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Updated Content Policy and TOS!

Please take a few moments to review the cornerstones of AnthroDynamics, our Upload Content Policy and Terms of Service!
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Check out Lyons of Kosma

"Lyons of Kosma" is the story Andrew, a young lion lost between universes on the beautiful and dangerous alien world of Kosma.

Aided by his brilliant parents who are back on Earth, both of whom work as defense contractors, who discover a way of sending their son advanced defensive and offensive weaponry, "Lyons of Kosma" follows Andrew across it's surreal, fantasy landscape, in his quest to contact his parents and find a way home.
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Community Updates and Enhancements

With the recent downtime, I took the opportunity to perform some back-end server updates. You should notice somewhat improved performance for uploads. Things should be more stable from now on, as the PHP version was also updated. Some more things coming in the future:
Tags Picker

Finally a solution to not having to manually enter every tag. Please look forward to it!
That's all for now.

New Media System

Hey all,
This post will take some time to explain some changes that we'll be making to the Media system on AD. When the system goes online, you'll notice some brand new features, including:
Artist profiles These are fully editable for each artist, and include a list of attributed songs, albums, and even a written profile and profile picture! Albums Each artist can create their own albums, and upload songs into these albums. You can upload cover images, change titles, and more. Songs Alternatively, you can just upload singles as well, which will still be associated to the artist who's profile they're linked to. Paid Songs! That's right, you can decide if you want to charge for your songs. You can add a demo of the song, and only those who pay can listen or download! With all of this and more, what's not to like? Get started now!
The AD Team

A New Kind of Community

Hello again everyone,
With this dev post, I would like to discuss what AnthroDynamics means, and what it means to be a member of this community. The dictionary defines anthro (an abbreviation of the prefix anthropo-) as, "human, of a human being, or relating to humankind", and dynamics as, "the forces or properties that stimulate growth".  For us, AnthroDynamics is a community of furries who are all human (Anthro-), and who wish to promote growth and stimulate others (-Dynamics). We strive every day to ensure that this community remains one of the best communities for furries and furry-related subject matter. As such, we have developed our Terms of Service to ensure that everyone who participates here can do so without needing to worry about content that might be harmful to the human psyche. While we do understand that there are some subjects and material that people do find attractive, we want to ensure that the community itself remains one that encourages all manner of people to come and interact with our other users. As such, please note that we will be enforcing the heart of our Terms of Service throughout the site. Should you come across content which you believe contradicts the ToS, please use the Report feature, found as a button on most content blocks.
Furthermore, we have enabled several features across the site which should help you avoid content that you don't wish to see. You can ignore a member completely by visiting your Ignored Users settings, and you can manage ignored tags in your User Profile (Edit my Profile) settings. This allows you to customize what content you don't wish to see, while still allowing for other users to enjoy it. We feel that so long as content doesn't directly breach our ToS, it has a place here on the site. Even if that content is meant to evoke a reaction, or discuss a particularly difficult or sensitive subject. Debate is healthy, and communication is key for much of this. Obviously, the staff of AnthroDynamics will not tolerate outright flaming, so please be aware that your conduct should be within the spirit of our community guidelines.
  • Welcome to AnthroDynamics!
  • Content Upload Policy

    AnthroDynamics fully supports content from its creators in various forms of media. However, our goals with this site are twofold: creating a space for furries of all stripes to come together in various ways, and for this site to support the mental health of it’s users. To that end, there are some fetishes that, for the time being, we must ask not be posted. Please note that we do see the difference between using these fetishes as a story plot to process them, and the outright sexualization of them. For instance, while “Slime, Goo, or Liquid” characters are on this policy, you may still use “Slime, Goo, or Liquid” characters in a commission, comic sequence, etc. However, simple sexualization (IE: porn only) of these fetishes is not permissible at this time:

    • Promotion, recommendation, or sexualization of self-harm or suicide.
      • The US Suicide Prevention hotline is 1-800-273-8255.
      • There are also other places to find help. You aren't alone, we promise. You can find help nearby.
    • Pedophilia / sexualization of underage characters (>18yrs old).
      • As we are based in the United States, and because the United States states that the Age of Consent is 18, we cannot allow underage content at this time. We understand that some characters are underage, and that in and of itself is alright. However, sexualization of those characters is not permissible.
    • Promotion or recommendation of Bestiality / Zoophilia.
      • We recognize that often, people cannot distinguish "furry" from bestiality. What we mean here is no Human on Feral or Feral on Human content.
    • Promotion or recommendation of Biological / Familial incest, whether implicit or explicit.
      • There are many reasons why this is on this list, you can read read more here.
    • Promotion or recommendation of Rape (Realistic / Plausible scenarios).
      • This is content where a character or individual cannot consent due to amputation, bestiality, being under the age of consent (>18 yrs old), physical or mental handicap, loss of consciousness for any reason, and memory loss.
    • Diapers / Sexualization of Infantilism.
      • Let's be perfectly clear here. This falls into many categories. Pedophilia, scat, watersports, and more. As such, we feel that content promoting or recommending the usage of Diapers sexually does not belong on AnthroDynamics.
    • Bodily Waste:
      • This includes, but is not limited to: urination, defecation, squirting, gas, queefing, menstrual material, watersports, scat, tagging, wetting, and/or soiling.
    • Vore (endosomatophilia):
      • Any content where one character consumes or otherwise absorbs another character. This includes but isn't limited to culinary presentation, digestion, anal vore, cock vore, absorption, or becoming internalized.
    • Sexualization of Gore, Snuff (murder or killing for sexual pleasure), and Live Amputation (any amputation currently in progress).
      • There is a difference between a character who has an amputation and an amputation being performed "live" for sexual pleasure.
    • Sexualization of Inanimate object transformation.
      • Yes, we understand that Gargoyles turn into Statues in the day time, and Troll skin becomes rock when exposed to sunlight. What we mean here is transforming a character into inanimate objects that said character cannot naturally turn into. For example, a dragon turning into a chair.
    • Inflation.
      • This is using cum or other fluids or gasses to distend a character.
    • Promotion/glorification of fascism:
      • This includes, but is not limited to: Communism, Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, Terrorism, and Nazism.
    • Promotion or recommendation of Eating disorders:
      • This includes, but is not limited to: anorexia, bulimia, and morbid obesity. Now, there is a distinction to be made between "chub" and morbid obesity. Basically if the character has "blob body" or is entirely immobile due to fat, it falls under this policy.
    • Sexualization of Slime, Goo, or Liquid Characters.
      • To further the above, the liquid "Lady of the Lake" who hands Excalibur to King Arthur is perfectly fine as a literary device. However, King Arthur having his way with the liquid Lady of the Lake for no other reason than to have his way with her is not.
    • Sexualization of Asphyxiation:
      • This includes, but is not limited to: suffocation, strangulation, and oxygen deprivation.
    • Sexualization of Sentient body parts:
      • This includes, but is not limited to: stomachs, genitals, and innards.
    • Sexualization of sloven (the state of being a slob) behavior or conditions that could be deemed risky to health.
      • Living dirty isn't something that should be sexualized, and the same can be said of an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Why This Is Needed

    Our administration agrees on the need for this content upload policy. The main reason for many of the items on this list is because they go directly against the Social Worker Code of Ethics. Because one of our admins is a Social Worker, we feel it best to promote the standard of ethics advocated within this code. 

    If there are any questions, feel free to direct them to either @Corvus Pointer or @Alex Wright.

  • Last edited on January 8, 2018.


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