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  • Content Upload Policy

    AnthroDynamics hosts content from its creators in various forms of media. Our goal is to create a space for furries of all stripes to come together in various ways. However, there are some content items that we must ask not be posted:

    • Promotion, recommendation, or sexualization of self-harm or suicide.
      • The US Suicide Prevention hotline is 1-800-273-8255.
      • There are also other places to find help. You aren't alone, we promise. You can find help nearby.
    • Pedophilia or sexualization of underage characters (appearing under the age of 18 years [chronological age irrelevant]).
      • As we are based in the United States, and because the United States defines the Age of Consent as 18, sexualized content of underage characters is not allowed. We understand that some characters are underage, and that in and of itself is alright. However, sexualization of those characters is not permissible. Mature or adult content containing any character appearing under the age of 18 will be removed.
    • Promotion or recommendation of Rape (Realistic / Plausible scenarios).
      • This is content where it can be reasonably assumed a character or individual has not consented.
      • Expressed or implied prior consent must be available within the content that contains sexual activity at the time of upload. For instance, in a sequence of images where consent is made clear at the end of the sequence, that sequence must be uploaded all at one time.
    • Promotion or glorification of fascism and/or hate groups and their symbology:
      • This includes, but is not limited to: Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, Terrorism, and Nazism.
      • As far as Hate Groups are concerned, these contain but aren't limited to: The KKK, al Qaeda (and its derivatives), ISIS (and its derivatives), the Alt-Right, and others. The test here is "does this group spread hate messages" and/or is it recognized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a hate group. Essentially, if the intent of the content is to spread a message of hate, it will fall under this policy.

    Furthermore, please note that Content Ratings must be tagged. These are:

    General: General content, appropriate for all ages.

    Mature: Mature content, which includes but is not limited to tasteful nudity, some violence (combat), mild language, etc.

    Adult: Adult content, which includes but is not limited to sexual acts, violence (combat), excessive language, etc.

    If one of these tags is not set, the auto-moderation system will generate the [adult] content tag for that item.

  • Last edited on May 26, 2018.


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