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    Codex: Clothing

    Will be continually updated. Gai'talar has various styles of clothing and more modern clothing is often seen alongside traditional garments. Each profession and each race has its own garments even if they don't have a strict uniform. Universal clothing: Some garments cross cultural boundaries Monk robes: These simple robes are worn by the lower level clergy and are nearly uniform in appearance and only diverge when the priest rises in rank. At higher ranks regional variations become present. A Northern Hesken of high rank will have a garment much the same as the low level priests but will have more color and embroidery where as a Valparet of high status in the church will have more expensive materials and a miter style hat or helmet. Despite styles being different at high rank the initiates and main body of the clergy wear nearly identical garments of brown or black fabric. The only real difference is some races such as the Skitritch and the hesken wear knives with their holy vestments. Since knives are so ubiquitous in both cultures this is not seen as unusual. Wizard robes: While in no way uniform in appearance and style, wizard robes are widely recognized through out the world. These can range from simple to intricate and flashy but are recognized and given respect. Paradoxically some wizards won't wear their robes in public because they want to be treated like everyone else and don't want to be denied alcohol in some cities as some regions will limit or deny wizards alcohol because reality bending magic and a booze fogged mind seem like a dangerous combo. Wizard robes are also practical as travel garments because they can keep you warm in the cool night air and bandits will turn and run if they leap out and see a garment that mean the person they are attacking can melt their faces off. This means that some people have taken to wearing them even if they aren't wizards but the mage's guild strongly disapproves of this and so some people refuse to do it. Wizard robes can also be worn over other garments, disguising what you are wearing underneath can be adventitious in combat as the enemy doesn't know what armor the wearer has underneath. This is useful for lightning focused wizards as they will send electrical current through metal armor, causing any attack to get shocked. Kilt/ Various kilt like garments: Kilt like garments were present before humans came to the world. The real difference between Kilts and the kilt like garments is that kilts are in Plaidd and the gai'talar equivalents are in different patterns or plain cloth. These garments have shown up in several cultures so no one species claims ownership. Lutrondae and Lontracant have a version that is made of netting as they use it to carry fishing nets arcross land or on their travels. Hesken Clothing: The Hesken sense of fashion is somewhat defined by the local climate. The further toward the equator the lighter and thinner the clothing becomes. Some hesken sailors and laborers at or close to the equator completely skip shirts so as to deal with the heat better. This has given the further south hesken a reputation among the more formal races as being slovenly or lazy even though they work just as effectively as Hesken anywhere else. The Standard clothing of Hesken Laborers is a short sleeved tunic or shirt with an open neck that can be drawn closed with a string. These shirts are worn tucked into the pants so the hems do not get caught in machinery or on nails. The Shirts can have collars but most often don't. They always wear a belt to hold the shirt cloth under their waistband and to secure the knives that almost all hesken carry. These knives are usually worn above the tail, out of the way of any work they need to be doing. The pants have pockets at the sides and back avoiding the need for belt pouches but if the profession demands it pouches would not be out of place. Male and female hesken Laborers wear the same clothing and women to not have a different cut or style to males so it is a one garment fits all approach adopted for both cost saving and the fact that gender neutral clothing is something hesken have been doing for centuries. Women may wear dresses from time to time but it is either when they are not working or it is demanded of them by their employer. Employers of other races sometimes demand Hesken women wear dresses to fit with the employer's sensibilities, but this is usually for non physical labor such as secretaries or receptionists. Even when wearing a skirt or dress Hesken women carry the heavy bladed work knives. The fact that they are often armed and the physically strongest known species means that sexual harrasment is rather low against Hesken women no matter what they wear. Traditional Hesken clothing worn in colder climates is a long medium weight tunic that is belted around the hips. They can be both long and short sleeved and are usually dyed a solid color with spots like the hem of the sleeves and the neck carrying embroidery usually with patterns that identify what region the person is from. Plain versions that don't convey such information are also worn to avoid territorial rivalries or for the sake of simple privacy. Also people not from the northern reagions wear the plain ones since they are not from anywhere that has a pattern associated with it. Most races don't think this simple tunics are enough protection from the cold so if they wear them they also wear jackets over them, while hesken don't since they do well in the cold. These tunics hang over the tail but some individual cut them so that there tails can poke out from slit or hole and be visible. The Pants worn with these garments have no pockets and are usually tied to at one side secure them. The tunic hangs over the pants and covers the sides so pockets are not practical. To make up for the lack of pockets belt pouches are worn on the belt that secures the tunic at the hips. The usual is they are tied at the left side opposite where they usually wear their knives or swords so when they are undoing their pants it does not look like they are reaching for a weapon. The belts are also usally buckled at the sides as hesken usually build up belly fat in the warmer seasons to get them through winter so they don't want a buckle digging into the bottom of their stomachs. There is even a saying associated with this " Buckles in the middle" is a euphemism for someone who is thinner than they should be or has lost a lot of weight. In the cold seasons of the north is one of the few places hesken wear shoes and these are usually heavy boots with metal over their toes and covering the Achilles tendon. These boots are durable and can double as armor in times of battle and as weapons. Despite their ample proportions Hesken are know for kicking in combat and their martial arts have some impressive kicks associated with them these boots with metal and sometimes spikes, cleats or studs can become fearsome weapons. These garments are considered gender neutral so anyone who is traveling or being active will wear these garments. They started as men's clothing but quickly became standard for anyone. Dresses and skirts are still considered women's clothing but with he the deep seated ideal of equality of the sexes men wearing women's clothing is considered odd but completely allowed in Hesken society. Ulvaltar, the Hesken's cousin species wear similar garments with the addition of animal pelt jackets and more leather used in the construction of them. Ulvaltar also prefer drabber colors where as hesken like to stand out unless they are hunting. Bright colors mean they are less likely to be shot at by hunters and are making it obvious they aren't hiding. Ulvaltar prefer to not stand out and want to be able to hide easily at any moment so their tunics are often brown or other forest colors. Hesken hunting clothing is much the same.
  3. A decent week (Patreon post for 05-20-18)

    If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments below or by emailing them to s.stpierre@thetigerwrites.com

    This week went mostly well. The made it to the delivery on time, and as expected, the delivery was actually later in the day, but only 2 hours, not 2 days like the previous time I went there. As soon as they start unloading, I ask for my next assignment, get it and immediately see there’s a problem...

    If you want to read the rest of the post, which includes more about my week, as well as my writings and my thought on The Hitman's Bodyguard, you can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/18928730

  4. Last week
  5. Man, logic based programming is difficult when that logic involves several objects, three arrays, and an include.

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    AnthroDynamics, GDPR, and You

    What is GDPR? How does it affect AD? GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. It is an EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of that personal data outside of the EU. However, there are certain points that should be noted, and we'll discuss those. You have individual rights when it comes to your account and data, the two primary of these being the Right to be Informed and the Right to Erasure. The Right to be Informed Encompasses our obligation to provide "fair processing information", which you can find in our Privacy Policy. Emphases the need for transparency over how we use your personal data. The Right to Erasure The broad principle here is the right to enable an individual to request the deletion or removal of personal data where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing. We will always inform you of any changes to our Privacy Policy, either by email, social media, forum post, or private message. Any changes to that policy will have a waiting period before they go into effect, which will be announced along with the changes. The key phrase in the right to erasure is "Where there is no compelling reason for it's continued processing". In other words, yes, we can delete and remove your account, unless there is a need for us to retain your details. For example, to comply with tax codes (from financial transactions). AnthroDynamics will use a system of account deletion that will leave most Text-based content, but remove the Gallery Images associated with that account if no transactions exist. Lawful Bases for Processing Consent We feature a setting to not automatically opt-in to administrator emails, such as newsletters. You can always edit your Notifiication settings to be able to opt in or out of these administrator emails, as well as any and all other types of notifications. When we change our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service, our system will automatically ask you to accept them again. Cookies We store a small amount of data in cookies. These are used to authorize user accounts when you re-visit the community. Other cookies are used to provide a service at the user's request, such as changing the Theme. Why go through all of this? GDPR is all about being a good steward of the stored data of our users. Note that there is no requirement under the GDPR to delete or remove any information sent to the server by our users. While we do offer you the option to delete your account to comply with the Right to Erasure, it will be at our discretion if we remove all user-submitted content from that account, with the remainder being anonymized. The analogy with this is that it's similar to email: once someone sends you an email, you aren't obligated to delete that email. The same is true of user posted content. Ultimately though, we want our users to feel comfortable in using our services, knowing that their data is ultimately theirs.
  7. Holy crap, sorry mate! Seems Auto-Mod isn't fixed quite yet. I apologize!

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      ah thats fine.

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      Alex Wright

      Alrighty, the AutoModerator should no longer be on a rampage! It's been re-enabled. It should also not falsely flag properly set tags anymore. If you happen to notice anything, just let me know!

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      ah alrighty, thank you so much, ill let you know if anythings happens when I post some of artwork ^^.

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    Automatically Set Ignores Tags

    @Lyn I know it's an older topic, but you could add suggestions for tag categories and tags here: As far as the other suggestion goes, this one: There should be, at the top of the gallery upload dialogue box, an option to "set tags on all". We will work on adding the tagging system to that dialogue box.
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    A wider world

    The world famous linguist Jeanauques kaywaagh was surrounded by admiring colleagues as they swaggered off their ship into the bustling capital. They were on their way to give a lecture at the most prestigious university in the Valperet kingdom. Speaking there was a once in a lifetime opportunity and a privilege that only the most well connected and meritorious academics got the chance to speak at. It was not enough to be wealthy and well connected, it was not enough to be the best in your field, you had to be both to get such honors as speaking at the Royal capitol Academy and he was on his way to it do it. He and his entourage were strolling up the docks toward their waiting ride to the Academy. It did not fill him with the pleasure it should have. He was about to give the most soul crushing speech anyone in his field could give. It was essential a speech presenting the argument that there was nothing else to be discovered. Every language had been catalogued and codified, cross referenced and put down on paper. Everything from the most elegant Valperet dialects to the cumbersome complexities of the oldest forms of Djarlendt to even the obscure human languages only spoken in the desserts of the Fanock regions. There was nothing new left out there to discover and all he and his esteemed colleagues could look forward to would be trying to decipher the remnants of the Thethen language which linguists have been working on for a thousand years now. It was a disheartening prospect for someone as young as he. He had just turned 50 and while that was a respectable age it meant he had to figure out what to do for the 170 years he had remaining. He hid his feelings well, he cheerfully bantered with his colleagues and they discussed the fine dinner that would be waiting for them when they got to the Academy and the luxurious accommodations they would stay in before they got to their lectures to the best, brightest and most well connected the next morning. They even made haughty jokes about the riffraff that dock sides, even this one, exclusively for the wealthiest vessels with the most high class passengers was crewed by roustabouts and laborers. Valperet were fond of pointing out class divides and this was a perfect opportunity to exercise that pastime. They even laughed to each other when they caught the workers rolling their eyes as they picked up on what the group was saying. You had to be fluent in Valperet to work here so they all knew everyone understood them as they reminded themselves of their higher status. Jeanauques was so wrapped up in his thoughts and presenting a veneer of haughty cheer he almost missed it, but the moment he turned his attention to what he was hearing and stopped dead as if he had just slamed into a wall. He was utterly astonished at what he was hearing and what he was hearing was singing in a language he couldn't identify and who's roots and phonology were unlike any he had heard. It was issuing from the mouth of a large Hesken male whole was singing as he carried boxes. Jeanauques stopped to listen. " Oy, na hori karchata, a v dolyni divchata, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, karchata. Des' uzyavsya Ivanko, des' uzyavsya Ivanko, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, Ivanko. Vsich divchat vin rozihnav, lysh Mariyku sobi vzyav, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, sobi vzyav. Poviv yiyi u sadok, narvav yiyi yahidok, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, yahidok. Yiz, Mariyko, yahidky, zabuvaysya za divky, Sichy-rubay derevo, kudy hlyanesh, zeleno, za divky. " The singer stopped and looked over alerted by the sudden silence and a group of 10 Valperet staring at him one with a gaping mouth and wide eyed shocked face. He stared at them for a moment then when they didn't ask him anything he picked up a box and begin walking off. He had gotten a few feet away when Jeanauques came to his senses and gave chase. " WAIT COME HERE LAD" he shouted in Valperet. He was about to repeat the plea in Djarlendt when the worker responded. " No, I'm busy" he said without looking around and turned sharply to carry his box up a ramp and onto the deck of a ship. Jeanauques annoyed but still ingrigued waited for him at the bottom of the ramp impatiently tapping his cane. He was considering storming up the ramp to find him when he spotted the lad coming back down. " Move, i have work to do." The hesken ordered. Jeanauques bristled at the impertinence but Politely plyed him with questions. " My good lad, i am rather interested in that song you were singing, please repeat it slowly so i may record it." Jeanauques requested more politely then a person of his class was required to a laborer. He prepared a small book and a pencil to mark down the phonetic symbols linguists used to record language. The Hesken lad who was at least 6 feet tall and had the common heavy build of his race looked annoyed and Jeanauques thought he was about to be shoved out of the way. Instead the Hesken snatched the book out of Jeanauques hands and begin writting in it himself. The Valperet all begin to mutter and looked about to make a scene when the laborer handed the book back and made his way around the crowd and went back to work. Jeanauques started walking as he inspected what the lad had written. The page was covered with small, neatly efficient writing in the universal phonetic alphabet outlining the sounds used in the song and how they were separated into words. At the bottom of the entry was a list of the song and its place of origin. He stared at this part intently. " Ii say the nerve of that Roustabout, we should have him flogged" on of his companions put in indignantly with the special petulance the privileged have for when they are treated like everyone else. Jeanauques waved this away without even looking at the speaker. he was too busy skimming the text again and again. They loaded into the luxurious carriages and he stayed absorbed in the few neat lines of text. Mid way through the trip he looked up from the little book and asked aloud. " What do any of you know about Earth, Specifically a place called Ukraine. " He stumble over this last word, it was written both in the universal phonetic alphabet and in a set of characters he had never seen before. There was some general muttering but nothing new was said. none of his companions had ever heard of Ukraine and there was some muttering about earth being a filthy place since humans came from there. " Lads i won't be at dinner tonght, i have some reading to do, i will be in the library." He announced He no longer cared about pretentious speeches or grand dinners. He had just been introduced to a wider world of possibilities. he was going to have to alter his speech. End of part one. part 2 His compatriots were used to his fevered research habits so he was left alone and brought any books he sought from the were supplied by the Academy. His efforts did not pay off as well as he had hoped but they definitely supported his new conclusion. He found reams of references to books compiled by the mage's guild of things that humans had said shortly after their arriival on this world, and even before the peoples of gai'talar learned the trade language from the humans, a language that at the time was called English. The most intriguing thing was that when the humans first tried communicating they had used phrases that were purportedly inquiries as to weather the people of Gai'talar could speak certain languages. In Valperet lands it seems multiple groups of humans had used the same phrase over and over. " Est-ce que tu parles français" The phrase sounded very much like someone trying to speak Valperet but using strange words. Sadly instead of trying to understand the human visitors the Valperet army of the time had chased the new comers northward and had pursued them until they left valperet territory. The independent sionact villages had taken them in but never wrote down their utterances so Valperet sources were fairly lacking. He was not the only one who seemed to be irked by this. He did find a diatribe from a scholar at the time that a perfect opportunity to study a new people was wasted. There was a further entry that again lamented this because it seemed the Hesken of the Djarlendt kingdom of Hrectfuldahm had compiled a massive amount of information about humans and their languages. At the time the Hesken were not on good terms with the Valperet Royalty and so that information had not been available for 150 years and by then no one really wanted it. Luckily that was more than 500 years ago. Unluckily there was no way for him to get a copy of those texts at the moment. He did however have enough information to revise his speech. He feverishly wrote it down and worked it into his speech then retired to the Lavish bed supplied by him. He fell asleep thinking of the renewed passion he hoped to see in the faces of his listeners in the morning. His dreams were in vain though, he gave his speech to a packed crowd of intellectuals and wealthy patrons of the Academy. They seemed to take in the first part of his speech with a smug assurance that the languages of gai'talar were all mapped out and known down to the last detail by Valperet society. When he droped what he thought would be a world shattering revelation that there could be more Non-native languages to study he was met with a mixture of disinterest, confusion and outright politely masked disdain. They even seemed disinterested when he read off the strange song that had hinted at new avenues to him the previous day. His position as one of the world's foremost linguists kept anyone from outright jeering but the majority seemed to tune him out. Still he finished strong and didn't let the crowd know they had wounded his pride by dismissing him. He Took questions and many of the were intelligent as expected from this crowd but did not touch on his new interest. Then one question utterly baffled him. A young very well dressed student from what looked to be a fine family asked him: " Sir, have you visited the Grand Merchant's Plaza at midnight of the midweek day?" Jeanauques looked baffled for a few long moments before responding. " No lad, i have not, what reason do you ask." " I think you will find it enlightening" Was all the youth responded with. The evening finished up and he went to dinner with his cohorts. It was somewhat subdued, they had also picked up on the crowd's disinterest. Jeanauques kept a good face on and just lamented that no one was excited about new possibilities. The whole time he was wondering about that last question though. He now knew that the youth had been trying tell him to go there and just disguised it as a question. He would be at the Acadamey for another 3 days before he went up north to speak at another University. A hesken university. One that would likely have some of the books he couldn't find here stocked. But that was weeks off considering travel time. He ate in calm silence and decided that he would visit the grand Merchant plaza tomorrow night. He resolved to go alone so he did not inform anyone of his intent. To allay any suspicions he did say he looked forward to getting access to a wide range of reading and would spend tomorrow night in the library. He went to bed found the idea of covertly stealing off to the city chasing a clue to light knows what rather exciting. If he got nowhere with this new line of inquiry it would be worth it to just have something exciting to do. After spending an uneventful day meeting casually with the faculty and asking after books. He made it clear he would study all night in the library and wanted as many volumes as possible concerning linguistics mad ready for him. He had resolved to then send an apology to the Librarian claiming illness. The subterfuge was intriguing and he felt like a naughty child filching sweets from the kitchen instead of an aging linguist. He bidded his time till night fell and he walked into the library stayed long enough for the librarian to wander off then he snuck out the maintenance room window. He had spent the day talking to students and professors and had picked up a sure fire way to sneak off campus. in 15 minutes he was on a tram to the merchant quarter. He noticed some Students from the Academy also on the tram but never made eye contact. When he arrived he walked in a different direction than they did and then circled back and made for the Plaza when he was sure no one was observing him. As he neared the plaza he saw it was packed. There were people everywhere and they all seemed to be waiting. The majority of them were humans but he spotted Valperet, Hesken and Lutrondae all rubbing elbows. He also saw the group of Students who he had been trying to avoid on the tram. They all saw him and looked away uncomfortable at him noticing them. " I believe you will have a better view if you all follow me." The students and Jeanauques all turned to see the Student who had asked the question that had brought him here. He was accompanied by a female Skitritch maybe in her late teens who looked to be a sailor of some sort. She was dressed like one anyway. They all followed in silence as they were led into a building and up a flight of stairs. They paused at a landing and the Skitritch girl opened the window and climbed easily up the side of the building. soon a rope ladder lowered and the Student that had lead them here climbed up. The other students looked around and then one by one climbed after him. Jeanauques went last, taking his time as he wasn't as spry as he was in youth and found himself on a little flat part of the roof between large windows in the side of the building. The spot overlooked the Plaza and the crowd. There seemed to be a group of musicians in the middle of the plaza on this side of the grand fountain. The Musicians were of many Species. One of them he recognized as being the young Hesken Dock worker who had been singing that strange song. The woman at the drums a dark skinned human with ribbons in her hair beat out 3 loud bangs and the muttering crowd fell silent. Then the music started. Jeanauques was wondering what a public concert would concern a linguist until tthe vocals came in. " As më jep nj'er ujë moj balluk' e prërë As më jep nj'er ujë moj balluk' e prërë Me se të të japë trendafil me ere? Me se të të japë trendafil me ere? Jarnana, jarnane, jarnana moj të keqëne, Jarnana, jarnane, jarnana moj të keqëne O me dorënde tënde moj balluk' e prërë O me dorënde tënde moj balluk' e prërë Dora m'u ndodh zënë trendafil me ere? Dora m'u ndodh zënë trendafil me ere? Me se t'u ndodh zënë moj balluk' e prërë? Me se t'u ndodh zënë moj balluk' e prërë? Me unazëne tënde, trendafil me ere Me unazëne tënde, trendafil me ere O me dorënde tënde moj balluk' e prërë O me dorënde tënde moj balluk' e prërë Dora m'u ndodh zënë trendafil me ere? Dora m'u ndodh zënë trendafil me ere? Me se t'u ndodh zënë moj balluk' e prërë? Me se t'u ndodh zënë moj balluk' e prërë? Me unazëne tënde, trendafil me ere Me unazëne tënde, trendafil me ere " Jeanauques being an expert linguist and speaking every known language immediatly realized that this was something new. It was different from the song he heard at the docks and he could tell from the phonetic pallet that it was a seperate language. He whiped out his notebook and began copying as much as he could into the universal phonetic Alphabet. He could see the student that had got him here tonight grinning at his furious writing. He was only half finished when the song changed. " Krummi svaf í kletta gjá, - kaldri vetrar nóttu á, verður margt að meini; verður margt að meini; fyrr en dagur fagur rann freðið nefið dregur hann undan stórum steini. undan stórum steini. Allt er frosið úti gor, ekkert fæst við ströndu mor, svengd er metti mína; svengd er metti mína; ef að húsum heim ég fer, heimafrakkur bannar mér seppi´ úr sorpi´ að tína. seppi´ úr sorpi´ að tína. Öll er þakin ísi jörð, ekki séð á holta börð fleygir fuglar geta; fleygir fuglar geta; en þó leiti út um mó, auða hvergi lítur tó; hvað á hrafn að éta? hvað á hrafn að éta? Sálaður á síðu lá sauður feitur garði hjá, fyrrum frár á velli. fyrrum frár á velli. 'Krúnk, krúnk! nafnar, komið hér! krúnk, krúnk! því oss búin er krás á köldu svelli. krás á köldu svelli.'" He began furiously writing that as well thinking it sounded somewhat like Djarlendt but with unfamiliar words. He couldn't keep up so he soon put his notebook Away and just listened. The players went through various songs many of which were in different languages and had different cadences. He was no musicologist but Jeanaques was sure they were from different cultures. The singer, the big hesken dockworker Amazed Jeanaques by singing away in several different languages all of which were new to him. When the performers took a break Jeanauges turned to the grining student and just said. " Explain." " What makes you think i can?" the student replied. Jeanaques started to get annoyed. " I just knew of this concert and the unknown languages that the singer uses and thought you would be interested given the subject of your speech. That is all." The student says. Jeanaques was sure there was more to it but the music had started again so he thought that questions could wait. The other Students from the Academy seemed as wrapped up in the performance as was physically possible. They were already making plans to sneak out and come to another one of these. To be continued.
  10. Wirbus / NathanGammel

    Who is who. What he is looking for.

    Hello @ebuncoon welcome to the club. Whats your plans?
  11. Alex Wright

    Dimensions for Banner image

    Hi there! It will shrink it to fit the section. Images can be up to 6000x6000. You will be able to reposition it. This is because all of our themes are responsive. On desktop and most laptops/tablets, its width is 75%. On mobile its 100%.
  12. Hey, in the profile setup section you show as having a banner image as part of the process but...you don't post the dimensions for the ideal banner size. Does it shrink it down? Am I able to crop the image in-app?
  13. Alex Wright

    Automatically Set Ignores Tags

    And the bug rears its ugly head. Its sending an individual PM for each piece. Blah. Will attempt to limit/gate the number of PMs sent on the auto-mod which adds the tag to once per day.
  14. Alex Wright

    Automatically Set Ignores Tags

    Alright, here's another addendum to this.: We now have an auto-moderation rule in place checking the submitted tags of Gallery content. Anything not tagged with an appropriate content rating tag will now have the [adult] tag added to it, and a PM will be sent by the AD Bot. We won't be adding warnings or infractions or anything like that for this, as it's a common error.
  15. Alex Wright

    Birthday Dropdown Select

    It's all controlled by one file. I've submitted a suggestion to IPS for this. If I change that file, it breaks on Mobile (and looks ugly to boot).
  16. Double Cleff

    Alluring Enigma

    Thank you so much
  17. Alex Wright

    Alluring Enigma

    This is my favorite so far! Serene, and beautiful!
  18. WOW your compositions and arrangements are AMAZING; I am going to need to get your help with my own beginner-songs!

    1. Double Cleff

      Double Cleff

      Thank you so much! Feel free to send me a message , I would love to talk!

  19. Alex Wright

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    Changed Status to Resolved
  20. Alex Wright

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    Perfect! We will leave this as is for now, until we see an update on the 3rd party app.
  21. Double Cleff

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    I seem to be able to upload songs as I was before! just tested it.
  22. Alex Wright

    Automatically Set Ignores Tags

    This is now confirmed as working as intended. It properly redirects and provides a popup message.
  23. Alex Wright

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    That's correct. We will likely have to wait for a third party edit. Let me know if you can still upload content, I've made artist profile pages an admin-only field now. New artist and update requests have a forum dedicated to them now as well. When content is uploaded, it does still link to the poster's account. I'm not entirely sure as to why the Artist Profiles weren't the same way.
  24. Double Cleff

    Ability to edit and delete artist pages.

    Okay cool! So if I'm reading this right, you guys will be working towards linking the artists profile to their personal profile so only they can add/edit to it?
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