small swallow, a moment later he was coughing. They others eyes him and then their drinks. Jeremy took a swallow, rolling it on his tongue, and had to work at not reacting to the burning, as it went down his throat. He couldn't keep his eyes from tearing up. It had been a long time since he'd had anything this strong. Kelsirian alcohol was more about flavor, rather than strength. He had been enjoying his drink for a few minutes, the others taking very tentative sips of theirs, when Toom, and Houlin stiffened up. They made the other turn and look in the same direction as them. Two humans were walking directly towards them. They were all on alert when they reached them. "Can, can we join you?" the taller of the two said. He had brown hair, cut short and ha lanky build under his jacket and pleated pants. The other was ahead shorter, blond hair and a slightly stockier build. They both had a silver leaf pin at their lapel. Gral nodded. "Please keep your hands on the table." This surprised them, but they complied, pulling in a chair each and keeping their hands visible as they sat. "I'm very happy we've been able to catch you before you left. You have no idea how long we've been looking forward to meeting you." They were looking at Jeremy. "Who are you?" he asked. "I'm Patrick," the taller one said, "this is Louis, we're . . .." They discreetly looked around, before grasping each other's hands. "We're lovers." Jeremy sat straighter. "I was under the impression Earth had no males who loved other males," Gral said. "The government's trying very hard to catch any of us who shows signs, and treat us for them, but some of us are more resistant to it, while others just manage to remain undetected." "Why tell us?" Gral asked. "Because, you have no idea how much of an impact you've made on us, Jeremy. They've tried to keep what you did hidden, but the stories have been circulating, and our numbers have grown in the last years. We now have people in positions that can have an impact on the government. We have a plan in the works, it's going to take time, but when it comes to fruition, we will need your help." "I won't blindly promise you assistance." "I understand." He reached for his lapel, and claws were extended, making him detach the pin very slowly, and put it on the table. "Keep an eye out for this. It's our symbol. You will be seeing it in the future." "How are you making it work?" Jeremy asked. "It can't be easy." "It isn't. This is the first time we're seen each other in two years." Patrick said "I work on the moon, and he's on Armstrong L1 station. We have to keep our distances. We're both engineers, so every few years we're at the same convention, and we get to catch up. This was a special occasion, because of your presence here." "And dangerous." Patrick nodded toward the door, where two uniformed officers entered. "We have to go. We'll be in touch." They left in different directions, and Houlin palmed the pin. A moment later the officers stood by their table. They were the same gray uniform, and gloves. There were no identifying marks, and up close Jeremy noticed they also wore faceless masks. "How was the visit with your mother," the one of the left asked. "It was good. I think she's going to be getting better." "That's good to hear," the other said drylly. "Since the visit is done, you should head back to your ship. You wouldn't want to get in trouble here." "I have twelve hours. No even half that has passed." "That's correct, twelve hours to visit your mother, not loiter around, making the patrons nervous with your alien ways." Gral put a hand on Jeremy's arm. "We'll head back to the shuttle now," he said. "That is an excellent idea. Why don't we escort you, to make sure no one troubles you on your way."
  12. Chapter 27

    Jeremy panted, looking into Alix's eyes. The male's legs were wrapped around Jeremy's waist, preventing him from pulling out as they both came down from their orgasm. Jeremy straighten up, smiling down at his partner. "This just keeps getting better." Alix continued holding him inside him. From that first time, only a few months ago, Jeremy had realized that Alix liked looking up at him, like this. Every few days since then they had sex together, usually in the bed Alix had in the office, and it almost always ended with Jeremy kneeling between his legs, held in this position for long moments afterward. Alix smiled back at him, but his eyes weren't as jovial as he'd expected. "Is everything alright?" Jeremy asked. "Everything's fine," Alix replied, but again, Jeremy could tell he was keeping something back. "How are the humans doing?" "Humans? How would I know how they are doing?" "Don't you go see them?" Jeremy rolled his eyes. "No. As far as I'm concerned, we're wasting time sending them to the incarceration colony. We should just space them." "Did they reveal who sent them?" Jeremy tilted his head. "Again, I don't care. I know who sent them. The fact they wont admit it doesn't change that. Alix, what's wrong?" Alix was quiet. Jeremy ran his hands through the male's leg fur. "Please, talk to me." "Nothing's wrong, not really. I'm just going to miss this; engineering, you, the ship." He untangled his legs, but Jeremy didn't move. "What do you mean, you're going to miss this?" Alix pulled himself away, and turned so he was leaning against the wall. "I'm leaving. When we get to FarSpace station, I'm going to hop on a freighter heading back to Kelser." Jeremy looked at him, stunned. "You can't leave. Who's going to be in charge here?" Alix looked at him, smiling, and this time there was mirth in his eyes. "You are." "Me? I can't be in charge, I'm just your assistant." "My assistant?" Alix laughed. "Is that what you thought you were?" "Well, yes. I followed you around, doing the work you told me to, the way to told me to do it." "I don't have assistants. As far as I'm concerned, they are just a waste of space. You were my apprentice." "What?" Alix nodded, pulled Jeremy close, and leaned against him. "I have to admit, when you first told me you want me to teach you, I figured I'd show you enough so you could do tech work and leave it at that, but you are a good engineer. I know I didn't say it, back then, but you did do good work with the repairs, especially considering you weren't familiar with our technology. "When I decided you were too talented to be limited to a tech, I knew eventually you'd take over for me here. You've been ready for a while now, but I've been postponing it - Easy to do when we're nowhere near a way to get back home." He nuzzled Jeremy. "The sex with you has made it difficult for me to reach this decision." "Then why leave? We can both be in charge. I don't want to kick you out." "You're not. It's my decision. It's time for me to go back home. I've been in space over twenty years, with nothing more than the occasional stopover at Kelser. I miss seeing the sky, and it's time for me to start my own hunt." "Your hunt? For what?" "For my Heart. I love it here, but it's out there, somewhere. And I long to find it. Engineering is going to be in your hands now, good hands, so I can leave in peace." Jeremy didn't know what to say, so he wrapped an arm around Alix's shoulders, and held him close.
  13. Earlier
  14. Going Home: Great Oaks, Part 1 (an Excerpt) Going Home is a series that Explores the city of Tiranis through the eyes of Eric Clarkson, a returning veteran, who finds that he city has changed more than he expected in his absences. Each section of the series will focus on a different part of the city while Eric gets pulled into problems typical to that area, or sometime not so typical. This is about 1000 words of the 15,700 words chapter. You can read the full story here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/16302947 , as well as other stories set in the world of Tiranis by joining my Patreon at the 1$ level Going home: Great Oaks, Part 1 It was a loop. One of the logical conundrum one of the sergeants liked to recite. He could break the window, that would cut the loop, but it would attract attention. He widened the diagram to include the entire door and saw there was a gap at the base of the window. Very narrow and covered by a rubber strip. He didn’t have anything thin enough to slip in. And a quick look around didn’t show him anything he could use. An empty can had possibility, but it was too flimsy. He ran for the businesses, the one directly in front of him had a sign reading ‘Reignheart Medical Clinic.’ There was a hair and fur stylist on the left and a pharmacy on the right. He entered the clinic and looked around for something to use. “Can I help you?” The woman seated behind the counter looked at him expectantly. She was human, older, in her fifties; his mother’s age, the thought came unbidden, when he left for the army. With it came the reminder that she was now dead and he felt a pang of sorrow. Only he couldn’t deal with that right now. There was something more important. There had to be something here that would let him open the door. A lion in a doctor’s smock opened a door and let an older lemur out. He froze. “Eric?” Eric forced himself to look at him, then was surprised to recognize him. “Mister Reignheart?” How was it that of everyone in the city, he’d run into him for a second time? The lion smiled. “Do you need assistance with anything?” Eric began shaking his head, then stopped. He opened the door and pointed to the minivan. “Do you know who owns that?” Walter came to him and peered across the lot. “I’m afraid I don’t.” He looked at the older woman. “Jennifer?” She joined them. “No. It was there when I got here this morning. It must belong to one of the other people in the plaza. Eric nodded and ignored Walter’s questioning expression. He couldn’t waste time going around looking for the owner. It might explode during that time. Once he’d disarm it he could work on figuring out who the target was. He looked over the counter at what was on the desk, hoping the receptionist had one of those thin metal rulers that had been popular with his classmates, but there was nothing like that. Not even papers or a pencil. All there was on the counter was a computer, a phone and a tablet. Maybe someone in the waiting room might have something? Many of the women had large purses and they looked like they could contain anything they needed. His mother’s purse had certainly seemed like it contained whatever she needed, no matter how strange. But it wouldn’t be polite to just rummage through them. He stepped forward to ask them to look for something and a small plant with thin reflective leaves became visible at the back of the room, next or one of the office doors. Reflective? What plant had metallic leaves? And then the object resolved itself. It wasn’t a plant. It was a short pole with thin metal bands jutting off, curling at the end, it gave the illusion of a very crude fern. If it was an art piece, Eric thought as he stepped to it, he didn’t see the appeal. Walter called after him, as did a woman as she opened her office door, but he ignored them. The ‘leaves’ were thin enough, and there was enough of a straight length for what he needed. He broke one off, the weld easily giving out, and headed out. “I need to borrow this.” Walter and the others stood there, watching him leave. He cut the jagged end where the welding had been done and then made a notch in the side, to use and catch the mechanism. He slipped it in, having to force it past the rubber and then it scraped down the inside of the door. After that it was guesswork, moving the strip and trying to get the notch to grab onto the rod so he could pull it up. He could see the lock mechanism easily enough, but the metal strip he was using wasn’t technological. Twice he thought he’d gotten it, only for nothing to happen when he pulled. The second time he pulled hard in frustration and it came out. He forced himself to calm, he wouldn’t accomplish anything by getting angry. He pushed it back in and tried again. Steps caught his attention, regular, firm, approaching from the sidewalk, not the shops. A police officer had to have noticed him and came to investigate. Hopefully he could explain about the bomb without having to say too much about when he could do. As the steps came closer, he could make out three sets of them. When he looked in the window, expecting to see the blue and yellow of the Tiranis Police Department, he saw people dressed in black and wearing face-covering masks. He reacted without thinking on seeing the arm reach for him. He turned and shoved it aside, then brought up his in a defensive pose. The person before him studied him, a man, Eric thought, which was confirmed when he spoke. “You’re meddling in things that don’t concern you.” Eric couldn’t tell if they were humans or furries. Their masks all had muzzles, but they also had bumps where human ears would be, and their head covering would keep furry ears out of sight. It was a simple, and clever disguise. The one thing Eric could tell about them was that they had training. They stood relaxed, but they all had a hand near the knife each had at their belt, and they were ready to act. He couldn’t see guns, so that was good. Eric smiled. “I like to think that bombs concern everyone, don’t you?”
  15. Chapter 26

    Jeremy walked around the core of the anti matter generator, testing the new junctions. Alix and him had installed them over the week, and he needed to make sure they were able to handle the energy levels. Satisfied everything was fine he stepped away, and almost tripped over his tool bag. He put his hand on the opposite wall to keep his balance, and immediately moved it away when he felt the heat. He looked at his hand, fully expecting it to be burnt. When it wasn't, he frowned, and looked at the large circuit. He moved his hand closer, and he felt heat radiating from it, but no where near as much as he thought there should be. He looked around, at all the similarly sized circuit along the wall that was the back of the console, on the outside of the generator. He touched the circuit, wondering at the heat again, for a moment, and then, realization hit him. How hadn't he realized before why they were this way, he'd noticed that the inside of the generator was warmer, but he'd never made the connection. Slightly dazed he exited the generator, and headed to the office. It was still early, so only a few techs were there. They said hi, but he didn't notice. He entered the office, and went to the window over looking engineering. Alix looked at him, said something, but Jeremy didn't hear. He looked out at he generator. "How did I manage to miss it for all these years?" "Miss what?" "I mean the design is amazing in and of itself, but the size, why make them so large? I could build one a eight of the size and it would be able to do the same job. Let me finish," Jeremy said when he saw Alix was about to object. "I could, but then I'd have to add heat sink material, and even with that I'd have to use a heat treated backing, because it would still get pretty hot. It's heat dispersement. Because they're so large, they don't over heat. Sure, it means your generator has to be larger over all, but I'm willing to bet it masses less. This is so fucking ingenious." He felt arms go around his waist, and Alix lean in against him. "You want to know why the generator's inside is so large? It's because we like to have space to move about. You're right about the circuit's design, but I can guaranty that the size of the generator came first." The were quiet for a time, then Alix nuzzled Jeremy's neck, before bitting it lightly. Jeremy gasped, in surprise. "What do you think you're doing?" He found he was panting slightly. Alix licked along his neck. "I heard you had sex with one of the ships pilot." "You heard that?" Jeremy found himself leaning back against the male, who licked his earlobe. Jeremy shivered pleasantly. "The whole ship heard about it. I also heard the humans even got to watch." "Not for long." Jeremy's breath was faster and shallower. "They didn't appreciate the sight." "Then they don't know a good thing when they see it," Alix whispered. He nibbled along the cartilage around the ear, and Jeremy moaned. "You asked what I was doing. I'm hoping to convince you to have sex with me." Jeremy had trouble thinking, He was slightly nervous, but he very much enjoyed what Alix was doing. Would Gral understand? Hadn't he said he was okay with this? Jeremy realized this would be a perfect chance to put it to the test. "How," he panted heavily. "How do you plan on convincing me?" Alix showed him, and Jeremy was convinced. * * * * * Jeremy stood before the door, trying to calm himself. He thought about his box for a moment, and then dismissed it. This was something he needed to work through, not bury. He was dressed again, but he was pretty sure he smelled of sex. He opened the door, and entered Gral's office. His Heart was nose deep in his pad, with two screens up. He didn't react to Jeremy entering. "I had sex with Alix," Jeremy said, and studied Gral's reaction. "Okay," he replied, no looking up. Jeremy stayed silent, still watching him. After a moment, Gral looked up. "Is everything alright?" Jeremy looked at his mate's face. He'd gotten quite good at reading it over the years they'd been together. "You're really not bothered by that, aren't you?" "Should I be?" "I don't know, I wasn't sure." Gral pushed his chair aways from his desk, and motioned Jeremy over. He sat Jeremy on his lap, sideways, and had him lean against his chest. "I told you." Jeremy silenced him with a finger on his lips. "I know. You don't have to repeat yourself. I guess I just had to prove it to myself. I won't pull something like this on you again, I promise." "You saw I was okay with you having sex with Toom." Gral rubbed Jeremy's stomach with a hand. "Yes, but that's Toom, you like him. You have sex with him. I guess one some level I thought you were okay with him because of that." Jeremy gasped as he felt Gral's hand fondling him. He hadn't noticed him slipping a hand inside his pants. "You are free to have sex with anyone you like. Gods, you're free to have sex with who ever is willing, if you ever find yourself in need, and no one you know is around." Gral stroked Jeremy's now hard cock, making him moan. "This, has nothing to do with my love for you. You find someone that interests you, if they're willing, you go and have sex with them. If you feel strongly enough about them, take them as a mate. That won't change how you feel toward me, or me toward you." Jeremy was panting, and moaning. "I . . . Know. I just need to get rid of this human idea that only exclusive one on one relationships work." He groaned. "If you keep that up, I'm going to throw you over your desk and fuck you silly." "Good," Gral replied. Moments later the floor was littered with items that had been on the desk, and they were both groaning.
  16. The Incident at the lake

    7 Days before the Nightmare Valley incidents began. Tlyer McGuffin had a few days off and wanted to spend some of that leave time at the Lake. He had hoped he could Coax his " This is an open relationship but pretty serious" Boyfreind to come along, but it turns out Stuart had some corporate Business to attend. By his tone over the phone it sounded like he would rather be at the lake then whatever was happening. He had also heard what sounding like Stuart checking the workings of a gun. Tyler's cop senses had tingled and when he questioned what he was hearing, he had gotten answer that 'might' be true. " If I am going to have to dress up and prance around 'Red Knight Arm' like some suited ass i may as well use their indoor range, From what i am hearing one of the chemists wants to verbally incinerate me over something so some range time might be the best way to blow off some steam afterward." Stu had explained. It might have been true but, the combination of his police instincts and boyfriend bullshit meter had hinted that he wasn't getting the full story. He put all that aside for now. He sat by the lakeside, away from the little recreational lodge and docks where most of the swimmers like to congregate, leaning against a tree with his shirt off letting his not so small stomach catch some sun rays. He wasn't ashamed of his size, he had never been the thinest but years on the job grabbing quick meals and spending too much time in a squad car had filled him out a bit. He wasn't big enoug for the weight to hinder him much if at all but some some of the other swimmers had gripped about seeing "too many fatties" that day, and so he lay in the sun it plain sight to spite that person as well as enjoy the sun. This was a great place, the water was cool and crystal clear, the bottom of this lake being most rock so he could see all the way to the bottom. The lake was surrounded by tall trees and usually shaded except for times like now when it was high noon. The sound of people playing distantly was more of an ambient sound than distracting hubbub. There was a slight breeze and the large redwoods rustled pleasantly. It was serene in a way the nearby city never was. Don't get him wrong, Tyler loved the city life and its hustle and bustle but the gentle calm of the forests were a relief. It was like noise that amplified the quiet if that made any sense. That was why he jumped when he suddenly felt a hand grip his leg. He popped to alertness and took in the situation with a keeness years on the force had trained into him. Instead of being attacked or groped by a fellow swimmer he looked over to see a pitch Black wolf in tribal garb peering intently out at the lake. He had small copper bands on his ears, and painted marking made from crushed minerals and water to make a tempory paste applied for ceremonial purposes. The bands marked him as scout of some kind, explaining why his approach had been so silent, but his young age, maybe 19 or 20 and the fact the band looked like that of a novice scout, meant he was inexperienced. This why Tyler had checked his reflex to smack the hand off his thigh. The Poor boy was so intent on the lake he most likely didn't realized he had a handful of a portly policemen's thigh instead of a tree root. Something on the boy's left arm gave him pause though and filled him with questions. " Expecting Ghosts?" Tyler asked gently The scout jumped slightly and looked over. Then Looked down at his hand and realized his had was not resting on a mossy rock. The Boy silently remove his hand then braced it against a tree with a sheepish expression. The kind of expression that said "I am sorry for accidentally groping you" without words. But instead of acknowledging the embarrassment tyler's other concern persists and he asked again. " Are you expecting to fight a ghost? You have a spirit knife strapped to your arm." Tyler asked again and hoped the Boy spoke common. There were 2 full Kirfernav on the force with him and he could never pronounce any phrases they tried to teach him. He had also learned that Stuart's Kirfernav had a strange accent. Tyler's chubby love husky was Half Kirfenav so he was slightly exposed to the culture though Stuart seemed more comfortable with the Culture of the Old northern Barbarians that ran through his Husky side and couldn't tell them apart when he decided to mix them so he feared if he tried to ask any questions in anything but common he would sound like a lunatic. The boy spoke and all worries of sounding like a moron rushed out of the orange policemen. " Uhhh maybe. Yeah i have a spirit knife but i always have it. I was asked to check out the lake but not what for." The young man said, not looking as intimidating as night black fur and deep yellow eyes should have made him. Stuart's oldest brother had The Kirfernav yellow eyes so maybe Tyler was just used to them. Stuart's mother had Red eyes and she could look scary as hell at times. But this lad, just looked like someone told to do something and was tryring his best to do it without having all the details. A state common every species and culture the world over. " Let me guess, the great wise one, grandmother to many, gave you no details but commanded you do something of the direst of importance?" Tyler asked. The native wolf narrowed his eyes a bit but didn;t sound hostile or offended when he spoke. " Yes actually, though i wonder how you could know that." The Native said. " Boyfreind is half Kirfernav, Tu'auchset clan, and she pulls the same shit on him and never seems happy no mater what he does." Tyler answers. The wolf is now scanning the lake and the lakeshore and his ears are cocked to listen but he is still talking to tyler when he says. " Is it the fat one with the ponytail and grey eyes? What is her deal with him? He may look nothing like one of the tribe but he has always be pretty decent, he even hired that lawyer that kept Etonfiel chemical from building a pipeline through our land. No idea how he afforded that." " Yeah that is him, and he bought out Etonfiel chemical after that initial lawsuit that is why the racist ass owner never tried anything again." Tyler answers. Then he just realized he had no idea if Stuart advertised to the tribe he was rich. He always wore his shirt and jeans around tribal lands. Apparently The scout didn't know, because he looked back at tyler and raised his eyebrows. This didn't last for long though as they both saw somthing out of the corner of their eyes that made them whipe their head toward the center of the lake. There was a shadow moving along the bottom of the lake but it wasn't cast by anything. The Scout drew the spirit knife, off his left arm and gripped it in a slightly trembling right hand. He was most likely feeling the presence of the entity casting the shadow, The kirfernav all had an innate ability to sense Shadow and dark realm magic and could often tell the benign thins from the malevolent things from such places. The trembling hand told tyler this wasn't benign. " I am going to go to the cabin and warn everyone something is in the water, follow along shore and try and tell us how close to shore it comes." Tyler said suddenly taking charge. Looks like day of was on hold he had to serve and protect. The Shortest way toward the dock was to swim it insted of walking the winding shoreline. He jumped in the water and propeled his big body through the water with a swiftness that belied his size and spoke of contant exercise and adrenaline fulled urgency. The Tribes man didn't enter the water but he ran silently and swiftly through the trees toward the swimmers. As tyler was in the water he felt this eerie feeling that he had felt before when he had looked at some of the magical objects Stuart kept in his family home and out of the plain but spacious top floor apartment he lived in on his own. Some of the Stuff Stuart had when he enganged in magical things gave tyler the absolute willies and that is why most of them had been put into his parent's house when it was becoming clear that it was more than casual between them. This feeling he felt pulsing through the water reminded him of this Large book that had a series medallions made of silver and some black metal Dotting the cover. This was the eerie unease he felt when he looked at the black metal, but now instead of feeling large but distant it felt like there were whispers of it close by coming through the water. He Got to the dock and hauled his big body out and in a calm firm voice started telling anyone who was near to get out of the water that there was something potentially dangerous in it. Many looked at him like he was a loon and some gave him the finger. But Tyler noticed there were a huddle of people of all ages fast walking toward the shore and looking around at the water. They were to far away for it to have just been his words that had driven them out. Some people had felt it. " Hey man shut up you are scaring my kid." Complained a bear who was trying to get his uneasy looking son to paddle in the water. The very moment he said that the boy was ripped from his arms and pulled across the surface of the lake. He stayed at the surface long enough to shriek in terror before being pulled straight down by nothing that they could see and pressed against the bottom the crystal clear water showing his panicked struggles. Without hesitation Tyler dove into the water and swam down toward the struggling child. He knew he was getting close not just because of the crystal clear water showing him his progress he felt the dreadful unease pulsing through the water like greasy waves. Almost like a the pulse of rotting heart. Tyler also saw what looked like a tendril shape made of darker water. Just looking at this dimly lit stand made want to puke. But he swam on. Soon he felt the sickened heart beating in his ears out of sink with his own. He reached the boy and grasped him as the kid clung desperately to his hand. Tyler Pulled and the kid sliped from the patch of shadow. He pushed off from the bottom and was nearly half way to the surface when he felt a sickening sting arond his ankles he let go of the kid, pushing him up toward the surface. the kid got the idea and began franticly looking back down. The Bear kid made it to the surface but Tyler his vision going fuzzy saw another tendril reaching up toward him. Then he saw a shimmer, a shape of a hand it was like sunlight rippling through water but under water. It Reached toward him gracefully. But instead of grippinf his outreached hand he felt the ghostly but still some how very rough hand grab the sruff of his neck. It Yanked and the force holding his feet slipped away. His heavy body was dragged to the surface of the water where he saw a glimmering shimmerng shape forming in the water, It was indistinct but some how feminine and it was gathering the little bear to her tenderly. A moment later tyler's head broke the surface and he took a deep breath of air and gasping took stock of what was goign on. There towering above the lake was what could only be described as womanly figure, proud and powerful and strong, made of the crystal clear lake water. The sun shone through her but twinkled as if she were full of tiny powdered diamonds. She had the bear cub craddeled into her indistinct liquid boosom in a supremely maternal fashion. In her other hand Tyler McGuffin's body dangled as she gripped him by the scuff of his slightly meaty neck. he was held up slightly aboce the surface but could feel his feet and tip of his sodden tail drag the water as she strode with indistinct leg toward shore. Water flowed out from her in a conical fashion like a billowing skirt. Tyler got the feeling that he is being held this way, by the scruff of the neck like a naughty child, because she though he was being foolish for a grown man. As she stide proadly toward shore she can see that a life guard, a lean handsome coyote was swiming toward them with a rope tide around his ankle, they must have seen the shadow grab Tyler and all the swimmers looked read to have a touge of war with the beast. Now they were staring wide eye as this 8 foot tall figure flowed toward the dock like a glistening wave of diamond. She flowed up gently washing over the docks as she melted into the lake water. The bear cud was set down gentle where his father rushed to him and hugged him tight. Tyler McGuffin was flopped onto the dock without ceremony sliding a little on his stomach, pulling his swimwear down a little. He had a feeling the feminine presence that was still around thought very little of him for some reason and was laughing at his potential embarrassment. He wasn't much embarrassed and just levered up onto he arms and then stood up hicked his trunks up. He felt a vague sense the lack was annoyed when stood and spoke. " Ok lets move away from the water the shadow thing is still down there. We should move back before...." he was interupted by a shouted " WHAT THE SHIT!?" He turned to see a bulk of water bulged up and try to flow over the dock. Tyler heard a war whop that sounded Kirfernav and the scout, spirit knife drawn do a threatening dance between the mas of now inky dark water and the people on the dock. He was holding a pouch of something and the spirit knife and looked read to fight this thing alone. Suddenly a scream of " Stefan what??" and this mopy looking goth kid right next to Tyler, with heavy eyeliner and artifically bleached paterns on his fur,stepped forward as his face shed the apathetic sulk and twisted, became wrong some how, his cheeks too pointy and his bottom jaw seemed to warp and bend in the middle of the mandible, the teeth lenghtend to needle sharpness and his saliva turn black as his eyes rolled in his head. The eerie greasey caustic feeling of the dark creature and the dark place fairly bloomed of him. He lept forward before any could react. Tyler lunged but was to slow, the goth flew through the air, but not at the native wolf defending the crowd as tyler suspected, but at the mass of inky water, landing at the crest of this reverse bubble the clenched claws and weirdly wrong jaws sank into the water but held as if they sank into flesh. the Mad goth began srcabeling at the darkened water and the mas reacted as if in pain. Taking this opportunity the Native scout opened the pouch and threw the contents in a puff of red powder, some landed on the dock and some drifted onto the creature. the Creature made of inky water shuddered and recoiled at were the powder landed. Emboldened by this the Dark wolf lunges forward and slashes at the mas with the spirit knife. Where the blade touches the water there is a purplish flash, that seems to rip through the presence. The victory is short lived when a tendril of water forms and whips upward sending the you black furred wolf into the air and tumbling end over end only to splash down in the lake behind the mass. The mass twists and contorts trying to loosen the goth but it seemed his jaws were making the area around his mouth more solid and less movable. Almost everyone is falling back and running up the lake shore toward their parking lot but a few stayed and looked ready to fight so the others may flee. Tyler Stayed but he had no idea what to do, he had no magic talent he was aware of and he doubted punching or wresting to restrain the mass would do anything. He was a cop, he didn't know what to do, it was not like he could arrest the thing. He turned to the woman standing next to him a fit cougar in her mid 20's whose hands were raise as if she was going to beat the shit out of it even if it was just water. " I am going to go get my gun you gonna be good while i do?" " GO FOR IT AND YOU HAVE A NICE ASS!" She shouted then charged toward the mass. He jogged his fat but appearently nice ass up the hill toward his car, glad that he trained regularly even if he never seemed to shed a pound he packed on. He Sprinted up the hill got to his car and pulled the door open. " CAN YOU GIVE ME A RIDE I WALKED LETS GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" some guys asked in a panic. Tyler pulled his gun case out and flipped it open revealing his off duty piece. It still had the little underslung stunner that most police issue weapons had and he hoped that it would work on magical water monstrosities. " Not leavin bro, sorry he said as he slammed a magazine 10mm FMJ ammo into the pistol grip and a battery into the stunner. He was about to turn and run toward the dock when he felt a pull. Obeying that pull but not knowing why he reached under the passenger seat and grabbed. There his hands found an object he was sure shouldn't be there. There shouldn't be anything under that seat. he Pulled it out and looked at one of the creepy objects he had seen the first night he slept in Stuart's Apartment. It was a short sword made with a bifurcated blade style. In style it was 2 snakes, one silvery white wrapped around another serpent that was the deep black metal he would find out was used in a lot of magical things. The handle was their intertwined bodies ending in a pommel made from the 2 snakes mouth's agape bearing fangs at each other Their bodies and tail forked of before running parallel and becoming the 2 blades. It looked like some sort of artistic wizard's large tuning fork. The First time he had seen it was on the wall in the Apartment bedroom. He had looked at it a moment, thought it was weird and then rammed his tongue down Sturat's throat and made out with him. He at the time had the odd feeling that the gemstone eyes of the serpent's heads, an deep blue sapphire on the silver snake and a bright ruby on the black one had been watching him made love and then slept in that bedroom. " Aw fuck more magic shit" says the guy and runs off. Tyler agreed but he didn't let go of the weird little short sword. He had never asked Stuart about it because he had never cared. He ran back toward the dock with his gun, belt of extra mags and the short sword he had no idea how to use. It is not like cop's were train in sword fighting. He sprinted back toward the dock where the woman made of water had reformed and seemed to be swiping at the shadowy mass. The young cougar woman who had complimented his ass was punching and kicking at any out growths that got near her, but they must have been more then just physical as the tendrils tremble and disassociated when struck. He ran down the hill which he should not have been doing gripping an unheated sword. He was puffing when he began running down the dock. He was fast, and he was still in pretty good shape, but he had still been moving ever since he swam over to warn the people. Still adrenaline spurred him on. He got back to the wide area that the few who had stayed made their stands. The Woman of water was lunging in for blows but staying back, the goth kid seemed to be wrapped in small dark tendrils of water but they tor with a sick wet sound as he moved ab bit viciously. The Goth kid's arms seemed to be longer and thin with creepy 8 jointed fingers that tor and scratched. The Kirfernav was back on shore and he was limping back toward the fight spirit knife in hand. Now that he was back into the fray he had no idea what to do. Getting a gun had been a stupid idea, but he felt he needed to defend. He open fire on the wattery mass, shots ringing loud and muzzle flashing firing deadly copper jacketed lead that did as much damage as if he tried peeing on it. He Ate through an 18 round mag in moments. he he the mag release and the magazine fell free, but then he realized he still had the sword gripped in his left hand and would need to put it down to reload. He tried something else. He flicked on the stunner attactmetnt that shot a bolt of coherent electricity that traveled down a tuned laser. He let loose with that, light bolts of controlled lightening struch the dark mass of inky water. It did something, just nothing good. The Bolts dissapated through the mass, but where still strong enough to zapp the twisted goth who let out a gurgling scream and was finally bucked of to land crummpled on the dock near Tyler. Tyler moved over hopinbg he wasn't dead. " Dude, what the fuck?" The crumpled twisted goth said in a rather normal voice. His gangly form untwisted to get back to his feet but a liquid tendril shot forth at him. Without thinking Tyler brougt the weird short sword down on it. Not in a chop or a strike or anything at all sword like. The edge was not even in ilne, he struck with the flat of the blade. He struck at the tendril instinctively like a policemen hitting with a baton. Because well he was a policemen and he hit things like that. The reaction from the shadow inky mass of water was astounding. Where the silver blade struck it sizzled and sputtered, the water vaporizing. The Black metal blade seemed to send out a shock of force and light through the tendril. Tyler paused for a moment shocked then did something he was told to never do in training, he swung widly not aiming to dissuade and attack but just wailing on a target. He swung wild hammer fisted blows with absolutely no finesse, he just advanced and hit. The Mass began to retreat beneaht the clumsy inexpert blows flashes of force and quick puffs of steam filling the air. Tyler started to feel weird. His body began to move wrongly, well wrong for Tyler McGuffin his fat arms began striking out in swift jabs, and feinting cuts that with elegance deflected attacks from all angles, he felt is legs move in ways he had never told them, with grace in a dance. His right hand gripping his gun felt more his own but he had these impulses. He fired of the stunner at certain places and poked and struck. He felt this foregein elegence guide him as he thrust and parried the tendrils. He to his own amazment was fencing with the rapid jabs of a creature made of darkness and water. The thing started to pull back, it seemed slowed and desperate to escape. This weird excitement slithered through him as if a duelist was ready to deliver a winning blow in a entertaining duel. It was like the feeling he got when he wrestled against Stuart and they kept score that one night before they had gone out after a drink and then both found themselves interested in the other, but this was arrogant and refined. He brought his left hand low and slashed up with the silver edge and then immediatly brought his arm down cutting with the black edge. The mass of water split open like a body and inside he saw the source of the mass. It was a heart. a misshapen beating heart. the sword split in two and suddenly each side was pinning the side of the slash open. The blade was out of his hands. With a head rush he was Tyler McGuffin again, overwight officer of the law. But he knew what he needed to do. he dropped his knees and picked up a new magazine and slamed it into his gun. With precision but little ceremony he took aim and fired into the pulsing heart, jerking the trigger but keeping on target till the thing was nothing but tattered flesh. He sat there in the kneeling position and stayed tenese and ready for whatever came next. What came next was the inkiness fading from the water and it falling into the lake inert and lifeless. No longer part of a creature but lifeless hydrogen and oxygen. Tyler body felt a weird rush fill his tense muscles and even after he relaxed he felt of sensations in his body. He figured it was his body coming off of the adrenaline rush. He stood and surveyed everyone. The Couger woman was rubbing her arms and doing a cool down routine but her eyes darted looking for other threats. The Wolf native was leaning against the lifegaurd tower panting. When he saw tyler look at him he gave a thumbs up to say i am ok. The Goth who had transformed was changing back to normal but it was unpleasant to look at and made horrible sounds of cracking bones and tendons. soon he stoog in shredded clothing and was rubbing his fingers and grimacing. " You ok?" Tyler asks. " Yeah. I guess. It didn't hurt but now it feels like my joints are still all twisted and stuff, my hands look normal but my finger still feel all long and stuff...." he replies twitching a little. Tyler reaches up to pat him on the shoulder and tell him he will be ok but when he raises his hand the weird sword is in his hand again. He jumps in surprise. So does the goth. " The fuck? it was just there when it wasn't before!" He stumbles back. Tyler lets go of the sword but it sticks to his palm. Tyler grimaces at it and shakes his hand but it stays as if glued. " What the hell is..." he is inturpted by a sense of being ripped in 2 while he body stays still. His vison is cast in 2 opposite directions and he has no idea as to what he sees in either. The he is slamed back into his own body. his had is still open than the sword falls from his grasp and sticks into the dock. he stares down at it quivering. It has a new feature though. Between the open hissing mouths of the serpents floats a jewel. It is glossy and deep red. He looks from person to person. " Is it too early in the day for whisky? i think i need a drink" Tyler says. he doesn't want to touch the sword again so he just stares at it. The Cougar comes over and picks up the sword obviously seeing he doesn't want to. She claps him on the shoulder." That was some weird shit, She is some weird shit, i think whisky is the most normal thing right now" The cougar says gesturing to the woman made of the crystal clear lake water still there watching them. Tyler feels like she is somehow judging them in the way some family matriarchs do. He gets the impression she still thinks he is a silly little man who is trying to hard to be macho. He almost feels like confronting her about it. He turns as if to be led away by the cougar then stops and turns. You know what enough with trying to pretend all this magic stuff isn't here anymore. They may have science and technology and be on the cusp of expanding into space and all that but this world is still one that is full of weird things. Why be shy about it? He turns to confront the woman made of water. " Thanks for your help but we no longer wage the war you once fought. Both sides lost. People define themselves." Tyler says staring intently. " Why are you telling a living glass of water about self determination?" The Goth says looking confused. " This is an old spirit, from before the age of choice, when your fate was chosen by the speakers. This spirit thought the fox oversteped his bounds by trying to save the child and thus shape his fate." The Kirfernav says. The cougar takes a confident stance. " Ah from the fate wars eh, we don't belive in that stuff because it doesn't work that way. Was never supposed to." The cougar announces The Figure draws up and puts it hands on its hips. Projecting authority. " What uhh urkgghghhhhg...." the goth says as his eyes roll back again. when they roll foward they are like peering into a star studded sky. The Goth's face smiles, but it is a smile more threatening than when it twisted into the monsterous fighting visage. " If you doubt listen for the spin of the time counter's top, time ticks on but the hands of the chess-masters lay shattered and stripped of life, this universe was never made to be your master's game and they found the pieces did not like to be prodded. All their vast works lay in ruins and their minds stripped and consumed. Worlds made and worlds shatter by the whim of their laws not the tampering of your players. so go now puppet and think on what it means to make choices. you interfered here because you weren't told who was to die, and you resented the other moving out of turn. But think now of choice and what it means to tell yourself what to do, but also think now of the consequences of those choices. You saw how we dealt with that born in shadow and desire. By all mean save all in peril in this lake but do so of your own will and hinder not those who do the same." The figure that speak's through the goth boy cocks its head. The figure made of shimmering water stays still as if listening. " The silence is maddening is it not? but now it means you must fill the world with music of your own making, or retreat to the broken hall of the weaver and pray their broken forms move anew." The boy blinks and his eyes are normal. he looks around as if to assure himself he is back. he then Crosses his arms and rubs them. He sets of an air of knowing what has just happened but doesn't want anyone to acknowledge it. The figure of water is still there but is smaller and it seems now frightened. Then it asks a question that shakes them all. " Then what hand moved the sword?" None can answer that. The woman melts into the lake and the scene physically returns to the sunny placid forest and lakes that it aught to be. "I think we need the whisky even more now." The cougar says. She isn't confident and cheerful anymore. She is also looking the sword up an down. " Where did this come from anyway?" They are slowly walking up toward the dock house an parking lot. The Sun is shining pleasantly and the birds have begun to sing again. Some people, the ones who hadn't run off to the parking lot but instead hid in the forest start to come out and loo around. They seem distrustful of the placid loveliness they see. None of them dare speak and only eye the group made up of a limping wolf Supported by chubby shirtless fox, a cougar in a bikini, and a teenage boy with his arms crossed tightly utterly withdrawn. " I will tell ya all i know, but first i think the whisky will be needed." Tyler mutters.
  17. Codex

    Not complete. Will be added to constantly. Also acts as Glossary and notes for the Gai'talar setting. PLACE NAMES Gai'talar: The first known given to the world. An old name often used in academic circles. Equivalent to modern english using Gaia or Tera to refer to earth. Each Language group has its own word to refer to the world but this is considered the universal name. The Exact translation of the word is not fully know. Te'( insert name ) : Te' is the prefix to indicate a star. The races of gai'talar knew stars were distant balls of incandescent gas for thousands of years. It is unsure who discovered this. Te'naas: The name of the star Gai'talar oribits. This is the formal name for it. Many people just call it " The sun" in whatever language they speak. The Blood star/ Blood moon: a hypothetical 3rd moon that people of certain magic affinities feel and see. Used as a symbol in old magic texts. Is invisible to most people so it is commonly regarded as a myth or is so irreverent to their lives that it is just not thought about. Mostly considered a magical phenomenon and not an actually celestial body. Kurinessa/ the white moon: The closer of gai'talar's moons. Hesken,Ulvalter, and werewolves all howl at it sometimes. this frightens or annoys other races. It has the greatest effect on tides so it is considered very significant in Lutrondae culture. The Black moon/ Char'tem'hjerl: the second of Gai'talar's moons orbit farther out and reflects little to no light. Many cultures regard it differently, the Valparet dislike it and consider it bad, the Lontracant use it is a symbol for for rest ( Lontracant inn signs all have a black moon on them ) and the Hesken and Fanock think it is a damned nuisance when star gazing as it just creates dark spots in the sky. Some culture refuse to give it a name so will just say " the black moon" or " the other moon " when talking about it. Chir'tiris: The lost city that is the supposed homeland of the Skitritch. Many consider it to be a myth. Lutrond: The coastal kingdom of the Lutrondae. This is considered the origin of their species. The Wild Continent: An unexplored land that is the source of many legends. Mages guild: A world spanning organization of magical learning and craftsmanship. Artificer's guild: Wizards that specialize in building magic based technology but also does research into non magic based physics and chemistry. Paerkehar: Largest and most prosperous of the fanock nations. Earth: The name that humans gave to their origin. Kelthgeka: A mythological continent that is said to drift through realities. SPECIES Thethen: The name given to Mysterious first civilization. It is known that this is not what they called themselves. The word derives from " Thet theo thehn" translated as " The ones that came before" Nothing is known of what they looked like. Most that is know about them is from left writings that conspicuously never describe them. No Art depicting them has ever been found. Every species has a theory that they are descendants of this race. Lifespan: Unknown. Rapa-Putamlian: An as yet undiscovered ancient race of very technology advanced culture. They were contemporary with the Thethen but are completely unheard of by the Time of the other races. Their only impact is tales ancient tales of Flying cities though by modern times on Gai'talar these are considered either legend or belonging to the THethen. Some of their artifacts still exist but are considered of unknown origin or thought to be Thethen. A statute of one of the species has been obtained and taken to the Mages guild but no one knows what it is supposed to be ( Featured in story Old Memories New Chances). Rapa-Putamlians look like red Pandas to humans who remember the animals of earth. Skitrtich: Rat like species that stand approximately 4.5-5 feet tall. They are agile, fast and suited to climbing. Have taken well to sea trade so they are most common in maritime settings. This name is what they call themselves in their own language. Other Races have different names for them and range in tone, from the Hesken calling them " Sketlans" an affectionate term meaning " little ones" to the Valparet calling them " Vermampt" or " Vermin ." Unlike other races they don't have a designated homeland but did at one time. Lifespan: 110 years Human: Extra dimensional species that arrived mysteriously on Gai'talar. In most societies they are seen as outsiders and distrusted. A human language has become the trade language since human appeared all over the world suddenly so many populations learned this language and it became a useful way to communicate between the species, lacking sounds that were particular to a species or unpronounceable by any Race. ( You know what humans are like ) Life span: 100 years. ( Place holder ) Varulv /werewolves : Appear to be human but can transform into wolflike creatures. Manifested 1 generation after humans arrived on gai'talar. Origins are unknown but there are many theories concerning them. Each culture has a different name for them but the English or Swedish words is universally understood. Ulvalter: Wolf like species related to the Hesken. Far more reclusive then the Hesken. They are also far more tempremental and aggressive but are slightly smaller and not as strong or have the same endurence as the Hesken. Lifespan: 250 years Ulvalter and Hesken are chemically inter-fertile so they can produce fertile offspring with eachother so they are technically one species but have enough physical and behavioral differences that they are considered distinct. Hesken: The Common name dog like people that thrive in cold climates. They tend toward being large and stocky of build though all body shapes are present i the population. They are larger than many other of the races standing 6 to 6.5 feet tall. They are known for their friendliness and endurance. Their Friendliness has made them seem like pushovers in the past but they are considered the world's best fighters with a balance of speed, strength, cunning and their outstanding endurance has made them the strongest military force in the world but their disposition has been according to many the only thing that has stopped them from conquering the world. There were incidents in the past in which other races tried to take advantage of them through slavery and this ended very poorly for the slavers. Their skill at farming coupled with adaptation to cold climate means they tend to get fat but this is well accepted in their culture but this is sometimes viewed negatively by other societies. They make outstanding farmers and laborers but are also well represented in academic circles due to their dismissal of notions regarding class or species based caste stratification. This has also made them one of the more accepting societies. They are closely related to the Ulvalter. Lifespan: 250 years Lutrondae: The name of them sea otter like race that are most at home in coastal waters and kelp beds. They are the race most home at sea. The sea trade has put them in competition with the Skitritch and has led to a general sense of hostility between the two races. This isn't totally universal as some populations of the two learned to coexist. Lifespan 190 years Lontracant: River otter like cousin species to the Lutrondae. They Don't have the same cultural disdain for Skitritch that their sea dwelling relatives have. This lack of hostility is reciprocated by the skitritch. The Lontracant often act as intermediaries when dealing with Skitritch. Lifespan 190 years Valperet/ sionact: Fox like species that is known for wit and cunning. They are often considered the intellectuals of the world. They are at home in the realms of politics and academics. The Hesken are also an academically minded society so this has bred a sense of civil competition between the races, though some individuals ignore this attitude and work together in the pursuit of knowledge. Species has 2 language groups and thus have 2 common names for their species lifespan 230-250 years. The 2 cultures Alo: another foxlike species. This species is at home in the frozen polar regions and thus have had much contact with the Hesken. The societies are on friendly terms and often cooperate. Even though they maintain different languages the two cultures have considerable overlap in stories, legends and culture. Lifespan 230-250 years Drakkar: A legendary race. Their existence is unconfirmed and often contested. Life span unknown. Fanock: Large eared desert dwelling fox race. lifespan 200 years. Odd occurrence regarding their life spans is they will Die the moment they reach the age of 200.5 years regardless of how healthy they are. Why this occurs is unknown but it is general accepted. The day they reach 200 they start setting their affairs in order, paying off all debts and trying to make amends with anyone they have wronged even if the day before reconciliation seemed impossible. Their attitudes can change completely and they will try to rectify any wrongs they committed even if they did not think it was wrong up until then. This 6 month period is called " the Clarity " Baagh-raj: The tiger like people that live on the far side of the Fancok territories. Had less exposure to the rest of the world then the other races but that is not for a lack of curiosity. Until recently open hostilities between Baagh-raj and one of the 3 Fanock kingdoms kept them within their territory. Now that those hostilities have lessened the Baagh-raj want to start exploring the world and have the rest of the world visit them. They like other societies had an influx of humans 500 years ago but got comfortable with them much more quickly then the surrounding species. Strangely the language that those particular humans spoke normally wasn't much different then what the Baagh-raj spoke so they quickly reached mutual understanding. It also means the Baagh-raj never learned english as the trade language as other races had. Since the only other language they encountered was Fanock ( which Baagh-raj have trouble speaking ) they will have to learn other languages from visitors while visitors try to learn from them. LANGUAGES Human languages: Trade language/ English: the most common language brought to Gai'talar by humans. It appeared in some many places in the world when humans came that mulitiple disparate races of Gai'talar learned it to comunicate with the new comers that it became convenient to speak to other races. The trade language has the benefit of not having sound that any known Gai'talar race is incapable of producing. Arabic: Spoken in small pockets in Fanock territory Farsi: Spoken in small pockets in Fanock territory Hebrew: Spoken in small pockets in Fanock territory Hindi: Spoken in Baagh-raj territory and oddly seems to be the same language as what the Baagh-raj already speak. Minor differences in word meaning do occur but it seems to be the same language. Canid Languages: Djarlendt: Considered guttural and barky by many of the other Gai'talar species this Language is the main language used by the hesken. There are multiple dialect some harsher some more musical but all mutually intelligible. ( Closest human equivalent would be Germanic or Scandinavian languages ) Most confusing aspect for non Djarlendt speakers has to do with " Emotive Conjugation" Alteration of a word to add an emotional aspect to it. This can result in single words conveying complete sentences or thoughts. Ex: Just saying the word "song" Conjugated in present temporal tense and Positive emotive tense would mean " This song is Lovely" while conjugating it in past temporal tense and negative emotive conjugation would be "That song was terrible." There are about 5 emotive tenses: Positive, Negative, Ambivalent, Apathetic and UnConjugated also called neutral. Some Dialects of Djarlendt drop emotive conjugation and just use vocabulary to express the emotion of the speaker. Djarlendt also has a Negated tense that can be applied to any word but whether or not it makes sense. In written form it is a little stroke above or through the word. The method for saying somthing is not the case is to only negate the word or concept in question, not every word in the sentence. The Djarlendt and Ulval writing system has both phonetic symbols and pictographic symbols that convey an entire concept. Djarlendt has gender in the language but it is only applied to something that has a personality. Applying gender to an inanimate object would be funny to Hesken and Ulvaltar. They would either think you thought the object had a mind or that you were taught the language wrongly as a joke. Ulval: same language root as Djarlendt it shares the same sound palate and is still considered Mutually intelligible with Djarlendt though some words are different and speakers can not fully communicate. Also far less complex grammatically. A phonetiic shift in the past has led to distinct accents between the languages but it is never considered a big enough deal to for the speaker of either to try and change or correct it when learning the other. Urullul: The name for the form of howling communication that is instinctively used and understood by Hesken,Ulvalter, and werewolves, even untrained individuals of these races can comprehend it somewhat. It lacks some features of normal spoken languages and can be rather vague and unspecific in it's pure form so other languages are sometimes woven into it for specificity. One extra feature is built in distance counting and number of times it has been relayed. If a canid individual hears it they know instinctively how far away it is and if they relay it will add the distance and number of times relayed to the howl. Used to be used for pack hunting before civilization. The non canid races find this language creepy and some cities discourage it's use. ( Yes this is a Ban Awoo reference ) Vulpine Race languages: Valperet: ( Pronounced Val-PE-ray ) is a language spoken by the Valperet culture. The Valperet and the Sionact are the same species but they are different cultural and ethnic groups so they have different languages. Nasal in pronunciation but is most suited to the size nasal cavity of the Valperet. it is considered unsual when other species try to speak it as they have different nasal cavities and thus sound different no matter how much practice they have in speaking it. Ogharm: Pronounced ( Owarm ) is the language used by the Sionact Ethnic group. Is considered a lovely in not high class language. Lellia'al: The language spoken by the Alo. This language is considered musical and sweet sounding by most races of Gai'talar. When spoken harshly or aggressively that musicality remains but can become disconcerting. Fanock: The Language of the large eared desert dwelling fox people. Oddly similar in sound to middle eastern languages from earth though no common roots exist. An English speaker may mistake it for an earth language of the middle east but a fanock speaker would not be able to understand any earth language of the middle east were they to hear them. This Does not preclude them Learning such languages. Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew as well as English came through with the Humans that appeared in Fanock territories. Fanock is written vertically. Other languages Chir'kikkimissi : A chittering and squeaky language used by the Skit'ritch. This language is often spoken very quickly and it tone sensitive. This language is notable for being difficult for other species to produce. For this reason all Skit'ritch also grow up with the trade language so they are able to communicate outside their species. Lontremic: This is the language used by the Lutrondae and Lontracant. also somewhat squeaky. The two cultures have different idioms so sometimes idiomatic phrases are avoid when speaking between species. Both species use the trade language. Unknown origin languages: Viatorem: A language who's origins were lost to time but it is still spoken and taught in academic settings. Oddly enough some human words seem to be related to it even though it far predates humanity's arrival on Gai'talar Kzo'fck: An ancient language used primarily in ancient magical texts dealing with the outer realms of reality. Texts range from summoning outer realm creatures to banishing them and healing afflictions caused by them. Kzo'fck is not a widely used or studied language even in magical institutions. Many don't know it exists. CONCEPTS OF MAGIC Affinity ( Magic ) : A talent or predisposition toward a specific type of magic. That type of magic will come more naturally to the caster. Bio-thaumaturgy: The type of magic that specializes in altering the physical body. Healing magic as well as magically inflicting maladies fall under this type. Like all others this type of magic is neither good or evil it depends on how it is used but is often seen as holy. Magitech: A blend of magic and technology or technology powered by magic. A Boiler the derives its heat from magic instead of coal is still considered magitech by most people. Ritual magic: Magic that is performed by a ritual such recitation of words, writing of runes or hand gestures. This is akin to a magical computer program that is activated to make a certain effect. They take less mental manipulation of magical energy and are used for to cast things more difficult than the cast is usually able to do. These were made by many ancient cultures and so one language or writing system is employed to use them but they can only be performed in the language they are set in. Ex: A Lontracant ritual can not be performed in any other language than Lontracant. The Art of creating and crafting Rituals is closely guarded and is not an easy feat. Sometime Invokes outer beings for a purpose. Outer Beings: Creatures from extra or outer planes of reality. Range from the utterly vicious to the slightly quirky. Are recognized as a source of power by many cults. Realms: The catch all term for the different but connected worlds or planes that are accessible through magic. Shadow Realm/ the place echoes: This is a mirror of what happens in the physical world, a shadow of it, this is where most but not all ghost would reside. Is neither good nor evil in nature though many vile things reside there. Also considered the dream world but this is contested. Astral realm/ ethereaum: The realm that houses a vast array of places manifest. Can also be mirrors of the physical realm but are connected to greater vastness of things. It is theorized that this is where souls go after death unless something causes them to go elsewhere. Le Verld/ physical world/ Mundus, Miorgar : The physical world were laws of physics are consistent and life arises. Also just called Gai'talar Intent magic: This is a type of magic performed entirely through thought and will power and the manipulation of energies through thought and focus. Someone with an affinity will perform that magic type easily through intent even if they have difficulty with other types of magic. This requires no speaking or movements though many casters will move as it help focus their intent. The moments are simple gestures and not complicated affairs such as ritual magic calls for. Heritage memory: A rare magical manifestation of remembering all the history, stories or language of a culture. This culture is usually but not always that of the person who it manifests in. These are memories of how events actually occurred and not always how history records them so sometimes these individuals are seen as being very inconvenient. Artificer: Someone who specializes in imbuing magic into devices and technology. Also talented in crafting. Holy magic/ Sacred flame: Magic sourced from the creator of the universe and Deity of all Gai'talar's religions. Has grown more an more rare. Speaker Of the Sacred Flame: Sense 1: This is an extremely rare manifestation in which the creator of the universe can speak directly through someone or tell them to do things. The Speaker can even be completely taken over to perform a task. They usually don't remember this task and awaken after feeling no ill effects from whatever they were doing even if they were up all night doing intense physical labor they do not feel tired or sore the next day and think they just fell asleep. This state can last a long time. One of the most well known Speakers of the flame created an orphanage and ran it for 4 years before waking up in an unfamiliar city in a strange country and not remembering what had happened. Skills he picked up such as cooking and medicine mysteriously remained. Often called True speakers to differentiate from the title. Speaker of the Sacred flame Sense 2: A title give to priests who show holy affinity or have attained very high rank. Some churches such as the Alo and the Hesken will never bestow this as a title. Other titles are used in its stead and the term is reserved for sense 1 individuals. Totem animal: An ik'sophant species that is held sacred to an individual. It is not required that the totem animal be the progenitor species of the individual. A Skit'ritch may have a wolf as a totem animal. Totem animals act as magical scouts or guides for Spirit magic practitioners. Spirit singers/ Soul song: A mysterious type of magic that is not as well understood as other practices. Sometimes the song doesn't come from a person, it can come from a place or object. Can manifest in actual sound ( Vibration of air molecules ) and sometimes it manifests purely inside someone's head and can not be reordered or perceived through methods of sound recording. ( Gai'talar has simple sound recording and playback technology like Phonographs ) A milder manifestation of the later form can come in vague feelings. The are Called "memories of the Melody" and it has become a common turn of phrase to express a vague emotion that is not explainable. These can be positive and negative. Focus: See Focus in significant objects section. concepts of culture: Church of the Sacred Flame: The main religion of Gai'talar. Every disparate culture recognizes The Sacred Flame somewhere in their past and so it is condiered the universal constant factor in Religion. The exact Nature of the Sacred flame is sometimes up to debate but most recognize it has an intention and is beneficent. Sometimes the Sarcred flame picks agents to perform specific tasks in the world. ( See: speaker of the Sacred flame in magic concepts section. ) Saint: Saints are People known for their devotion to their religion On Gai'talar this term is preserved for people who do great things in the name of The Sacred Flame/ The light. Each species has a Cannon or set of Saints who did great things in their region usually before the cultures started mixing. Each Species Mostly learns about their own saints or the saints revered in the area they live. Not All people recognized as saints are loved by the Establishment of the Church. EX: Some Saints like Saint Gerund Advocated the celebration of love in all forms even between other thinking species, which at the time was considered extremely controversial. Gerund Stated that Friendship, comradery and even love should not be restricted by species only by Consent. At the time of this writing friendships between species were considered as outlandish as Romances Between them. Saint Gerund was also know for his extreme brutality on the field of battle that contrasted with his preaching of kindness and caring in society. The Hesken However understand his Credo to mean " Be gentle with all during peacetime, but if someone declares you an enemy destroy them." Saint Gerund's species is in debate as He is revered by Hesken but all the writings on history stated he was Not a Hesken but never say what he was. No descriptions exist of Saint Gerund and when questioned firmly there is no proof that Gerund was male as is presumed. While Gerund's status as a saint is not in question very few churches mention him in sermons. While the Recent, Saint Vaarouge the fearless is Widely Lauded despite having fewer holy deeds and no writing at all to his name in comparison to Gerund. Ik'sophant / NullSapiens: The term for any non saipeint animal. These animals are the non thinking base type and often considered the forerunners of the intelligent races. Each race has a corresponding Ik'sophant species that they hold dear such as Lutrondae being fond of normal sea-otters or the Alo holding Arctic foxes in high esteem in their culture. Ulvalter sometimes run with packs of wild wolves. Each culture has different relation to their Ik'sophant species: Lutrondae would be gravely insulted if you try to sell them otter pelts: Ulvalter will defend wolves as their own kin, Valperet don't think much about redfoxes at all and the Skit'ritch find rats to be little more than a nuisance. The terms are derived from the Viatorem language Nullsapiens meaning zero thought and ik'sophant from Sophant meaning thinking or wise being but negated by ik' which means not in the most widely used hesken language. Ranihm/ ne'mode/ Race caste : The Race based caste system which some societies adhere to. This dictates that certain races are destined to fulfill certain rolls. Ex: Because of quick wit and nimble tongue Valperet are considered perfect for intellectual, administrative and mercantile rolls and are dissuaded from labour intensive jobs. Hesken with their amazing endurance and strength are considered good farmers, labourers and soldiers. Lutrondae and Skit'rtich are considered good sailors and fisherman, the downside to this system is that negative stereotypes occur such as Skit'ritch being considered sneaky and theiving since they are small and quiet, Valperet being greedy cheats who trick people into bad deals, or that Hesken are only good for dumb labour and combat. These stereotypes are often racially motivated and not necessarily accurate. The Skit'ritch don't steal at any higher rates then other species, but be better at it and Hesken of all class brackets are far more likely to be literate than other races. Valperet are no more likely to cheat than any other race but their salesmanship skills make them an easy target for accusations. Humans fall outside this hierarchy and this is another for of prejudice that they face. Fra Velk: Anyone who actively rejects the Race Caste. This is consider a political label in most countries. It means Free person in Djarlendt. The term used to be used when slaves were set free by hesken warriors. Hesken culture has a deep abhorrence of slavery as Hesken were considered the best slaves if they could be controlled. This term is loaded with historical baggage in some countries and is well loved in others. UlvalRasa: English equivalent of Ulvalrasa is " Going Berserk " This is the violent rage state that Ulvalter and hesken can enter when in combat or cornered. It is considered extremely Distressing to witness a hesken enter it as it is so unlike their usual gentle and friendly behavior. Also since hesken are stronger then Ulvalter, Hesken can do far more damage. This state can be triggered at will and controlled if the individual is trained properly. In rare cases other species can enter this state through training or magic. VelkSjel ( Velk Syel )/ populame: Literally people soul. This concept is that of your cultural identity but is the term is meant as holding pride in your culture without denigrating the culture of another. It is a personal expression of your culture that you do not impose on others or allow others to impose upon you. Since the concept is so heavily centered on personal expression any harm you do to another person even if it is an expression of your culture is not considered VelkSjel. This concept was thought up by many species but the Valperet and Hesken words are the most popular. Not every society holds this ideal. Joik/yoik, Evocation with the voice, shishral, Gra'jul: A type of singing that is the direct equivalent to Joiking as Practiced by the Sami people from earth. " As an art form, each joik is meant to reflect or evoke a person, animal, or place. " Wikipedia. Several Gai'talar cultures have this type of singing. Is often thought to be the origin of the magical practice of spirit singing or Vice versa. Among the Alo and the Fannock it is called: Shishral but no one knows why they use the same word as both languages had the term long before they had cultural contact. Hesken and Ulvaltar call it Gra'jul. Humans or other english speakers use the Sami term joik/yoik or call it "Evocation with the voice" The Lontracant species has this style of singing but has no special word for it. Sometimes people are unable to tell if someone is trying to spirit sing or are just Yoiking. Sometimes the Urullul is lumped into this type of singing but Hesken and Ulvaltar consider them to be completely different things. This has led to some places outlawing this type of singing because they mistakenly associate it with the Urullul which most species find disturbing. ,Significant Objects: Gates: Magical gateways constucted by a long gone race. These are of various types and sizes and levels of complexity. These are usually found in Thethen ruins and are thought to have been constructed by the Thethen. No one living on gai'talar know how to work them, some organizations try to activate them while others figure out how to break or deactivate them. Belt knife: Many Gai'talar cultures have a tradition of carrying belt knives. The knives can differ greatly due to culture and function. These knife types have many earth equivalents. In some town and cities Belt knives and Fire arms are restricted. The Hesken prefer heavy bladed work knives similar to a Seax or Bowie knife. Men and women carry the same types a male and female owned knife have little to no distinction. These knives are meant to serve both as tool and as weapon in emergencies. These can be passed down in families but are usually made by the owner in late childhood. Both boys and girls make their own blades as Hesken have a pretty egalitarian attitude. Non Hesken living in Hesken controlled areas are also allowed to make them as a right of passage. The Alo carry smaller work knives similar to a Finnish Puuko men and women carry slightly different types differing mainly in decoration. Fanock don't carry a standard type but most if not all carry some type of knife. Usually suited to whatever they wish to use it for. Skit'ritch sailors all carry short bladed knives suited to maritime work. Families of Sailors will also carry them as a reminder of their family members at sea. A widow or widower will carry their own knife and that of their spouse should the knife be recovered. If both parents are lost at sea then the remaining children will inherit them if they are old enough to have knives. Guns: Firearms have become more developed and wide spread. Often augmented with magic. Stunners:Usually An electron thrower that can stun or numb the muscles of a target. though other methods of non lethal firearms are also called stunners. Thermal ( weapon ) : A weapon that uses concentrated beams of heat. Comes in many sizes from hand held pistols to ship mounted cannons. Do no damage other than heat, if the target is insulated from extreme heat then the weapon has no effect. Magical Focus: There are many tools used to focus and amplify magical energies. Allows for more efficient use of energy but not all magic users need them. Almost any object can becoeme one if properly modified. Here are a few. Rod: A wood or metal rod that has been augmented to serve as a magical focus. Is favored by people who expect to have to fight using magic. It is Sturdy enough to be used as a striking or blocking implement. Orb: A magical ball or Orb ( though it can be other shapes like a pyramid ) that levitates and moves with the users will. It can emit magical attacks and effects from it leaving the user to do something else with their hands. These are not as popular because of the mental effort and constant focus needed to control it. The benefits of it are the user can see through it and distance is pretty meaningless to orbs. They are usually strong enough that they are are near impossible to break. A full martial art focused around using an orb as a offensive and defensive tool in place of fists. The draw back is that some mages can send haptic feed back through the link connecting the user. Wand: The classical magic wand. Is light and maneuverable but is the most fragile option so it is not as popular outside strictly academic institutions. Imbued Knife: A knife that has been modified to channel and amplify magic. Is useful because it is both a tool for physical work and magical work. Sword: Some mage knights imbue their swords to act as focuses so they can switch seamlessly between casting and swordplay. They are falling in popularity but are still around. Staff: The traditional and oldest form of magical focus. Is versatile in that it can be used as a weapon, a tool and as a magic focus. Cane: similar to a rod but made to act as a walking implement when not used in magic. Can and rod fighting techniques are a little different. Ring: A ring used as a magical focus. Is not usual particularly powerful but is portable and concealable. Knuckles: Bras knuckles modified to be magical focus. these are favored for fighters who mix magic into fist based martial arts. Gauntlet/glove : A glove or armored gauntlet modified to be a magical focus. These are not as popular as they are harder to make them light. It take an expert artificer to make a simple pair of leather gloves act as a focus.
  18. A pleasent stroll

    Mr. Edmund Patrick Nunez was out for a pleasant stroll. He was one of the few wealthy humans in the 3 tired city of Mid-port Mountain. The city had many names depending on the language you spoke but they all roughly translated into Mid-port Mountain. The City drew its name from being a city with a decent port and mostly built into and on top of a mountain that thrust up from the ground close to the sea. This didn't make it remarkable as apparently many of the oldest cities were built into mountains what made this City special was a natural cavern in the mountain that served as a guarded port for some of the wealthiest of merchant vessels. A feature that had inspire other cities to begin carving caverns into sea side mountains. It was a lovely city and he live in the highest reaches of it atop the mountain. But when time allowed he liked to venture into the lower regions. It was safe to do so as this city had very little in the way of street crime anymore. So he would take the wonderfully built fast tram that through the miracle of clockwork and gears could see people safely Down to the base of the mountain. It could also be used to Bring people from the lower levels up to the top swiftly but many of the rich people in the upper city, mostly Valaparet sneered at that possibility. He got off the wondrous piece of technology and walked into the humblest section of the city, Dock-town it was where the series of docks and wharves that sprawled around the mountain transitioned into homes and shops. He was very out of place here but people paid him no mind as he had been doing this long enough he was no longer gawked at for the most part. It was not that he was waelthy that drew looks, wealthy people sometimes came down here, especially Hesken who seemed to ignore class separation to a degree and so wealthy individuals of the species would come into the humbler parts. It was not his Species that had drawn stares, human sailors lived and worked in the city along side the other races, and it was not his size, being somewhat portly in his middle age as again Hesken males were also large in the belly from the time they started puberty on into old age. No it was the mix of all of these that used to draw stares. No one expected a wealthy human to come to this part of the city and go for a stroll. But he had done it often enough that now one one batted an eye. Some like the pub owner, that seemed to open up shop at this cool early morning hour would greet him cheerily. He Strolled along the wooden streets and idly watched some of the ships pull in. He hurried slightly to be out of the way of the rush of sailors who would bolt straight for the pub and a hot meal not prepared by whatever poor sot had been picked to burn the food for the voyage. The crews wouldn't be rushing to get rum in them as most captains still rationed out rum to the crew. No these sailors wanted good food. He paused to watched the sailors disgorge and rush toward their homes or the pub. One Skitritch sailor chattered out something in the language which human ears were ill suited to make comprehensible as a female sailor, armed to the teeth with a cutlass and a revolver opened her arms in greeting then embraced the child that jumped into her arms. It was a touching moment made only sweeter when sturdily built male skitritch slid up to embrace them both. He turned and continued his stroll taking in the lazy pace of the early morning activity. Taverns and Cafe's were opening in preparation for the rush of sailors that would come the rest of the early morning vessels arrived. The Taverns and cafes were bare-bones in comparison to the upper city but even this more humble bunch enjoyed their morning tea and coffee. He strolled on till he got to the next dock in which a relatively fine vessel was docked and its crew working loading and unloading but they were in no hurry and were relatively relaxed. This was starkly and amusingly contrasted by the argument that was taking place one of the gangplanks. A Hesken man that seemed to be the captain was arguing with a Lutrondae woman who had her hands on the shoulders of a young lad most likely her son, she was laying into the hesken captain who was a broad mass of muscle and seemed to have next to non of the extra bellyfat most hesken males had, he was tall imposing and peering calmly down at this little woman letting him have it with a tongue lashing. Next to the Lutrondae woman was a Lutrondae man who looked to be a sailor with the captain's crew, and by the way he stood next to the woman was likely married to her. " There is absolutely no reason for you not to take my son onto your crew, NONE, and your relucantce to do so makes no sense whatsoever! By the sea we need extra income in this house and he is at the pefect age to start pulling his weight, ye employ his father without problem so you know you will have some one to train him up right off. So you employ me son this instant!" The Lutrondae woman says in the tone of a scolding school mistress. " Thar be every reason for me to decline, de boy should be in school, i'd happily employ him after he had some schooling of his talents..." " Don't give me non of your edumacation malrky that you fat oafs but so much stock in, this boy needs to start earning his way in life and this is the perfect place to do it!" This whole time the boy is looking over the side of the dock in what seemed to be seething anger. He was tense and presented the sense he was about to explode. " Now honey let the..." the husband put in calmly " Hush up you, your too soft on the boy you..." " SHUT YER FECKIN MOUTH YOU DIM WITTED BINT!" The boy exploded litterally in a sense, a pressure wave seemed to push his mother and father back a step and the hesken captain's hat flew off as if driven by a sharp wind. " YE SEE WHAT BE HAPPENEN TO THE WATER? YE REMEBER THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THE HOUSE WHEN I HAVE NIGHTMARES? WHAT FECKIN FUCKWIT WOULD TAKE ON AN UNTRAINED WIZARD ONTO A FECKIN WOODEN FECKIN SHIP THAT IS ALL THAT STAND BETWEEN THEM AN A WATERY DEATH?!! LET ME GO TO THE FECKIN SCHOOL SO I CAN LEARN TO CONTROL ME FECKIN POWERS AND ME FECKIN TEMPER FOR FUCKING FECKS SAKE!" Came the boy's thunderous below. Which was impressive issuing from a lad of 10 or so. " NOW YOU..." the woman starts in. " Look at the water sweet pea, I mean it" The Husband putts in. He goes so much as to push her toward the edge of the dock. Her mouth drops open and she stares wide eyed. Patrick Nunez could only guess at what she saw ass there was a colmn of steam issueing from the spot the boy was starring at. He supposed the water was boiling. " Now, while it seems yer boy can already curse like a sailor, he does need training with his powers, he be a matter shaper and storm caller ain't mistaken? Yer lad is right while untrained he poses a danger to the ship but with schoolin he would bring in 10 times what yer husband makes. So lets make this deal, he trains for a year or three then he signs on with me crew." " He has yer temper and the ability to boil people's blood in their veins, so i think that him training before sailing is the better option my flower." The Sailor says in a soothing conciliatory tone. She turns to give her husband a scolding. " one to three years, ten times the pay." The captain puts in. And this seems to mollify her slightly. But she shuts her mouth and nods agreement when she catches a wiff of smoke. The Dock under her son's bare paws are staring to smoke slightly. " Alroight then." She says sounding nervous. " Roight, i'm off to school then." The Boy says firmly then steps off the side of the dock plunging into the water. There is a rushing sound and the captain pan his head following the boy's motions. He must have been traveling very swiftly in the water, far faster than normal swiming would allow. " Yer boy packs more firepower in hees fingers than the ship do wit all it's cannons, Learning to use it right is the safest thing fer him and you." The hesken captain says. " That be no threat, i set me mum's house on fire when i was that age cause T'wasn't trained, a fact she never lets me live down. Anyway enjoy your time together." The large captain puts in lightly. And then walks off toward the loading ramp amidship. The Lutrondae woman turns to her husband with a darkening look and looks about to scold him for something. But she is prevented when a crewmen on the deck of the ship shouts from up on the rigging " Tem, how ceen ye stay married to that collosal bitch?" Said an Female Lutrondae who seems to be helping a skitritch to mend a sail. Many ships kept sails despite having engines because wind is often cheaper than fuel. " WOTS THAT MEAN? " thw wife squawks Patrick Nunez suspected non of them actually knew what bitch meant and he didn't want to be the human they asked to explain it. So he strolled on. He went on quiet aways until he came to the section dedicated to fishing. Most of the boats left before sunrise but there were some smaller vesels here and there. Among these vessels still in port he came across something wholly worth his attention. There sitting on the docks working with needle and thread was a Hesken man mending fishing nets. He had not bothered with a shirt and he was wearing a leather garment that would be compared to a kilt with pockets. Patrick had never learned the name for the garment but he did know that often nothing was worn beneath them. They were a piece of basic work clothing that provide pockets and surface to set things on your lap. When the wearer splayed their leg the garment was pulled taught leaving a impromptu work surface. He was large like most hesken males and a charcoal gray and had a fine example of the ample tummies that helped their kind endure cold climates and make it through winters on little food. He on a crate and with calm assured movements sewed away at a net with a large needle. Patrick Nunez had no idea what he was actually doing to the net, mending it making it or whatever. He just wanted to drink in the sight of the man. He wanted to bask is his pleasant roundness and strong body. As he stared he suddenly became aware of not being alone. There was a Sionact woman hanging out her washing but giving the task little mind as she was also staring at the shirtless hesken. Patrick recognized the look in her eyes, it was the same appreciation as his. She must have felt him look at her because she turned her head to look at him then swiftly looked away and went back to her washing. He stayed only a few minutes more as if drinking in the scenery of the sea and not just the site of the mostly bare fisherman. Then he went on his way. He understood the washer woman's embarrassment, there were still taboos around interspecies romances and sexual encounters. It was not universal but some places frowned heavily upon it. Gladly it was not more than looked down upon in this city, he had heard some cities had strict laws. Still he set off instead of continuing to watch the large fisherman. He walked 2 blocks then turned and walked up the street into a mostly residential neighborhood. He had time to dally before the morning commuter trams began winding their way up and down the mountain which was his next destination. He had picked this neighborhood not only for its convenience to the tram station, all the roads coverged on it, but this was a Predominately hesken area and he was trying to get to know their culture better as well as... well as well as their bodies. He came to this neighbourhood expecting to look into newly opened windows and perhaps some of them doing morning chores. He stopped short when he cam across something else. There was a group of hesken from all walks of life, they were arrayed arround an open coffin, freshly made. In it lay a frail figure, pure white and somehow elegantly peaceful. The figure was dressed in a style unfamiliar to him in a red tunic with paterns woven into it. The Figure was ancient and must have passed from old age. He couldn't tell the gender of the figure but from the snowy white fluffy parts of its furn he could see he supposed this was an Alo. A species that shared a homeland with the hesken but physicaly were unlike them, where hesken were big and sturdy of build with lots of extra meat to keep them warm Alo where thin but covered in dense soft fur. The 2 species were from the same place but so different but got along so well. Their cultures where similar even if they had a separate language. The group was gathered and close knit in a respectful silence. Alone among them was what looked to be an Alo child he stood at the head of the coffin. All were still and silent until suddenly all the Adults began to sing. It was an odd contrast, this group of fat burly beasts of men let forth a gentle stream of sound in perfect harmony. It was in Djarlendt the hesken tongue but in a gentle dialect devoid of some of the harsher elements it usually bore. It filled the air as if it had substance, it seemed to settle and rest on on the nearby buildings and it echoed as if it where sung in a cathedral instead of the open air of a portside residential neighborhood. It was deceptively high and sweet issuing from those thick, tooth filled muzzles that were built to crush bones and sever tendons. It positively danced gracefully through the air, not seeming to be words at all but a painting of sound dedicated to the one they mourned. Patrick shivered as he felt it run up his spine and move through him like a wind blowing through thin cloth, gently stirring it. It was like they were calling up the departed to dance among them one last time. Their voices fell silent but the feeling hung in the air. filling the street as if it were an unseen mist. Then The long child started singing. It was a musical language unlike he had ever heard and despite the same sweetness of feeling Patrick could tell it was wholly unrelated to the harsh language of the heseken. It was like hearing birds sing in a snowy field. It Danced of the buildings like the song before but to a different rhythm and cadence. Even though it was a long voice it sounded like hundreds far off where joining in. He understood not a word of it but he knew it was an intensely personal goodbye. The song ended but again a feeling remained. The A lone voice picked up. Its tone hopeful. It also was not coming from the throat of anyone present. It Was a lovely female voice. He realized it was coming from inside his own head, his own heart, yet it filled the space around him as physically as it had when all those toothy muzzles had been open in tender song. There were no words but the meaning flowed through him as if he was hearing it spoken to him line by line in his own language. The song spoke of an end to suffering, of life going on and growing even after it ended, it spoke of returning the vessel to the universe and to biding all present a temporary farewell as it moved onward to where they would all one day follow. He felt as if the whole of the world was lifted upward and the atmosphere lifted with it. He was suddenly in the normal world after feeling like he had briefly set foot in another. He was somewhat shaken by the experience. He stood there and tried to regain his composure. The Group started to break up, some left immediately and walked away briskly. Others stuck around and spoke to each other. One of the Burly workmen type of the group placed the coffin lid on and lifted if effortlessly and placed in the back of a vehicle. and shut the doors gently then he hoped up onto the seat in front and drove off with the click of springs and clockwork driving it. One of the hesken dressed like a tavern owner picked up the child and and spoke to him in the Strange sing song language the boy had sung in and carried him up the street in a tender fashion. Like this was going to be his care taker for the time being. 3 or 4 hesken stuck around and seemed to talk to each other. 2 were dressed in shirts like factory workers and the 3rd was wearing some sort of plain robe. The 4th was coming Patrick's way he was decently dressed, nothing expensive but nothing of poor quality. " May i ask if you are alright?" He says in well accented English. " why yess i ah..." Patrick nunez went into the blustery sounds of an upperclass person completely at a loss for words. " I know encounters like that can be unnerving for those not used to it. You experienced something most humans don't, the Spirit song. If you are headed somewhere i can accompany you there until you feel yourself again." " Why yes, thank you to the tram station please." Patrick concedes and lets himself be led off. After a moment he regains enough composure to speak. " I have been learning a bit of Djarlendt culture but i must say i had no idea that the Urullul could be so beautiful." "That wasn't an Urullul, if we had been doing that we would likely all have been arrested. The Urullul is banned in this city. That was what in english could be called greif singing, i am not sure if you have a word for songs of mourning. The last thing you heard, or felt more like was a spirit song, the feeling that the universe is singing and bringing you somewhere else for a moment. The Woman who died was a famous Spirit singer and that was her way of saying goodbye and telling us to not be sad." His escort explains " A few of the men who walked off immediately will most likely not heed that last part. She was well loved in the community and they likely want somewhere to grieve in private. For some reason The Valperet don't like when we grieve openly in groups without some sort of ceremony. In fact i would like to ask you not to tell people what you just saw, the Valparet nobles seem to be clamping down on ceremonies for some reason." The hesken looks around. then leans in conspiratorially. " Look it is obvious you are wealthy and live in the upper city, keep your ears open as to why some of the noble families are discouraging worship outside of the church, Hesken in the upper city seem to be being excluded or ignored when they inquire and the Valparet families i am friendly with have no idea what is going on. So if keep your ears open and tell any Hesken in your social circles what you hear." His close presence and pleasant voice have helped shake off the odd feeling he was experiencing and he was getting back into a more pleasant head space. " I will, though i am not sure how much i can find out." Patrick says The pleasant musk of the man has made him set aside his unease and has begun to thrill him a little. Begin so close in and having far sharper senses of smell than humans Patrick was sure the man picked up on his growing desire. Instead of reacting poorl the man smiled and asked him a simple question. " Are you by chance off to the den?" The hesken says with a slight smile. Patrick Nunez's heart raced at the question, he was indeed headed for the establishment known simply as "The Den" a name crafted for plausible deniability as many people understood this to mean their homes. But for those in the Know, it was a place in the middle city in the extensive basement of a tavern. It was a secret place known to only by those with certain desires. The Desire to mate with members of other species. By the slight smile he was unable to keep off his face he gave his answer. " You can also tell anything you find out to the proprietor of that establishment." The Hesken man says. They arrive at at the tram stop shortly there after. Patrick finds himself greeted by the familiar group of factory workers he has gotten to know on these little strolls. He bids the other man Adieu and then joins the crowd. They are all familiar with him and so don't mind when he huddles in among them in the socially intimate manner that he was told was a cultural development borne from a need to conserve body heat. Whatever its origin he had the pleasant sensation of pressing against the warm bodies of mostly hesken males. Some of them knew he got something extra out of the huddle than they did but let him in anyway as they were a non judgemental lot. All activity was blocked out by the huddled body of the workers and their conversation. He listened carefully to them Speak Djarlendt and tried to pick up words. He heard a few he recognized and listened to the interesting grammatical feature of the language that added emotion to words adding to the meaning of a sentences. He Heard that sometimes they didn't add the emotional continuation to their sentences and spoke all words unmodified and then they would add them in the next. He understood only some of the simple sentences. Like " I am getting stronger." and later from the same person " I'm getting fatter" but with the positive added to the " I'm" and to " Fatter" He knew that there were certin times in which hesken took prided in gaining bellyfat usually before winter comes along. But Patrick also knew it was sometimes used as an expression meaning " I am doing well while preparing for something." This Patrick knew came from when they lived farther north and had harsher winters meaning they would be using stored calories more often and would try to gain as much weight as possible while food was available. This lead to many little sayings concerning weight not all of which Patrick understood. The Tram pulled up and he followed the huddle in. Inside they stood and continued to talk. Patrick listened intently and tried to pick out more. One man said something about his father's shirts but what about them he didn't know. He heard the Person the other was talking to also mention shirts. Then said something about armor. He was trying to expose himself to as much of the language as possible so was annoyed when a Lutrondae woman started grousing at a skitrich boy. He tuned out the exchange. He picked up more words. School, Study, fight, all in the same sentence but didn't know what it meant. The other responded in english " Me boy just turned 20 and he is putten on muscle and fat fast, the girls won't leave him be but he is so busy building things he hasn't got time for girls. Or Boys if that be his thing." That is something that patrick had always wondered about, most races on this world were so nonchalant about homosexuality and apparently had been for sometime before humans ever arrived on this world. But humans when they came had mixed attitudes on the subject some fine with it others hating it. There was a well recorded incident from 500 years ago of a human man attacking his son and his lover for being gay in the public square of a hesken town. He had tried to kill the lover with an axe. It was considered the first recorded time a Hesken killed a human. Appearently a nearby washer woman had intervened to stop the attack and the attacker turned the axe on her. She had, according to the account caught the axe and pulled it from his hand and hit him with the axes handle as a follow up. The blow had been so strong it had killed the man instantly, shattering his skull. There was a poem written about the woman, whose gist was it was possible to overreact against someone weaker then you, and the sorrow it brings. To the hesken the incident underscored how gentle they had to be with other races as humans were not the weakest, physically, species on this world so they better learn to be careful with how they treated people if they were to get along. Humans learned from this that homophobia was not well tolerated on this new world and that they better keep that in mind. The hesken where one of the races that was nicest to human when they first arrived and a reminder that this kind and friendly race was also far stronger then you could also be deadliest enemy made homophobia in Hesken and Alo territory vanish swiftly. It had also just died out in most places through other means. Patrick was lost in thought when the care came to a stop and one person got off greeted by a female voice from outside. " Your son works for the Dr." One of the workman that he was pressing against spoke. The vibrations of his voice being conducted through their contact was rather soothing. A conversation followed about alchemy and the others turned to listen. This conversation went on until it changed in tone to dire seriousness. He heard a deep voice talking about remedies to shadow viper venom and Patrick hoped he never found out what a shadow viper was. Then as if summoned by this thought a sentence Patrick didn't want to hear. " They have been sited in the woods and in the middle city streets." Says another of the workmen the one that had been talking about alchemy who was a few bodies away from Patrick. Patrick was headed for the middle city and had arranged this time to spend the night there. He really hoped he didn't see any of these shadow vipers. A deep voice gave out instructions on how to use something the speaker was giving them. They took these instructions seriously and and all listened. A silent minute passes and this is the factor stop, all the workmen that Patrick had been in the huddle with were getting off here. He felt their bodies move and shuffle as they passed him. It wasn't fully unpleasant but it was sad to have them leave. Even if he did get a somewhat sexual thrill from them he still felt a kinships with these men. They got off and left him with the 2 passengers on the far end of the car. A good look at one of them erased any thoughts of a boring rest of the ride. The 2 could not be more different an elderly Sionact dressed in a duffel coat. holding some parcels was sitting on the far side of the most glorious person Patrick had ever seen. He was snowy white making patrick think for a moment that this was an enormous Alo, but his familiarity with Djarlendt culture showed that while his tunic was similar in style to what he had head described as alo dress, the patterns on the short sleeves and the short sleeves themselves showed this was a Hesken, and he was big. Big even by hesken standards. He would tower over any crowd and he was as Half again as thick as most burly hesken. He also had a massive pillow belly that hung across his belt as he sat. Patrick knew he had to talk to this man about something. Committed to speaking but not yet knowing what about he greeted them. " How do you do gentlemen?" He asked politely and quickly took them both in again. He had it, a reason to speak. The Smaller Sionact nodded politely and looked uncomfortable but also as if he was thinking. Possibly thinking what someone as well dressed as Patrick Nunez was doing speaking to someone of his lower class. The Hesken just looked him swiftly up and down in a way he had seen many people of all classes do, this was a quick threat assessment and plan to react if attacked. He had seen Nobles do it, he had seen workers do it, he had seen the guard do it. The huge man in a second had taken in his size, posture, attitude, and armaments. After this quick assessment the large being speaks. " We fare well, how do you do this morning." The snowy white behomoth replied politely. Then with no hesitantion he follows up with "May i observe that you were accepted as part of the huddle despite Your difference of species, can i inquire about that?" So this would be easy. In his quick scan of patrick he most likely noticed the slight swell in the front of his trousers but and most like knew the answer but was letting him engage anyway. " I am very well and yes i often engage in the huddle with Hesken, they are far more accepting of humans generally even in urbane areas such as this, so i have learned their customs more readily, Plus as a species your kind seem to care less about class so i can find safety from miscreants among most any group of hesken." He answered completely truthfully But leaving out the other reason unspoken. He steps closer and continues " I see as far as blades go you prefer The Bowie Knife instead of more traditional Patterns, may i ask about that?" He asks having a good look on the huge knife at the giant's side. " Yes, I find the Bowie knife style of blade better for fighting, I like the hand guards often absent from traditional hesken pattern knives which are made to be tools first and weapons only if need be. Plus i can fully sharpen the back edge of the clip point giving me another cutting surface while leaving plenty of flat spine, The Bowie pattern makes for a knife more suited to combat but it sacrifices non of it's usefulness as a tool." He responds simply and clearly. He either gave lots of thought to his weapons or had been asked this before. Maybe both. He had taken some Martial arts classes that taught the upper class fighting styles and he had heard other species say much the same. He continued. " I see, makes perfect sense, the Bowie knife is a human invention you know? " He says to start a long conversation, it was generally excepted that Bowie knives were brought here by humans from earth but the fact is many of the features of the bowie knife had been recorded in history books pre human arrival so it was a topic they could discuss. The Lontracant, the river cousins of the Lutrondae had smaller knives very like Bowie knives. He was read for his discussion to begin so he could look at this man some more but the tram dinged and this is where he would get off to head to the den. He tips his hat politely and gets off hopping to see the large white figure again. And Fervently hoping that the large white figure showed up at The Den one night. He walks briskly down the streets His mind thoroughly on his destination. The encounter with the magnificent white figure with the piercing yellow eyes and flabby soft looking face had put him in need to be at the den post haste. He turned down a alley that brought him to the side of a positively huge stone building that housed a tavern and hotel, the alley wasn't empty there were some skitritch in it talking, but they paid him no mind and he in turn left them to their business. He came to a wooden door, a simple sturdy wooden door in the middle of the wall he knocked. There was no code knock or anything you just knocked on the door. it was the only door in this alley and deliveries of good didn't come in this way, they came on the otherside which also had an alley but it was wider an would be a street if it led anywhere. It only lead to a wall put there so people didn't fall off the cliff that marked the end of the building. The door was opened and a bored looking skitritch showed him in. No need for a password the little doorman Knew Edmund Patrick Nunez well. The Doorman wasn't being rude or anything he always looked bored. He had seen the little man look bored during a knife fight. Patrick knew the one thing that wiped the bored look of his face and she was currently out at sea. " Cheer up lad, she will be back in a week." Patrick said as the bored little man shut the door behind them. " I gave her my smile, so i will only have it when she returns it to me." He says rather poetically. In fact Patrick thought he actually was a poet. If he remembered this man had been born in a hard life but had a father that stuck by him and would steal books to read to the boy. He had grown up hard on the street but began writing poetry so impressive that a guard captain sent both the street rats to work at a school instead of going to jail. Patrick thought the man's father still worked as a librarian at the school. Patrick just tips his hat to the man and walks into a little bar. This Bar is separated from the rest of the grand hotel and tavern except through small hallways, they would not need to worry about prying eye or crowds. Inside he sees a Hesken man he had never seen before, he was holding s shotgun over his shoulder and chatting with the Sionact barman. " I'm telling ya i don't need it, nothing bad happens here, he has the best patrons on the continent." the Sionact says. " Then i will just pick it up when i next come by." The hesken says and leans over the counter and puts the shotgun, an impressive piece of steel and brass with sawn off stock and a strap with extra shells on it. there is a small thump and the hesken's hand come back empty, while he it leaned over he kisses the barman on the top of the head. He turns and walks out with a pistol on each hip and squeezes past Patrick, but giving the middle aged human's belly a friendly pat as he passes. " Hello there Mr.Nunez, get you a drink." The barman says. " Sure, Surprise me with something new." Patrick says he is always delighted to try something new. " Ah i got this Fannock drink, rather sweet, but it is potent." The barman pours the drink. " That your man, with all the guns?" Patrick says as he sits down and sips the drink. " Oh yes, that's me husband and he says he has a feeling something bad is gonna happen so left me light's fist, he names his bleedin weapons He must be really concerned because he love that shotgun to bits." The Barman explains " Oh and that little belly pat, he is a flirty one and may be askin you to join us one night." Patrick smiles at this, Hesken are kinda his thing. He was hoping that some would be here today, it was still rather early, not yet 8 am. As full as his day had seemed it had only been a few hours since he left his bed to take his round about stroll to here. It was still too early to descend into the Den proper as likely anyone down there would be sleeping still. So instead he sipped his drink and waited for others to arrive. " Since we can jump straight to the intimate details here, how does one usually include a 3rd? it is something i have yet to try." Patrick ask. " There are a number of ways, me personal favorite is to be sandwiched between them. I am not the real expert though you should ask Tillerand Hjulsteed, he is in a 3 way marriage, though he has a husband and a wife so half of his repertoire mightn't be your cup of tea. " " I have been meaning to ask, when 2 men marry how is it decided whose name is the family name, among humans the woman takes the man's name While Hesken add their spouse's name to theirs, how did you do it, when you married your husband?" Patrick asks with keen interest and completely shedding all manners relating to inter class communication. Here Everyone was to be considered on equal footing. " In my case he took my last name. Me man didn't have a family, he was found in the forest by a mage who adopted him. There is a tradition among some of the northern people that when you find a baby you don't put your family name on him until he chooses to take it, sometimes such kids never choose to take their adoptive name and just have a first name. That was Kollharve case, Mainly because it wasn't one mage who raised him but 3 so he didn't choose to play favorites. If he had taken all 3 his name wouldn't fit on anything. Plus one of them Was fannock and i never could pronouce his name." " No you never haven't mr. Okreen" Comes a voice from the shadows. Patrick Nunez sits up startled but the barman just rolls his eyes, " Hello oh one of the impronounceable name." A short slender figure steps out of the shadows. " I come because harv, had a bad feeling and he wanted me to give you stuff do ward off every evil known to me and such. Just take these." The black robbed figure with astonishingly large ears sets some books and silver curved knife. One was a small coppy of the hymns to the sacred flame, the dominate well more like only, religion of Gai'talar. " You know what to do, if it isn't driven away by praying stab it." The Figure says. " Though i take it the Skitritch who is sneaking up on me is more the stabby sort than you are?" Patrick had Barly noticed but the Bored Doorman was stealthy moving up from behind the figure. And if Patrick rembered correctly he was indeed skilled with a knife. " I will show myself back to the main tavern, i just walked down the little hallway so no magical grand exit." The Figure turns and walks off into the shadows but an opening and closing door shows that indeed his exit was mundane. " All of his foster parent's better not show up and leave me a weapon or else i will be buried in them. Lalenria would give me bombs, i don't want bombs in me bar." The Barman says and puts away all the things that were left on the bar for him. He pauses and looks at one of the books. " That was sweet, though, these are Saint Gerund's writings which command that love in all its forms is sacred. One of the first holymen to proclaim inter-species love valid if they both have thinking consenting minds. We have a drink name after Saint Gerund." " A tender heart did beat in the bosom of Gerund, and a bloody one beat in his hand." The Bored Skitritch " What does he mean?" Patrick says confused. Each species had their saints but no one bothered to learn them all. " One time Gerund ripped a man's heart out and crushed it in his fist. But the man in question was a genocidal despot. I think he would rather be remembered for his writing on love and love making." The barman said and put the book behind the bar. A knock sounded and the skitritch went to answer the door. " Speaking of lovemaking do you know if there will be a bard performing during tonight's activities or will love be our only song?" Patrick asked to divert his attention from the weird history of long dead saints. " Not that i know of, but who know who might show up. Besides i think some people such as yourself are not going to wait until tonight to start off festivities." He says playfully to Patrick. Before he can answer 2 gentlemen are lead inside one is a gentleman in the truest sense of the word, well dressed like Patrick but in more ornate Valparet style, he is heavy for a valparet packing on a decent belly for such a usually thin species and the other is Lontracnt sailor. The sailor took a seat at a table in the corner and within moments of him sitting he leaned against the wall his head dipped and he was gently snoring. The Expensively dressed Valparet caught site of Patrick Nunez and sauntered over pulling a seat at the bar and leaned in to speak with him. " Well hello, i had hoped to meet a juicy pear such as yourself today but the universe hasn't made me wait." " Drink sir?" The barman asked politely but was ignored The plump Valparet began to discus delightfully scandalous things that men of their size could do together. Leaving the sioncat Barman to clean glasses when the glasses where cleaned he had the option of fiddidling with the things behind the bar which were the books, the knife and the shotgun. He chose to pick up the knife instead of the shotgun, and was testing it's grip and how it slid in and out of the sheath. " A drink barman." the plump valperet says only to look over seeing the barman unsheathe a wicked looking curved knife. " Right away sir," the barman says then swiftly uses the knife to slice a piece of fruit which adorned a glass with and then poured in precise amounts of ingredients making sure they went over the fruit. He then presented a colorful drink with a slight layer effect, to the plump valparet who had lost all tenseness from seeing the knife and took his drink in a haughty silence. " Now if only we could find a 3rd, to suit our tastes.." Patrick Nunez says lustfully. The door opens and in walks a hesken sailor, he is wearing nothin but a short canvas vest and a pair of Burlap trousers that end above his knees. he is a plain brown and the only color about him is a faded green sash around his hips. Patrick and the Valparet grin at eachother and get up to pitch him a proposition. The barman smiles as it seems everyone was about to get what they wanted. " I hear me boy suspects trouble so i brought you these" A lilting female voice comes from behind and to the side. A satchel full of heavy round objects is droped into the Barman's hands. He looks over to see Master alchemist Lalenria TuSean grinning wide as she dropped as sizable bag of explosives into his hands. No one really wants to have their mad adoptive in laws to bring bombs into a bar, but here he was. The 3 men in the room were so deep in flirting they saw none of this. He just stared and his eye twitched as he contemplated barring that damn service door.
  19. LoK Vol I Chapter 2 41

    Looks gorgeous Corvus, I have no idea where this is going, which is fantastically wonderful
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    It was suggested that a thread be started to suggest tags for the tagging system in addition to what is already present. In Genre i would add: World Building, Poetry, Song/lyrics, Mystery, Murder Mystery and, Codex ( if people want to make glossaries so readers can check up on a term used in the story they are not sure of, like i have. ) I might also add: Political, philosophical, observational ( those these can become lightning rods for controversy so their exclusion would make sense. ) As for a body parts list that was proposed in the discord i would add: Penis, Vagina, paws, hands, Belly, neck, arms, Biceps, muscles, tail, ears, ( Pick of these what you would like ) In Interaction i would suggest: Solo, masturbation, Combat, fight, ( Because not all stories will be porn or romantic in nature ) Some might want a Species Section but that could become insane rather swiftly. Ok feel free to add your own suggestions.
  21. Chapter 25

    "Querik said something," Jeremy said, "back when I first met him, that I'm curious about." They were curled up in bed, after a long session of sex. It had been about a month since he'd finally over come the last of what had been done to him on that station, almost two years ago, and they had been enjoying that time, a lot. "What did he say?" Gral asked, when Jeremy didn't continue. Jeremy shook himself back to the present. "He said that kelsirians were warriors. That you attack problems, instead of just letting them pull you down." Gral thought for a moment. "I suppose that yes, as a whole we are warriors. Why are you curious about that?" "The ship's pilot, he's been giving me dirty looks." "Which one?" "The gray one, with splotches of white." "That's Toom." "If he doesn't like me, why doesn't he just confront me or something? Instead of just giving me those looks?" "Some of us are more warrior like than others, but in his case, I think it's worry over what I might do if he confronts you. We used to be close, until you came along." "So he thinks I stole you away from him?" "I don't know what he thinks. Maybe you should be the one to confront him about it. Remember, you are also a warrior." The com interrupted Jeremy's reply. "Captain, we've just docked with the station." "Very well. Tell them I'm on my way." Gral rolled out of bed, and Jeremy grabbed his hand before he could walk away. "Do you really have to go? I'm worried about what they might do." "I can't ignore a direct order. And don't worry, you're perfectly safe on the ship." "I'm afraid of what they might do to you." Gral smiled. "I hope they try something. I want an excuse to sink my claws in them." He kissed Jeremy, before heading out to clean up and then go deal with this meeting. * * * * * They only kept him sitting in the audience for two hours this time, while a kelsirian ambassador, humans and taouling discussed government matters. He approached the table when called. "Where is my son?" one of the humans asked. The human representative silenced him with a look, and turned back to Gral. "The order was for both you and mister Krommer to be present, where is he?" "The last time I allowed Jeremy to be on the same station as humans, he was kidnapped and tortured. He decided he wasn't going to risk that happening a second time." "He decided? Or you did you decide for him? Maybe you locked him up somewhere on your ship to make sure he couldn't beg us to free him from you." "I don't know how you treat you mates, but I wouldn't imprison him anywhere, or let anyone else do it to him. He has free reign of the ship." "That is easy for you to say while we are sitting here, with no way to verify this. Would you be willing to let some of our people inside you ship so we can verify that he is indeed free to move about as he pleases?" "No," Gral replied flatly. "Let me make something clear. The only reason I came here, inside human space, to your station, is that I was ordered to. I have no desire to deal with anyone of your species. But if you want proof that Jeremy isn't a prisoner, I can provide it." He looked at the controls in front of him. "Does your com system have vid capability?" "Of course," the human replied. Gral contacted his ship. "Viper's bane, here." "Ar'ridian, Gralgiranselhelrarvnir here." He continued in English, for the benefits of the humans. "Where is Jeremy?" There was a moment of silence. "He's in the level three, front aft recreation room." The reply also came back in English. "Good. Send the video feed to my location." "Aren't you in the meeting room, with the humans?" "I am." "I'm not sure it's a good idea for them to see the feed." Gral frowned. "Just send the feed. We'll judge if it's appropriate or not." "Very well, captain." A moment later the room appeared over the table. The camera was at a high angle so all they could really see was Jeremy's naked back and legs. It took a moment for Gral to realize that he had a set of gray furry legs on his shoulder and that he was thrusting, rather energetically. He tilted his head, trying to figure out who Jeremy was with. Was that Toom? "Oh dear Gods," the kelsirian ambassador said, "please turn this off." Gral cut the feed, surprised, but pleased that Jeremy had decided to confront Toom. "See," the human said, "even your ambassador can't stand watching this kind of abomination." "You misunderstand the reason for my request," the ambassador said, fanning himself. "At my age, being surprised by such an exciting scene isn't good for my heart." "What? You can't honestly tell me that you approve of such depraved behavior." "Please, calm yourself senator," the ambassador said, "you know very well that my people finds nothing offensive with males having sex together." "Look," Gral interrupted, "why am I here? Are you just looking to insult me, and my people, or is there an actual reason I was ordered to come here." The human sat down and took a moment to compose himself. "You are here to respond to accusation of kidnapping, as well as charged of corrupting a human citizen." "Again? We already dealt with that. Why didn't you just go over the logs of that meeting?" "The accusations have been laid by mister Krommer's father." The human who had made the earlier outburst stood. "What did you do to my son? He was a perfectly normal and healthy boy before you got your ugly paws on him!" Gral stood. "You call being forced to receive mental reprogramming, reinforced by subliminals normal? What kind of father lets something like that be done to his child?" "The kind that cares about his well being. There was something wrong with him, so they fixed him?" "There is nothing wrong with him!" The human sat down under the force of Gral's voice. "Perhaps, we should have a recess," the ambassador said, in the ensuing silence. "To let the tempers calm. How about we reconvene tomorrow morning?" everyone agreed. "Captain," he called after him, before Gral could leave. "Please have you mate here with you tomorrow. I promise you that he will be safe." Gral reluctantly promised. "Good, and now I need to find one of my mates to work off the excitement your mate has generated in me." * * * * * Gral's personal com informed him he had a message as soon as he entered the ship. "Captain," the voice was Barniah, the head of security, "You're going to want to come to cargo bay two, when you have a chance." Gral thought about it, he had planned to head to the recreation room and join Jeremy, but she wouldn't have bothered with the message if it wasn't important. "I'm on my way," he sent back to her. * * * * * What she wanted him to see was obvious the moment he entered. Six humans, in what he judge to be military EVA suit, guarded by six of her security. To the side he saw helmets, and oxy tanks, in the same black as the human's suits. "What are they doing here?" he asked her. "We caught them in the decompression access for the bay." "They got in?" Gral stared at her, surprised. "How did the Gods let that happen?" She shook her head. "They didn't. We let them in," she continued, before Gral could say anything. "I let them try to force the door while I put people in position, then opened it for them. They piled up in the chamber, closed the door behind them, and found themselves facing rifles. They aren't as stupid as the reports led me to think. They surrendered." Gral let out a breath in relief. If humans had been able to force their way into his ship he would have to rethink how much of a threat they were. "Why aren't they in the brig already?" "I figured that you might want to space them. It's quicker to just wait for you and march them back to the chamber." "As tempting as that is," he said, after looking the humans over, "I don't want to provoke the human government. Strip them and throw them in the brig. I'll talk with the ambassador on station for the best way to deal with them. Have the techs go over their equipment, just in case there's anything we can use. Post the rest on the market boards as salvage." He headed out as she gave orders to her people. * * * * * The bridge confirmed that Jeremy was still in the recreation room, and Gral found him there, on one of the beds, his naked back to him, and an arm over Toom's body. He knelt behind him, and licked the side of his neck. Jeremy bolted to a sitting position. "Growler! I didn't know you were back. This. . . . This isn't what it looks like." Gral tilted his head sideways, surprised at the panic evident on his face and by the fact he'd called him by the name Queric had introduced him with on that first meeting. He took his face in both hands to stop him from looking around, obviously looking for an escape, and kissed him. Jeremy was still panting when they broke the kiss, but the panic as gone from his face. "You have nothing to fear," Gral said, "You are free to have sex with whom ever you want, that will not stop you from being my Heart. And I did suggest you confront Toom, find out what the problem was." He nodded to his pilot, who nodded back, arms behind his head and contented smile on his face. "I see you did work things out." "Yeah, we did," Jeremy said, smiling and reddening. "All his looks were because he thought I was forcing you to me mine and mine alone. I told him we were both adults, able to decide who we had sex with, and then proceeded to show him. I hadn't really planned on it, I swear." "It' alright," Gral said, caressing his cheek, "in fact your timing was rather good. The humans reaction on seeing you two have sex was rather priceless." "You what?" Jeremy yelled. Gral caught him and forced him to remain seated. "The humans accused me of keeping you locked up. They demanded proof, so it was either provide a feed to what you were doing or let them on the ship." Jeremy was silent for a moment. "Priceless, huh?" "They were livid. Of course they then accused me of having corrupted you, of taking you from the innocent human you were to the depraved creature they saw." "Damnit! Can't they leave us alone? I'm really getting fed up with them trying to decide how I'm suppose to live my life, especially when they aren't even on the same ship as me." Toom stretched. "I'll leave you two alone, I need go clean up and get ready for my shift." He licked the back of Jeremy's neck. "I'm happy you forced the issue." He looked at Gral. "Your warrior is very energetic." He stood to leave, but Gral caught his hand and pulled him down to nuzzle his neck. "I'm glad you and Jeremy can be friends." Toom nodded and smiles. "Are you really okay with me having sex with him?" Jeremy asked once they were alone. "Of course. I told you that, a long time ago." "I thought you said that because you thought that's what I wanted to hear." Gral shook his head. "You need to remember that for us, sex is about pleasure and procreation, not about our Heart. You are free to have sex with whom ever you want." "I guess I still have some human attitude ingrained in me." "I don't want you to force yourself to, but if you want to have sex with anyone on the ship you are comfortable with, know that I will accept it." Jeremy nodded. "So long as you do to. Toom has missed you a lot." "I'll make sure to spend some time with him, but right now I am going to have sex with you." He pushed Jeremy back on the bed and climbed over him. * * * * * "You have got to be kidding me!" Jeremy was pacing back an forth in front of the naked humans behind the force field. They were all working very had at not looking to one another, and covering their crotch with they hands. "What the fuck are you doing here? No, don't answer that. I know why your here. You were suppose to capture me, weren't you?" None of them said anything. Jeremy screamed in anger and stormed out. Gral caught him as he left the brig. "Let go of me. I'm going to go tell those assholes what I think of this." "Not right now. The meeting is in the morning." "Why did you tell me about them if you didn't want me to go claw them a new asshole?" "Because I didn't want you to be surprised when I bring them to the meeting tomorrow. But I need you to be calm." Jeremy looked at him, and nodded, but Gral could see the anger behind his eyes. "I swear to you," Jeremy said, "that this is the last time they ever do something like this." He took a few breath. "I'll be okay. I just need to go do something to calm myself down. I'll see you later." Gral nodded and let him go. * * * * * "How are you feeling?" Gral asked. "I'm ready to deal with them once and for all." Jeremy flexed his fingers and the claws in his gloves extended. Gral smiled and looked his little warrior over as they walked toward the meeting chamber. He looked good in his uniform. A none-armored version of Alpha's assault uniform. His was dark green pants and shirt with a tan jacket over it. Gral wore a similar one, but in brown that matched his fur and a white jacket. Behind them six others were escorting them, the same six as when they rescued Jeremy that first time. Staying behind was another group, guarding the humans, dressed in prisoner's gray. They would wait for the signal before coming to the chamber. They entered the chamber, and all heads turned their way. The humans' impatience was visible on their face. Gral had waited until the bridge let him know he had been called to the meeting, before leaving the ship. They'd kept him waiting the last two times, this one they could be the ones waiting. Their escort stopped ten paces before the table, but remained standing. Gral sat as he reached the table, while Jeremy looked everyone over, his gaze stopping for a moment over his father before continuing. "Mister Krommer," the human representative started. "Shut up," Jeremy said, continuing to look around the table. "Mister Krommer, I won't be . . . ." "I said shut the fuck up." "Jeremy!" his father said, standing. "Don't speak to him that way." "Shut up and sit down, dad." "Don't you dare use that tone on me, young man. I'm your father, you are going to respect me." "Why the fuck would I respect you? You let these bastards torture me." "You were sick, they treated you." "I wasn't sick," Jeremy growled. "Now, sit the fuck down!" His father sat down, stunned. "This is going to be quick, because I don't give a fuck about what you want. I am here to tell you that as of right now, I'm renouncing my human citizenship. I'm kelsirian now." "You can't do that!" the human representative said. "Actually, I can. I spent all of last night going over federation rules regarding changing citizenship. So long as I can find someone else to take me as their citizen, I can renounce the previous one." "And what makes you think they are going to take you? Just because you fornicate with this captain?" "Actually," the ambassador said, before Jeremy got to let his anger loose on that human, "Jeremy has been a kelsirian citizen since he became Gralgiranselhelrarvnir's mate. So he doesn't have to ask." Gral sent the signal to the other group. "So you need to remember," he said, "that from this point forward, if you attack Jeremy, you're not repatriating one of your citizen, you're kidnapping a kelsirian, and we will have to respond appropriately." The group with the prisoner entered the room, and the few people in the audience gasped. "What is the meaning of this?" the representative said. "I though you'd want your warriors back. I'm keeping their equipment, to make up for the trouble they caused." The humans quickly talked among each others, and with the taouling among them. "I have no idea what you are talking about." The representative said, finally. "You mean, these aren't your warriors? Sent to break into my ship?" "No." Gral turned to watch the prisoner's reactions. They did their best, but he could read the surprise on their face. "Do you know who sent them?" "No." Gral leaned back in the chair. He hadn't expected that. "Ambassador. Their crimes are on my ship, which is kelsirian space. I have reports by the security forces who captured them, supported by video. Breaking into a military ship his punishable by fifteen years on a penal colony. If the humans will not take them, I have no choice." Gral saw the glare the representative was giving in the direction of the prisoners, and he turned again. A couple of them looked like they wanted to say something. "Do you have anything to say?" Gral asked them, but they shook their head. "Senator," the ambassador said, "the colonies are no place for your people. I ask that you reconsider, and take ownership of them." "No. To do that would be to admit to having attacked a kelsirian military vessel, and we would never do that." "Very well. Captain, I don't have a brig here, so you'll have to transport them to the nearest federation station yourself. I'll make sure everything is in order for their transport to a colony from there." Gral nodded and they left.
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